Rigveda, one of the four vedas is said to be the world’s most ancient text. In fact, I personally consider all the four vedas to be of the same time, for Rigveda clearly contains references to other vedas as well, for instance in Purusha Sukta. So do other vedas contain references to Rigveda.

If the other three vedas were later texts, then there is no possibility for an earlier text to refer to a later text! I wonder why people defy common sense where not necessary (like in this case), but the same people stick to common sense where defying it is necessary (like while understanding relativity or quantum mechanics).
Prejudiced common sense, if I may say so ?

Anyway, let us come back to the topic of this article. Aliens in Rigveda.

One of the hymns that is of interest to us in this case is
??????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ????? ???????? |
????????????????? ?? ???????????? ???? || 10.72.1

The first line here talks about the Generations of Gods. The second line is what is more interesting for it says that we might again see the (next) ‘generations’ of Gods in the future, when these hymns are being recited again! It has to be noted here that, it is not seeing the ‘Gods’, it is seeing the future ‘Generations of Gods’! If so, where are they now? Seeing in the future means, will they visit us later? From where?

A clear indication of the return of aliens! isn’t it?

Also the other verses in the same hymn mentioned above (10.72) talk about big bang. Make no mistake, they talk about big bang, about how the universe was created first from non-existence, and about the space that was created there-after.

It also talks about the creation of a total of 7 stars (called Adityas ) from the primordial matter (which I suspect to be a nebula) called Aditi ! It is to be noted here that Aditi is said to be created even before the Gods were, which is quite correct when we consider Gods to be aliens.

Then in the same hymn there is a reference to our Sun saying, Gods discovered Sun who was hidden from them before that! In other words, Gods discovered another far away place i,e our Sun which also consisted of similar life forms!

Also there is the mention of an 8th star called Marthanda, which was left behind by Aditi who went to the Gods! Doesn’t it indicate another star that was created from the same initial matter but which contained no habitable planets for the Gods to live? Also it is interesting to note that the Adityas are clearly said to be created from the body of Aditi! Stars are created from a nebula!

?? ????? ??? ? ?? ?? ???? ??? ????? ??? ?????????????? |
?????? ???? ???? ???????????? ?? ??? ??????? || 10.129.6

The above verse is part of the creation hymn in Rigveda which talks about the initial process of creation of the universe. Here again it is quite clearly stated in no uncertain terms that the universe was created first, and then the Gods! It actually says that since the Gods themselves were created after the universe was, who knows about when the universe itself was first created!!

Simply amazing revelations there for those who learn Sanskrit and study the vedic texts :)

Which is why I keep providing free advices to people saying, please dont rely on translations. Not even of mine, instead learn Sanskrit for yourself and read these texts. Dont be foolish like Max Muller who called it “childish” just because he was prejudiced, or because he didnt understand it at all since it was at a time when most of the modern science was not yet known, and his own Sanskrit knowledge was very minimal! Which is why even I am quite careful when I come across things in these texts which I dont seem to understand. Not knowing is not any kind of authority to say it is wrong :)


Please note that there are hundreds of verses on this subject and I have quoted only two or three out of it. Nor are these details restricted only to Rigveda alone, they are spread across all the vedic texts and puranas and are right in front to those who can see :)

To summarize the ones quoted above, Gods were created after the universe was, Gods also discovered our Sun who was lying hidden before, Gods have their own set of stars and planets where they live, Gods fight against evil Asuras, and so on. So who else can be these Gods if not aliens?

What is stated here is just the tip of the iceberg. I havent written much after some initial posts about Gods being aliens because I realized that the subject/references etc are so vast that I thought it is better to write it as a book. Given my own time constraints and the vastness of the subject, and my strive for accuracy, budgetary constraints for travel, etc it might well be another two-three years before I complete it

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