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Extraterrestrials in Rigveda

Rigveda, one of the four vedas is said to be the world’s most ancient text. In fact, I personally consider all the four vedas to be of the same time, for Rigveda clearly contains references to other vedas as well, for instance in Purusha Sukta. So do other vedas contain references to Rigveda.

If the other three vedas were later texts, then there is no possibility for an earlier text to refer to a later text! I wonder why people defy common sense where not necessary (like in this case), but the same people stick to common sense where defying it is necessary (like while understanding relativity or quantum mechanics).
Prejudiced common sense, if I may say so ?

Anyway, let us come back to the topic of this article. Aliens in Rigveda.

One of the hymns that is of interest to us in this case is
??????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ????? ???????? |
????????????????? ?? ???????????? ???? || 10.72.1

The first line here talks about the Generations of Gods. The second line is what is more interesting for it says that we might again see the (next) ‘generations’ of Gods in the future, when these hymns are being recited again! It has to be noted here that, it is not seeing the ‘Gods’, it is seeing the future ‘Generations of Gods’! If so, where are they now? Seeing in the future means, will they visit us later? From where?

A clear indication of the return of aliens! isn’t it?

Also the other verses in the same hymn mentioned above (10.72) talk about big bang. Make no mistake, they talk about big bang, about how the universe was created first from non-existence, and about the space that was created there-after.

It also talks about the creation of a total of 7 stars (called Adityas ) from the primordial matter (which I suspect to be a nebula) called Aditi ! It is to be noted here that Aditi is said to be created even before the Gods were, which is quite correct when we consider Gods to be aliens.

Then in the same hymn there is a reference to our Sun saying, Gods discovered Sun who was hidden from them before that! In other words, Gods discovered another far away place i,e our Sun which also consisted of similar life forms!

Also there is the mention of an 8th star called Marthanda, which was left behind by Aditi who went to the Gods! Doesn’t it indicate another star that was created from the same initial matter but which contained no habitable planets for the Gods to live? Also it is interesting to note that the Adityas are clearly said to be created from the body of Aditi! Stars are created from a nebula!

?? ????? ??? ? ?? ?? ???? ??? ????? ??? ?????????????? |
?????? ???? ???? ???????????? ?? ??? ??????? || 10.129.6

The above verse is part of the creation hymn in Rigveda which talks about the initial process of creation of the universe. Here again it is quite clearly stated in no uncertain terms that the universe was created first, and then the Gods! It actually says that since the Gods themselves were created after the universe was, who knows about when the universe itself was first created!!

Simply amazing revelations there for those who learn Sanskrit and study the vedic texts :)

Which is why I keep providing free advices to people saying, please dont rely on translations. Not even of mine, instead learn Sanskrit for yourself and read these texts. Dont be foolish like Max Muller who called it “childish” just because he was prejudiced, or because he didnt understand it at all since it was at a time when most of the modern science was not yet known, and his own Sanskrit knowledge was very minimal! Which is why even I am quite careful when I come across things in these texts which I dont seem to understand. Not knowing is not any kind of authority to say it is wrong :)


Please note that there are hundreds of verses on this subject and I have quoted only two or three out of it. Nor are these details restricted only to Rigveda alone, they are spread across all the vedic texts and puranas and are right in front to those who can see :)

To summarize the ones quoted above, Gods were created after the universe was, Gods also discovered our Sun who was lying hidden before, Gods have their own set of stars and planets where they live, Gods fight against evil Asuras, and so on. So who else can be these Gods if not aliens?

What is stated here is just the tip of the iceberg. I havent written much after some initial posts about Gods being aliens because I realized that the subject/references etc are so vast that I thought it is better to write it as a book. Given my own time constraints and the vastness of the subject, and my strive for accuracy, budgetary constraints for travel, etc it might well be another two-three years before I complete it

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  1. gods are the higher beings and advanced in studies …there are no misinterpretations but here are different explanations

    • They form creations from the things that they speak, this is another way of saying using high technology. As I have done the same at a different level, my thoughts become things of this world. That is something that I have seen with my own eyes and the reason I studied engineering. I like to be able to create things from a thought.

  2. When u refer next generation of god here, are u talking abt thimoorthies or gods such as indra, agni etc?
    Also, in thrimoorthies, only shiva is said to b in earth (kailasa) and vaikunta nd brahmaloka r not known to b in earth. why this difference for shiva?

    • Its referring to demi-gods – Indra is actually a post (like prime minister) and there are many Indras.

      Good question about Trimurti and Shiva being on Earth, will write a detailed post on it.

