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Alien Twist to God – Introduction

In this series of blogs I am going to put forward my case about whom we know about as Gods in true form being aliens who visited earth in those ancient times and who gave us the technology which we had lost for a long time which is been hidden in the ancient Indian texts – Vedas

There are two important texts here – Mahabharatha and Vedas – both of which are sacred to Hindus, but for me they are great historic and scientific works respectively

Mahabharatha is the history of those times and Vedas is the knowledge the people then had.. Veda Vyasa is the author who wrote Mahabharatha and COMPILED the vedas.. Vyasa is said to have compiled, in other words wrote a collective text on all the knowledge we had in those days.. Veda itself in sanskrit means Complete Knowledge.

Mahabharatha is the world’s largest epic, but ask me, its not just a piece of fiction, but a well documented ancient human history..

Let me say why before going into what that history really means..

It is the story which deals with about 3-4 generations for most of its part.. but the entire epic gives details of about 50-55 successive generations of emperors and contemporary kingdoms, their geographies, life style of people, whole chain of relations between royal families, geographical locations and borders of kingdoms, events etc and almost all these locations mentioned have been mapped to some or other place in contemporary India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Chinese areas

Even in the war scenarios great deal of explanation is given about each weapon used

For every event in the epic there is an astronomical date assigned

If the author was just writing a story, what was the need for him to go into such a great detail? This very single historian point of view convinces me that it is well documented history.

Before we start what the history tells us.. well much of it is my own point of view.. let me tell the reader that Oppenheimer, the father of modern atomic bomb which was dropped on Japan, believed that ancient Indians had the nuclear technology and this he believed because of the verses of Bhagavadgita (which is a narration part in Mahabharatha about the duties of a human being and about the nature of nature, in fact Bhagavadgita is the best psychological work I have ever read!)

Some lines in Mahabharatha describe a weapon of mass destruction used and this description matches completely with a nuclear bomb. This was what oppenheimer was referring to as ancient Indian nuclear technology. The muschroom cloud, the radiation burns, the blast wave after the nuclear explosion, all these are explained in detail.. It says Soldiers tried to escape from the fire and jumped into water, yet they could not escape, this is what radiation does, even water cannot save one from radiation burns!!!

The current human population on earth is approx 6 billion.. In Mahabharatha it is said that in the final war which lasted for less than a month, 14 billion people were killed!!! Two things get clear here..

First, only WMD Weapons of Mass Destructions can kill so many people in such a small time..

Second and more important, it looks like this has been a repeating cycle on this planet where a civilization reaches its technological peak and then destroys itself using the same technology when a world war is triggered.. and the cycle starts again where people start inventing things from scratch.. If only in the past 500 years we have achieved all the technology we have today, it makes me impossible to believe that humans who had the same brain that we have today for the past 2 million years ( as per evolution theory) didn’t achieve anything else!!!!! If the same brain could invent so much in 500 years, what reason can anybody give to say that for the past so many thousand years our same brains were idle???

More in Part II tomorrow about Aliens visiting earth, alien wars on earth, opposition to cloning and genetic experiments mentioned in Mahabharatha, the villains in Mahabharatha were a result of cloning/test tube babies (totally 100 kids born to a single mother where the 100 foetus were kept in special pots for the babies to develop), sanskrit being an language of alien origin ( and thats y the only language eligible to be a computer programming language due to its scientific correctness!), etc

Alien Twist to God – Part II

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  1. Gurudev,
    Pranam…. Very much enlightened by your articles on Alien twist to God. Please write further on it that from where aliens came etc. which you had promised to write. I have been waiting desperately for it.
    Warm regards

  2. Namaste,

    There is a documentary series on the History channel
    called Ancient Aliens… I have seen some of it and it has convinced me
    that the extra-ordinary people who served the earth with thier powers
    and technology were aliens from a different planet. Also the word
    “Avatar” means to come down.. Come down from where? it sure must be to
    come down to Earth from a different planet. Krishna is always depicted
    blue (althou Krishna means black) These Blue colored people are from the
    andromeda or sirius star system (im not sure). Now, the ancient myth
    seems not just stories anymore, there is more to it. If all this seems true. Then, the most advanced civilization that existed on the Earth was of Atlantis..

    BTW Did you finish writing the e-book about Alien twists to God?. I am eager to read it.

  3. Well there are many other ancient texts in Vedas that talk about science.
    1. The Samara Sutradhara (230 Sanskrit verses on Air Travel).
    2. Vaimanika Sastra- This manual of battle reveals 32 secrets of piloting an air vehicle, 5 are mentioned below:
    Goodha- permits the pilot to make the ‘vimana’ invisible.
    Paroksha- enables the pilot to paralize the attacking ‘vimanas’.
    Pralaya – destroy everything around, cataclysm.
    Taara – avoiding/dodging/hiding from enemies.
    Jalad Roopa – emt chemicals to craete appearance of clouds.
    The Vamanika Sastra was recorded/written by Bharadwaja the wise,in 4th century BCE from knowledge that was pre-existing.
    The Vaimanika Sastra also describes, 31 parts of the vehicle and 16 materials from which the planes or vimanas are constructed.
    The Vaimanika Sastra Aeronautics was traslated into English by Mr. G.R. Josyer and is available at the International Acdemy of Sanskrit Investigation in Mysore.
    And it is detailed enough and was certainly not written by some Rishi for fun or as an amusement tool for time-pass.

    • Very true Bluelotus. While the western scholars are more interested in ancient Indian works and have been doing great amount of research on these works our great Indian brainwashed youth are having good time laughing at our ancestors and at the same time themselves not achieving anything really great.

