In this series of blogs I am going to put forward my case about whom we know about as Gods in true form being aliens who visited earth in those ancient times and who gave us the technology which we had lost for a long time which is been hidden in the ancient Indian texts – Vedas

There are two important texts here – Mahabharatha and Vedas – both of which are sacred to Hindus, but for me they are great historic and scientific works respectively

Mahabharatha is the history of those times and Vedas is the knowledge the people then had.. Veda Vyasa is the author who wrote Mahabharatha and COMPILED the vedas.. Vyasa is said to have compiled, in other words wrote a collective text on all the knowledge we had in those days.. Veda itself in sanskrit means Complete Knowledge.

Mahabharatha is the world’s largest epic, but ask me, its not just a piece of fiction, but a well documented ancient human history..

Let me say why before going into what that history really means..

It is the story which deals with about 3-4 generations for most of its part.. but the entire epic gives details of about 50-55 successive generations of emperors and contemporary kingdoms, their geographies, life style of people, whole chain of relations between royal families, geographical locations and borders of kingdoms, events etc and almost all these locations mentioned have been mapped to some or other place in contemporary India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Chinese areas

Even in the war scenarios great deal of explanation is given about each weapon used

For every event in the epic there is an astronomical date assigned

If the author was just writing a story, what was the need for him to go into such a great detail? This very single historian point of view convinces me that it is well documented history.

Before we start what the history tells us.. well much of it is my own point of view.. let me tell the reader that Oppenheimer, the father of modern atomic bomb which was dropped on Japan, believed that ancient Indians had the nuclear technology and this he believed because of the verses of Bhagavadgita (which is a narration part in Mahabharatha about the duties of a human being and about the nature of nature, in fact Bhagavadgita is the best psychological work I have ever read!)

Some lines in Mahabharatha describe a weapon of mass destruction used and this description matches completely with a nuclear bomb. This was what oppenheimer was referring to as ancient Indian nuclear technology. The muschroom cloud, the radiation burns, the blast wave after the nuclear explosion, all these are explained in detail.. It says Soldiers tried to escape from the fire and jumped into water, yet they could not escape, this is what radiation does, even water cannot save one from radiation burns!!!

The current human population on earth is approx 6 billion.. In Mahabharatha it is said that in the final war which lasted for less than a month, 14 billion people were killed!!! Two things get clear here..

First, only WMD Weapons of Mass Destructions can kill so many people in such a small time..

Second and more important, it looks like this has been a repeating cycle on this planet where a civilization reaches its technological peak and then destroys itself using the same technology when a world war is triggered.. and the cycle starts again where people start inventing things from scratch.. If only in the past 500 years we have achieved all the technology we have today, it makes me impossible to believe that humans who had the same brain that we have today for the past 2 million years ( as per evolution theory) didn’t achieve anything else!!!!! If the same brain could invent so much in 500 years, what reason can anybody give to say that for the past so many thousand years our same brains were idle???

More in Part II tomorrow about Aliens visiting earth, alien wars on earth, opposition to cloning and genetic experiments mentioned in Mahabharatha, the villains in Mahabharatha were a result of cloning/test tube babies (totally 100 kids born to a single mother where the 100 foetus were kept in special pots for the babies to develop), sanskrit being an language of alien origin ( and thats y the only language eligible to be a computer programming language due to its scientific correctness!), etc

Alien Twist to God – Part II

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