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50-50 Version of 20-20

After a long time I was glued to the television yesterday to watch the India Pakistan cricket match of the 20-20 world cup :)

As always, India Pakistan cricket matches have their own flavor of thrill, suspense, emotions, excitement, a nail biting finish and what not!

This is the first 20-20 cricket world cup, where the number of overs bowled is just 20, instead of the usual one day limit of 50 overs. Thanks to this 20-20 series, cricket has become a quick game like football where the results come pretty soon instead of having to waste an entire day on the game. Cricket as a game has evolved from the test matches (which I felt were like stretched out chewing gums with rare results) to the one dayers and now to the 20-20.

Indians who started off batting first in this match had a disastrous start but recovered well thanks to the brilliant performance by Robin Uttappa. India put up a score of 141 runs in 20 overs.

Then once Pakistan started batting, India was all set to win but things took a sudden U turn after Pakistani batsmen played some good shots. Now, Pakistan was all set to win, and one could see the cheer of Pakistani supporters in the stadium. At that point of time if you had said that Pakistan cant win the match, then you would have looked stupid! But Cricket like any other sport is a game of high uncertainty, and the quantum mechanical principle worked here. The more accurately you know the required number of runs to win, the less you know about the actual result ;)

Srishanth who bowled the last over ensured that Bowling matters . He looked like a Planck’s Constant to me! In the last ball, Pakistan required one run to win and instead got a run out! The match was a tie!! 50-50!!

And thats when the real fun started. As per the rules of 20-20, in case of a tie then the bowlers of each team alternatively will be given a chance to bowl straight on to the stumps, and there wont be any batsman as such. You bowl right on to the stumps and you get a point. 5 bowlers from both sides alternately have to bowl. The side which gets maximum points wins the game. Much like a penalty shootout in football (soccer).

This is where the Pakistani bowlers crumbled like a pack of cards under pressure. While all first three Indian bowlers bowled straight on to the wicket, all three Pakistani bowlers missed the target ! India won the match 3-0. Haha, now cricket scores have started looking like a football score!

So, India emerged victorious. More importantly, India maintained its one day world cup record against Pakistan even in this 20-20 world cup, which is, till today Pakistan has never defeated India in a world cup cricket match

Great Going India. All the Best for our Men in Blue for future matches in this world cup.

Below is the tie breaker Bowl Out that took place after the match ended in a tie.

The highlights of the Indian batting

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  1. I think it should be all the three things to decide in cricket
    1. 3 bowl out each team
    2. 3 hit sixes each
    3. 3 direct stumps hits each
    if there is a tie in all these then may be some other option to decide as winner…..can be anything

  2. Yes Rajneesh Kiran. What you said sounds logical. Even in hokey or footfall one can see the goal keeper defending the post. Its true even in tennis to receive the shot during egalite/tie. Batsman should play in Cricket tie breaker.

  3. I think, for a cricket match rather than Bowl out, Both team should be allowed to bat one more over and who ever scores more should be the winner, Penalty shootout is apt for Football, bcause what matters there is Goals, Like that In cricket , more than wickets its runs which matters, so in case of a tie, both team should be allowed to bat for one more over .. :)


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