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Vedic Science and Modern Science

Were our Ancestors Dumb?

One of the biggest assumptions of modern society is that, anything that is being discovered or invented today is being done so for the first time in Human history. In other words, in spite of having the same brain for over two million years, and known history of ancient civilizations for over past 10000 years or so, we assume that only in the last 4-5 centuries did the human beings started thinking scientifically and are doing technological inventions and scientific discoveries. We assume that all our ancient ancestors were dumbs who spent time in blind faiths, unscientific practices, uncivilized activities and so on.

Now this myth is nothing different from the medieval belief that earth was the center of the universe, that our place in the universe was something special. Where as the truth is that in the vastness of this universe we are much smaller than a quark inside a proton within an atom inside a grain of sand as compared to the size of the planet earth. The universe is so large that we are nowhere to be seen on its scale.

We tend to ignore the fact that long before the Greek were thinking that the Earth was flat and was the center of the universe, the ancient Indians had declared that Earth was round and revolving around the Sun.

Learn from the Great Scientists, Historians and Writers

When we believe that modern technology is really modern, this prejudice makes us question great physicists like Oppenheimer, the father of modern atomic bomb who on seeing the first nuclear explosion in the last century said that he had read the description of a  nuclear weapon in Bhagavadgita – the ancient Sanskrit text which says,

“If the radiance of a thousand suns
Were to burst at once into the sky
That would be like the splendor of the Mighty one…
I am become Death,
The shatterer of Worlds.”

When asked about how he felt on exploding the first atomic bomb on earth, Oppenheimer replied that the explosion was “First in modern times“.

It is not that we cannot believe such things, it is simply that we DO NOT want to believe this. How can my great grand father be more intelligent than me? is our attitude. We forget that it is our great ancestors who taught us how to count.

We seldom realize the importance of what Einstein said
– We should be thankful to Indians who taught us how to count without which no worthwhile scientific discovery would have been possible.

We fail to recognize the magnitude of the famous British Historian Grant Duff’s words
Many of the advances in the sciences that we consider today to have been made in Europe were in fact made in India centuries ago.

We ignore what the American Historian Will Durant said
India was the motherland of our race and Sanskrit the mother of Europe’s languages. India was the mother of our philosophy, of much of our mathematics, of the ideals embodied in Christianity… of self-government and democracy. In many ways, Mother India is the mother of us all.

Most of us are not even aware of the historical facts which the famous French philosopher and writer Voltaire knew when he wrote
– It is very important to note that some 2,500 years ago at the least Pythagoras went from Samos to the Ganges to learn geometry…But he would certainly not have undertaken such a strange journey had the reputation of the Brahmins’ science not been long established in Europe

The famous American Writer – Mark Twain

What made the famous American Writer Mark Twain say
– India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition

What was Carl Sagan, the famous physicist trying to imply when he said
The Hindu religion  is the only one of the world’s great faiths dedicated to the idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an infinite, number of deaths and rebirths.  It is the only religion in which the time scales correspond, no doubt by accident, to those of modern scientific cosmology.  Its cycles run from our ordinary day and night to a day and night of Brahma, 8.64 billion years long. Longer than the age of the Earth or the Sun and about half the time since the Big Bang.  And there are much longer time scales still.

What did he mean when he further said
A millennium before Europeans were wiling to divest themselves of the Biblical idea that the world was a few thousand years old, the Mayans were thinking of millions and the Hindus billions!

Vedas – Ancient Knowledge Treasures

Vedic Seers were the scientists of their times

The ancient Indian vedic texts are the oldest texts in the world and contain treasures of knowledge in them.

It is a common allegation that – The moment a new discovery is made in modern science, vedic scholars line up claiming that “vedic texts already said this” and refer to some random quote or hymn from the vedic texts.

Now let us start with the above famous quote from Einstein when he said “We should be thankful to Indians who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery would have been possible“.

