When one looks at the big bang cosmology, it looks like a perfect recipe for a universe to be formed; as if some cosmological cook was cooking a perfect dish.

Even a small tilt of balance on one side or the other side of this cosmic cooking would have caused the immediate destruction of the universe being created.

On the one side any small tilting of the balance would have caused the universe to immediately collapse onto itself back to the pre-bigbang state and on the other hand a small tilting on the other side of the balance would have caused the universe to be thrown apart into infinity before any meaningful structure formation like nebula, galaxies or stars took place.

But now that we are living in a well structured, balanced universe we are sure that neither of the above happened? But how did this happen? How was the universe so finely tuned during its creation? Did somebody physically tune it? God? Where does God live? Who created this God?

I personally am not convinced by the idea of a God who resides outside the universe, because then the question arises about who created this God? If the answer is that God has always existed, then why can’t the same be applied to the universe? Why cant we say that universe has always been existing in this eternal collapsing and evolving life cycle?

The vedic idea of God being the consciousness which all pervades the universe seems more plausible to me. God is compared in the vedas to a spider which creates its web using its own secretion and then resides within the same web. God is both the container of the universe as well as what is contained within it. The supreme consciousness is everywhere, within us, within all animals, within stars, planets there by making the entire universe divine and living. Which is why Hindus worship all forms of the universe as God. It doenst matter whether it is an animal, a tree, a statue, a mountain, or sun or planets, or parents, teachers, elders, nation, house, land, crops, birds – divinity is all pervading.

In fact for the vedic word which defines this supreme divinity there is no equivalent word in English. God is not the right word at all. In fact there are many such words in sanskrit which do not have equivalent words in English and this leads to all sort of confusion in the minds of those who read translated works from Sanskrit to English.

Now coming back to the question of our universe and the chance that ours was a perfect recipe for formation of structure, what might be the reason for this?

Do we live in a multiverse, a place (I am calling it place since I dont have any other word for it) where universes are continuosly being born and dying like the bubbles of water?

A Multiverse Depiction

And then might be that among them one in a few millions (?) or so comes out with a perfect recipe for evolution of structure and subsequently provide opportunity for evolution of life as we know it. Now this one is purely based on chance. Just like one in a few million genetic mutations might turn out to be beneficiary, one in a few million such bubbles might evolve into a full structured universe like ours.

So if ours is a one in a million of the kind of universe then what do we call other bubbles in this multiverse which collapse back immediately? A flopverse? Obviously the one in which we live is a superhit universe.

Thanks to the supreme consciousness which pervades the entire multiverse, we are in a position to try to comprehend and understand the process of creation. While we claim to be awake and thinking in this universe, the vedic texts say that we are actually sleeping in this universe confined within the boundaries of our physical bodies and immediate surroundings – thinking about me, mine and my belongings.
Be Human – Think Local is our punchline.

The awakened state which Buddha wanted everybody to enter was all about recognizing the supreme consciousness within us.
Be Your Soul – Think Universal was Buddha’s punchline.

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