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In this part of the series, I will talk about Sanskrit

Sanskrit is the ancient Indian language of the vedic era and is the mother of all Indo European languages including modern english



Sanskrit was introduced on earth by the eternal sages of vedic era. There has never been any kind, class or nature of change in the science of Sanskrit grammar as seen in other languages of the world as they passed through one stage to another. This is known history.

Now let me tell you my version of this. The sages of vedic era (Called Rishis in sanskrit) were the researchers and scientists of those days. They had different levels like Junior Scientist, Senior Scientist etc who were called Rishis, Maharshis and Brahmarshis, Brahmarshis being the senior most of them. They invented sanskrit. Unlike other modern languages which are localized versions and which evolved from other languages (most of which can be traced back to sanskrit) or those languages which evolved from speech based gestures as humans learned to speak on earth, sanskrit was a language which was invented and created, more on the lines of C/C++/Java with its semantics and structure scientifically well defined. It was taught on planet earth by the ancient Indian sages (scientitsts) whose fore fathers were from some alien planet (Yes, I will come to this later)

According to a research article published in German’s forbes magazine in July 1987 Sanksrit is THE BEST language spoken by humans which can be used like a programming language to develop software!! This is because unlike all other human languages the grammar and syntax of Sanskrit is scientifically well defined, so that a computer can understand it and it can be programmed logically.

The sound of each of the 36 consonants and the 16 vowels of Sanskrit are fixed and precise since its very creation. They were never changed, altered, improved or modified. All the words of the Sanskrit language always had the same pronunciation as they have today. There was no sound shift, no change in the vowel system, and no addition was ever made in the grammar of the Sanskrit in relation to the formation of the words. The reason is its absolute perfection by its own nature and formation, because it was the first language of the world.

When a language is spoken by unqualified people the pronunciation of the word changes to some extent; and when these words travel by word of mouth to another region of the land, with the gap of some generations, it permanently changes its form and shape to some extent. Just like the Sanskrit word matri, with a long “a” and soft “t”, became mater in Greek and mother in English. The last two words are called the “apbhransh” (deformed forms) of the original Sanskrit word “matri”. Such apbhranshas of Sanskrit words are found in all the languages of the world and this situation itself proves that Sanskrit was the mother language of the world. – http://www.thevedicfoundation.org/valuable_resources/Sanskrit-The_Mother_of_All_Languages_partI.htm

Gurutva in Sanskrit became gravity in English, etc
Also note that Sanskrit is believed to be a DIVINE language by hindus (means not of earth’s origin)!!

In other words sanskrit is an alien language that was brought to earth by those aliens (ancient Indians including sages and warriors) who came to earth from their mother planet. They came to earth pre vedic period and their era on earth is the vedic period at the end of which the Mahabharatha war happened which definitely was a nuclear war (based on the descriptions of weapons provided in mahabharatha which clearly is identified as a nuclear weapon by many experts including Oppenheimer- The father of modern atomic bomb) and also based on the fact that Mahabharatha says that in the final great war over 14 billion people were killed in a matter of less than 3 weeks!! Note: Current population of earth is 6 billion!!

Vedas are ancient Indian texts written in Sanskrit. Vedas are the total compilation of the scientific and technological knowledge of the people of the vedic era which was taught to the people on the earth by the alien visitors. First they set up ashrams (schools) here to teach the local inhabitants of earth Sanskrit. Then they wanted to teach the people of earth all the knowledge they had. For this purpose Veda Vyasa, a chief scientist compiled all the knowledge they had then in the form of four vedas. That is the reason vyasa is called Veda Vyasa. He also documented the history then till end of mahabharatha war in the form of the world’s largest epic Mahabharatha.

So as I said, Vedas are a treasure of knowledge, Veda itself in sanskrit means “Complete knowledge” !! It is a very wrong notion for people to think that vedas are just hymns in the praise of gods and godesses. I feel sorry when I see vedas being used in temples of India today just to praise gods and godesses by the priests. Vedas are much more than that. If they were just hymns or praises then why is the so well established vedic mathematics a part of vedas??

Vedic mathematics is purely mental mathematics, people can even do modern calculus and trigonometry with a greater ease if they know vedic mathematics. A lot of VEDIC MATHEMATICS is been taught in many schools in the west today in the name of MENTAL MATHEMATICS !! By the way of the four vedas which Vyasa compiled vedic mathematics is a part of Atharva Veda and it makes a lot of sense to be so because Atharva Veda is all about engineering technologies.