  3. i read it somewhere: 1/4th of the creation is of materialistic beings( which include intelligent ones and the lower life forms ), then 2/4th of the entire creation are divine beings in the upper lokas and the remaining is just plain floating space that is devoid of life ….

    As per our shastras there are fourteen worlds (not to be confused with planets) – seven higher worlds (heavens) and seven lower ones (underworlds). (The earth is considered the lowest of the seven higher worlds.) The higher worlds are the seven vyahrtis, i.e) bhu, bhuvas, svar, mahas, janas, tapas, and satya (the world that is ruled by Brahma); and the lower ones (the “seven undreworlds” or paatalas) are atala, vitala, sutala, rasaataala, talatala, mahaatala, paatala.

    Maybe some of the above worlds excluding the earth are used as temporary places to stay as follows: upon one’s death on earth, the god of death (officially called ‘Yama Dharma Raajaa’ – Yama, the lord of justice) tallies the person’s good/bad deeds while on earth and decides if the soul goes to a heaven and/or a hell, for how long, and in what capacity. Some versions of the theology state that good and bad deeds neutralize each other and the soul therefore is born in either a heaven or a hell, but not both, whereas according to another school of thought, the good and bad deeds don’t cancel out each other. In either case, the soul acquires a body as appropriate to the worlds it enters. At the end of the soul’s time in those worlds, it returns to the earth (is reborn as a life form on the earth). It is considered that only from the earth, and only after a human life, can the soul reach supreme salvation, the state free from the cycle of birth and death, a state of absolute and eternal bliss. The Satya Loka as per my understanding might be a residing place for those ‘soon to be liberated souls’ who are ready to enter Vaikunta(moksha- salvation).

    Considering this, it may seem probable that we too might have lived as aliens in other planets and now been put on earth to stay.

    ps: those grey little ugly aliens seen on flying disk shaped spacecraft might be highly intelligent life forms coming from some lower world ! :p

    • All true Padmini, but it is incorrect that only via human life one can enter supreme salvation. There are narrations in Puranas about elephant attaining salvation, incidentally elephants are intelligent animals too. It is only that for humans because of their much evolved brains it is more easier to achieve salvation than other life forms. Also a soul can return to any of the worlds I guess, not just earth, depending on its karmic backlog. And yes, definitely however vast the universe may seem, distances are equally smaller at higher dimensional planes of the universe and its very much true that souls can be having rebirths at different planetary systems supporting life. Infact I am of the view that many of these other worlds mentioned in the puranas are such different planets. See http://www.hitxp.com/articles/veda/aliens-veda-rigveda/
      Well, while aliens may look ugly to us, we may also look the same from their perspective, they may be from some upper world too :)

      • You said elephant!, I guess you are referring to Gajendra moksha Gurudev… but again gajendra was a human who was cursed by sage Agasthya and was hence born as an elephant..Also i have noticed one thing, i agree even animals were blessed with salvation but these animals were either gandharvas or pious humans(who had achieved siddhis) in their previous birth and were born as animals due to some curse… so i still feel salvation is possible only by a human life…. just the regular animals still have a long way to go.. more births and rebirths to get the human form with a brain, then the test begins ! bringn out the souls’ true character…

        • Yes, but then there’s nothing like gajendra was a human, finally we are all just souls having different forms of births, an insect might be born as a human, a human might become a fish in his next life etc. So Gajendra was an elephant just like all other elephants. Whenever a soul takes birth as a animal it takes only the abilities of that animal, so elephant will still have elephant’s brain, not human’s. So my guess still is that while its more easy for humans to realize the supreme, but its not out of reach for other life forms. Guess if humans had never evolved on this planet, and there were only dinosaurs around, then cant there be any salvation at all? :)
          Evolution might have created some other form of intelligent beings and they still can realize the supreme, only that for more intelligent beings its more easy as they will have a quest to understand their surroundings. Shastras say that humans evolved out of 8.4 million species, which means that Shastras have acknowledged the theory of evolution and even given an approximate number stating that 8.4 million species evolved on this planet before humans came into existence.

          • Gurudev!, i thought the vedas do not support the theory of evolution …. man was born man and nuthin else…. the first man put on earth was manu, then where is the question of evolution ?….

            confused ?!?! :p

            • Manu is a position, not a person. Just like Indra, Brahma all are positions. There have been many Manus, one for each Manvantara, many Indras, many Brahmas etc. Infact it is clearly stated that the cosmic journey of Humans crossed (or evolved out of) 8400000 ie 8.4 million forms of life. Which means that human species evolved into existence after 8.4 million other species!! It is also said that a soul who is human in this life might be some other out of these 8.4 million species in next life, and might have been something else in its previous life. The figure 8.4 million is also clearly mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana, and also in Bhagavadgita.
              Having said that the definition of species here is different from our modern materialistic scientific definition. For instance bacteria itself contain huge number of species in it, but the spiritual classification in the ancient texts is based on the consciousness level of the soul in that species and hence bacteria is just one species there.