  4. gurudevji and other friends,

    let me begin by congratulating and thanking guudevji was embarking on such a wonderful mission. all of you please keep it up. many may discourage you, but please don’t give it up.

    i think time may not be far when we would collectively succeed in blowing up the myth that ramayan, maharbharat were nothing but mythologies.

    friends, i need a favour from you. while doing your research, kindly lay special emphasis on figuring out from where the alien (gods) came from.

    i am sure that in some way or the other the aliens would have left behind some clue or other in ramayaan/ mahabharat/, vedas/ upanishads etc as to where they came from or at least which direction they came from.

    i am very very curious that humanity gets in touch with them.

    i am of the opinion that they perhaps came here following a pralaya (in hinduism) or a deluge (christianity) in the place where they lived and returned to their native after things cleared up there.

    considering that even at that point of time, about 3,000 to 5,000 years ago, they had so much of knowledge about the cosmos (theywere also talk about multiple universes, which scientists are now agreeing to? they were also able to use technologies such as nuclear weapons, satellite communication, artificial insemination etc etc, it is quite likely that their knowledge would have grown to such an extent that by now, they would know why the cosmos is there at all in the first place.

    in fact, i got the idea that perhaps gods were aliens when about four to five years, i started wondering “who am i?`, `what is the person of life?`, why are there human beings, animals, plants, planets, suns, galaxies etc etc? in other words, `why the cosmos is there in the first place.

    many savants, scientists have been trying to figure this out over the centuries, but so far none has succeed. perhaps, the aliens already know it.

    i started trying to figure it out by exploring vedas/ upanishads, etc, when it suddenly occurred to me as to how the narrations of ramayan, mahabharat were so out of the world. they mention several things which modern science and technology is just beginning to understand and develop.

    a major handicap for me is that i do not know sanskrit. i have been exploring the idea by browsing the net.

    dear friend, to cut the story short, here is once again best wishes for your endeavours. i am eagerly looking forward to the fruits of your work. if i can help you in any way, please let me know. i am a science journalist. my mail id is: ndpsra@gmail.com



  5. hey… i love discussing abt Indian mythology n especially abt Mahabharatha… thanx for putting all those interestin stuffs together…! u guys plz do me a favour…!
    plz try to put up all the scientific advancements n our Indian myhology, correlating all the incidences regardin to them…!

  6. Gurudev,
    As I mentioned in another post, for the proof, read the publications from Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute (BORI).
    According to the (very convincing) study by the BORI, Jaya was written by Vyasa and Bharatha by Vaishampayana. The epic became Mahabharath by later redactions.
    Going by our current understanding of ancient technology, we cannot say that the weapons mentioned in the Mahabharath are not exaggerations. But the similarities in the description of the consequences of the those weapons with that of the atomic bomb are intriguing to say the least. But, if you have a true scientific outlook, you require more evidence to ascertain the fantastic claim that the ancients had atomic weapons. But the possibility is worth studying.
    Astronomical dating cannot be taken as actual evidence if it can be proved that the text itself was written centuries later. Your own argument goes against it.
    However I have to admit that there is another possibility that the later redactors merely rephrased the existing verses in their own style and did not add any content, but this is not that probable.

  7. Abhilash
    And what is that proof of yours? :)

    The Mahabharatha was written by Vyasa, not by Vaishampayana as you said.. Vaishampayana was the disciple of Vyasa

    Exaggerated weapons? Oppenheimer would have been the best person to answer that, for being the father of modern atomic bomb he had said that, the weapons description of Mahabharatha perfectly matched the nuclear weapons of today! So what did he exaggerate then?

    The astronomical dating technique used on mahabharatha dates it back to 3rd millenium BCE. And moreover, if Mahabharatha was interpolated later then how come the astronomical dating is so consistent between events? Did people who existed later use modern computer software to calculate stellar positions of the past?

    Who said Mahabharatha is supernatural? It is the history of an ancient advanced technological civilization that existed on this planet. The remnants of the city of Dwaraka discovered in the seas of Gujarat CLEARLY PROVES that Mahabharatha was ancient Indian history and not a mythology.

    What is the proof that suta, sauti, Vaishnavites added more to it later? They clearly state that they are only narrating existing epic to next generations, and this went on from
    Vyasa to Vaishampayana to Janamejaya etc..
    This was how even the ancient vedas were preserved down till to date by narrating it to next generations so that they remember it..

    Only the name changed from Jaya to Bharatha to Mahabharatha.. India / Bharath / Hindustan are all one and the same right?

  8. There is proof that the Mahabharath was composed during a long period of time by many people. The original text by Vaishampayana was nothing but a chronicle of a big war that took place during or just before his time. He had depicted all the characters (including Lord Krishna) as human and the composition itself was called Bharatha. Apart from some exaggerated weapons, his text did not contain any supernatural elements. Bharatha later became Mahabharatha sometime during the 5th or 4th century BCE due to large scale additions by other people like Suta and Sauti who were presumably acquainted with the later kings in the Kuru lineage. Divinity and theological elements were added by Vishnavites during the 1st century AD. So we cannot speculate about ancient scientific achievements based on interpolated text because they for sure are not historical but rather mythological.

  9. Yeah Madhavi, Vedas were not WRITTEN by veda vyasa, it was all the collective knowledge the great civilization had then, Vyasa only made it available all at one point.
    Will definitely go through the book you mentioned.
    btw your blog is a nice place to know more about ancient India :-)

  10. I would like to clarify that Vedas were never written or compiled by any human. They are revelations to sages. That is to say Vedas existed & our sages & rishis acted as transmitters of those existing Vedas.

    Veda Vyasa only classified that knowledge revealed to sages into four. I would recommend the book, The Vedas-Jagadguru Chandrashekharendra Saraswati for a more clear understanding.

    Nice to see so many interesting topics collected & placed at one point. Great job. Keep going.


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