So then why most of these vedic hymns appear to be praises of gods and godesses. Well, probably Vyasa saw that the people on earth then would take a lot of time to understand all the technology and science they would teach them and it would take generations for them to digest and understand it all. Imagine teaching all our current technology and science to some tribals in a remote african forest!!!

So what Vyasa did was using the powerful sanskrit language he wrote the vedas in an encrypted format where on a first glance parts of it sounds like some story and praises of gods, where as on decrypting the same, it would explain the science and technolgy hidden in the hymn!! And then the rishis had the entire vedas mugged up (by-hearted) by all their pupils in the ashramas (schools which they had set up)
Then these vedas were recited every day and started using it while performing pujas (praying to god) and thats the reason even after thousands of years the vedas have been passed down to generations in the form of recitals without vanishing. Even today we hear the same vedas being recited in the hindu temples all over the world by the priests. Vyasa did a master move by planning to make vedic recital a religious practice to their pupils so that even after generations the text is not lost, a better move I say than writing it down in the form of books), with a hope that some later generation would be able to decrypt the vedic texts and unleash the vast scientific and technological treasures hidden in it.

I have been always making attempts to decrypt the vedic texts and I shall present here one of the simplest decryptions that I have done. I have shared this with many of my friends earlier. There are other decryptions that I have done and am continuing to do more, but explaining them all would require me to type in a lot.. so let me explain only one of the simplest things here..

There is a vedic hymn on lord ganesh which goes as follows

“Vakratunda Mahakaya SuryaKoti Samaprabha
Nirvignam Kurume Deva Sarva Kaaryeshu Sarvadaa”

At the first glance this is a praise of lord ganesha who is the elephant faced god and whose one of the two tusks was broken. Vakratunda means curved trunk, Mahakaaya means large bodied, Surya is Sun and Koti means “10 million”, Samaprabha means equivalent shine.. So the first line on a first glance means “Lord with curved trunk and a huge body and with a brightness of 10 million suns”

Now the second line, Nirvignam means without any obstacles, KuruMe means make my, Deva means lord, Sarva means all, karyeshu means work, Sarvadaa means always.. So the second line in first glance means “Oh lord, always may all my work be free of all obstacles”

What caught my attention here was the word surya koti samaprabha “brightness equivalent to a 10 million suns”.. Over the period I have observed that the numbers mentioned throughout vedas should be considered more seriously and not as a mere exaggeration of something.. in later posts I will explain how vedic time units define the time on earth in relation to the time units mentioned on alien planet from where this aliens came and also how they describe not only the age of the universe, but also probable time periods for the complete evolution of a universe from big bang to big crunch cycles, yes very advanced time scale calcuations I must say

Now as I said earlier Vakratunda is lord ganesha who has one of his two tusks broken, now we can look at it also as a balance shift where two things were balancing each other earlier.. say two scales where on each side we have same mass placed so that both scales balance each other, now increasing or decreasing on one side will cause an imbalance in the scale.

Look at the next word, Mahakaaya means a very larger object than an average one in terms of size

Then the third one is even more interesting as I said earlier, a brightness of 10 million suns!!! and this is were the catch is.. The entire first line now on decrypting becomes an imbalance between two things in a huge body leads to a brightness of 10 million suns!!

The only place in this universe where we can witness a brightness of 10 millions suns in one place is a supernova explosion of a massive star. For a star to undergo a supernova explosion it has to be much more massive than an average star like Sun (thats why its said Mahakaaya, not just Kaaya). So whats the imbalance then? Well, thats what causes a supernova explosion!! A star is always balanced against its continuous nuclear explosions (which is an outward force) at the core by its massive gravity (which is an inward force), in huge stars as the nuclear fuel is spent and the explosions move outwards from core towards the surface of the star, this creates an imbalance as the explosions are no longer able to counter balance the gravitational inward force, this in massive stars (whose mass is above the chandrashekar limit) causes an explosion resulting in the star releasing so much energy that its brightness outshines the brightness of its entire galaxy during the explosion, some documented supernovas witnessed from earth were so bright (like the supernova in constellation Taurus recorded by the Chinese in 1054 http://www.springerlink.com/content/jp32786176232887/ ) that the supernova star was visible even during day in the sky (which meant it was brighter than sun inspite of being 1000s of times far away than sun!!)

So the first line when explains a supernova explosion as When the balance of two forces that hold a massive star together is lost, the result is an explosion with a brightness equivalent to that of 10 million suns

Whats more interesting for me is the second line.. feeling sleepy now.. will keep it for tomorrow.. also more to follow on who were these aliens and why did they visit earth? where is the proof about their visit? where did they land? and much more.

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