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Alien Twist to God – Further Reading

<< Alien Twist to God Series

I suggest that you read the following earlier blogs of mine (if you havent read them already!) before we untie the next knot of the alien twist. This will give you a clear picture about the basics before we move forward

Modern Science and Ancient India

Ancient Nuclear War

Iron Pillar

What the ancient Indians did to us?

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  1. Hi,
    Was nice reading ur article,was doing my bit of research on Aliens and theory that we too are descendant of an alien civilization

  2. I’m surprised how my ideas are found so much aggreeable evidence here. I’m sure the vedic knowledge is totally an outcome of ALIEN-Technology as a savage race can’t get Idea of time behaving differently in different dimensions (earth and swarga) just by wild imagination and co-incidence.

    Furthur proven by the structured way sanskrit evolved utilizing the power of sound through mantras.

    Even the vedic devas like Indra,Varun must have some alien origin which is yet to be explored.

  3. Hi Sunil

    Yes, there was so much information/statistics/references/views to write on this, that I thought its better to write it as a book.

    Working on it slowly.. will make it available online once completed :)

  4. Hi Guru,

    Just lately come across your site, which is very interesting. I think you are an excelent writer with a lot of knowledge & research.
    Your article on Alien Twist to God was a great knowledge booster but was incomplete.Would be great if you couuld share the rest.

  5. Interesting thoughts Kartik!
    The third eye of Shiva could actually be compared to a white hole, the speculated other side of the black hole believed to be powering quasars giving out unexplainable amounts of energy!!

  6. hi guru
    i just accidentally found ur blog on google and from that day i got hooked. ive become a great fan of yours.
    i have 1 take on bramha vishnu and shiva..
    bramha means bhramand(universe) as u said in 1 of ur blogs.
    vishnu is the cosmic energy from which our universe(bramha) evolved.
    shiva is the destroyer so maybe hes a black hole which destroys everything. and his third eye is the singularity at the black hole.
    i would appreciate your comments on these.

  7. Sainath,

    I have thought so much about this alien theory that I thought it is better to write a book on it and publish it, and hence I stopped blogging on this after that :)
    Thanks to the internet, I dont have to go in search of publishers for it, will simply convert it into a pdf and upload it on to the internet :)

  8. Hey Gurudev,

    You are doing a great job…keep it up…

    what happened next part 3 ? where is it…I want to read it…the 2nd line decryption and other things.????

  9. Interesting reading, keep up the good work Guru :-)

    Few queries for you…….

    whats you angle on Vishnu’s Avatars e.g. Krishna and Rama? Basically, do you believe they existed, and were they the supreme GOD? I’ve read the Gita and couple of the Puranas. I’m looking for a direct angle, cause you don’t mention the demigods (shiva, brahma) and vishnu much in your articles. Are they made up, to make us under ‘something’ better!!!! It will be brilliant if you can back you answers with evidance, e.g. paragraphs from the Vedas etc…..can’t read sanskirt!!!!

    Prince :-)


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