Quote Designer – Create Beautiful Image Quotes Quickly and Easily

When was the last time you came across a beautiful quote for which you wanted to generate a cool image, but struggled to find a quick and easy way to create one?

Ubuntu – Fix for Slow Wireless Internet Connection Speed after upgrading to 11.04 Natty Narwhal

The problem of slow wifi connection after upgrading Ubuntu. The solution is to turn off power management of your wireless device by Ubuntu.

Is your operating system safe? The Story of FBI adding secret backdoors to OpenBSD IPSEC Code

Did FBI insert backdoor code inside the OpenBSD's cryptography framework? The details of an allegation made public about the open source code of one of the most secure operating systems being manipulated at the insistence of FBI.

Quantum Computing and the Future of Internet Security

What would happen when all the secure transactions, RSA algorithms, encrypted data would fail with the arrival of the first quantum computer? How would securely transmitting sensitive information and encrypting data be handled in an Internet full of Quantum Computers? Read about the wonderful world of Quantum Computing and Quantum Security in the most non-technical form possible.

Reverse Assignment Operator in Programming Languages

I came across this scenario more than a year back, and again today the same scenario is back, but no answers yet, and hence posting the same thoughts again :)While writing a piece of software I got this thought...

Reverse assignment option

While writing a piece of software I got this thought about a feature that could be provided in programming languages (at least I am not aware of any language which has this feature)Usually when we want to assign a...

The Power of being open

The power of open source is that it is not proprietary and is available to all, modifiable by all which constantly increases the quality of the product and moreover is a symbol of independence from monopolistic proprietary standards. Moreover,...

Garbage Collection in C#

Implementation of IDisposable interface in C# to call the Dispose method which should be used to deallocate all allocated objects by the class. Use of SuppressFinalize to prevent calling of Finalize method.

Guide to Garbage Collection in .Net Programming

A Simple Guide to how automatic Garbage Collection work in Microsoft Dot Net. The role of Garbage Collector in memory allocation in a managed environment.

Difference between ADDR and OFFSET

The difference between ADDR and OFFSET in assembly language programming is the scope of the variables referred ie local or global.

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Evolution of life – primitive cells, complex organisms, intelligence, what next after humans?

Evolution of life from primitive life forms to complex multi cellular organisms to intelligent human species - the advent of AI raises a natural question - What next after human?

The individual human is smart, but the human species is dumb

The smart individual human has to clean up the mess created by his dumb species. Species polluted the planet, individuals are cleaning it up.

What if Dinosaurs did not go extinct 65 million years ago?

Imagine a world where dinosaurs did not go extinct, because that asteroid missed colliding with Earth. How would have life evolved then?

Bees are dying; hence, the humans will starve

The death of bee colonies across the world will lead to extinction of many plants, trees and crops, leading to acute food shortage.

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Takshashila – World’s Oldest University

More than 2700 years back a huge university existed in that ancient India where over 10,500 students from all across the world came for...

Grahas are not Planets – Nava Graha is not the same as Nine Planets

The difference between Planets and Grahas. Why are Sun and Moon included in the list of Navagrahas? Isn't it true that Rahu and Ketu do not exist? What about Earth?

Place Value, not Zero is most important invention of ancient Indian Mathematicians

The most important contribution of ancient India to mathematics was not zero but the place value system or positional notation system.

The Sacred Secrets of Ganga

I am the shark among the fishes, and the Ganges among the rivers - Krishna in Bhagavadgita In his book Discovery of India, Jawaharlal Nehru...