              • hey friend finally i met someone who read and did research just like i did ,and found the answers for many questions in the vedas .the truth is in the vedic lecture.I TOLD MANY PEOPLE ,WANT TO KNOW WATS LIFE ABOUT STUDY THE VEDAS..I WANT TO THANK U FOR LETTING PEOPLE KNOW ,WHERE THEY CAN FIND THE ANSWERS…       

      • There are many forms of life, but just because we do not see it moving does not mean that it is not alive. To a bird a tree is not alive, as it grows slowly compared to the life of a bird. Interesting thing about aliens as they don’t need to be here to communicate with us.

        They can easily put themselves into our conciousness, and I have seen this. Little scary at first, but when you realize that they are not there to hurt you. They are just interested in you as another being and they can express many things through just thinking that we express physically.

        I do think that I would be much happier with them than most of my own kind, as we are very poor communicators and so many have little concern for others. I say this from how they express themselves through their actions. I’m disabled and having great difficulty getting the help that I need to go on living in this world. That is because people in SSA are more concerned about paperwork than my life and the lives of my family.

    • That does give food for thought as the 14 worlds are similar to the vibrations in string theory. I have been looking at many different writings for sometime and looking at them with an unbiased point of view, something difficult for most people, as they try and categorize and put things into boxes before even looking at what they are reading. They look at everything in the bible for example as religious and fiction without even thinking that it is a story form of events of the past. Much like taking nuclear physics and translating it to a form that a child can understand, as we are God’s Children. We have these writings in that we are spoken to as a child.

  4. Great work done by you hats off to you, i wz searching for such kind of matter from many days i also want to learn sanskrit and read vedas bt i’m in phase of settling my currier so dont get time to join special couching for sanskrit , can you give any link to learn sanskrit on line and where vedas will be available? If possible plz help me

  5. hai sir,ur insight is great.am very much impressed about the bashful vocabulary u used in the second paragraph.pls pls write a book compiling all the facts u see in vedas.you owe my appreciation for all the calculations u decipher from vedas…simply awesome..God has gifted u wit intelligence..waiting eagerly for ur book..all the best..

    • Thank you very much Sundar, the book is partially written now, trying to devise ways to find more free time. Hope will succeed soon in finding lot more time to live my passion.

  6. When you refer Gods, do you mean Devatas or Gods like Vishnu and Brahma?
    Would like to know the modern astronomy names for those 7 stars and Marthanda. Any idea?

    • I meant Devatas.
      Not sure about which one exactly are those stars as seen today, but the names of all the stars given in rigveda are
      Mitra, Aryaman, Bhaga, Varuna, Daksa, Amsa, Surya and Martanda though Surya is not mentioned specifically. What the hymns talk about are the names of 6 stars, and in one place refer to the 8th one as Martanda, so the 7th one should be Sun.

  7. your article reminds me of what i have read about planet X, Nibiru, for which travels into our solar system every 3,600 years. “crossing” is the definition given to Nibiru, since it crosses the path of two different paths of the planets that circle the sun. the Anunnaki or what some call the Nefilim came to earth and possibly mined for gold or for something else in the persian gulf and then in southern africa.
    there was a revolt of some that started the idea of
    creating serfs to do the work. they took ‘apewoman’ and the seed of an Anunnaki to start the process.
    eventually the Anunnaki left before the ‘flood’ began.
    this flood was caused by the planet Nibiru coming near, causing the sheet of ice from antarctica to flow into the ocean, causing the great waves and the flood.
    the kings were gods until they granted kingship to humans, probably after the flood. they left behind
    ‘watchers’ to watch planet earth, since Nibiru would come back. 11,000[flood] about 8 or 7,000 bc and about 4,000 bc the Anunnaki came back. this also may tie into south america and what was left inregards to great stone monuments. also, about 300,000 years ago the Anunnaki made male and female, then later adam and eve after they realized that the first could not reproduce. jt

    • Yes John, this also should provide an answer to the evolutionary puzzle of how the human brain suddenly became so intelligent and big in size without any evolutionary gap, while according to normal natural evolution we are just one of those four african primate species. So it was these extraterrestrials who re-engineered our brains and sowed the seeds of intelligence in our species. Let us wait for the return of our creators :)


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