Einstein was referring to the invention of modern mathematics by ancient Indians. The entire science and technology today is based on the mathematics invented by ancient vedic scholars. Just have a look at the mathematics followed by ancient Greeks where each number was represented by a unique symbol, so if we had 100 numbers then there were 100 symbols, and as they ran out of new symbols, they invented more and more new symbols. 100 was represented by C, 50 by L, thousand by M and so on. Now with this kind of mathematics one could hardly do anything other than simple addition. Have you ever tried doing a simple multiplication using Roman Numbers? These numbers were fit for nothing else other than decorating the digits on a clock.

Now compare this to the mathematics invented by the ancient vedic scholars. Here we use only a limited set of symbols, say 9 symbols from 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and use a combination of these to represent ANY numeric value no matter how huge be it 25 or 872134870235. Yes, the place value system using bases was invented by the ancient Indians, and as a by-product of this invention they also invented zero (the word zero itself is derived from Sanskrit word Shunya which means Nothing) to represent empty places without any value, because without zero you cannot use place value system to differentiate between 11 and 101. And as Einstein rightly said, the entire modern science and mathematics is based on these Hindu numerals (also called Hindu-Arabic Numerals because it was the Arab merchants who came from India who had introduced this system to Europe). No software could be written and so no computers would have been possible without the invention of zero, isn’t  it? All software after all run on binary or the base 2 system – zero and one.

Now, would it look odd if I said that the modern arithmetic is already described in the vedas or other ancient Sanskrit texts? I don’t think so, because that is where it came from. Pythagoras after whom the famous theorem is named, never gave a proof of his theorem and is said to have learnt the statement of the theorem which relates the hypotenuse of a right angled triangle to the other two sides of that triangle – on a visit to India! Voltaire, a great french philosopher and writer said that, Pythagoras went from Samos to the shores of Ganga in India to learn Geometry.

Ancient vedic texts speak about telepathy and conversations between people who were geographically located far away from each other, and were ridiculed as being unscientific in nature by modern scientific public. Many even today believe that this kind of distant communication is unscientific. But not those who know quantum mechanics and who have studied that non-locality or instantaneous communication between two particles located light years apart from each other is a fundamental aspect of nature. This Instantaneous Communication in quantum mechanics and has been proved again and again, and physicists are still trying to understand how it works. And when I say that ancient vedic seers had mastered the technique of instantaneous communications (probably by mastering this aspect of quantum mechanics), would it be fair to say that I said it only after quantum mechanical nature of particles was discovered? Wasn’t this being told from the very day these texts were written?

Vedic Chants and Positive Influence on Human Minds

Ancient vedic chants are said to bring positive influence on human minds and actions. It is said that they were designed (or written) to be so – pools of positive energy stimulating and encouraging our minds to be good, to do good and to feel good. But till yesterday modern science was rejecting this claim. But a recent Russian discovery has proved that human DNA is like a biological internet which listens to external sound vibrations and behaves accordingly, as if it is being directed and told to perform so.

Now if I say that vedic texts had already told this, that vedic chants can influence human actions and bring in positive mood, will it be fair to accuse me of making use of a modern discovery to prove an ancient point. Weren’t the ancient texts already saying this? While modern science till yesterday was saying that 90% of human DNA was junk, the above said and other recent discoveries have only proved that Modern science till now actually did not understand 90% of the DNA. Even today Modern science is unable to explain how did the human brain suddenly evolve so large and so organized to make us an intelligent species!

Please note that Modern Science is still evolving and not perfect. It has not answered ALL the questions. There is a difference between the science we know and the actual science according to which nature functions. What we called as science during the days of Ptolemy is not science today. Einstein proved Newton wrong, and quantum mechanics may prove Einstein wrong. What we know as science today may not remain so tomorrow. Humanity is still on the path of understanding nature. We have hundreds of unanswered questions in all fields of science. So in the name of science (like how fanatics do in the name of God) let us not outrightly reject all the ancient knowledge as nonsense, we need to remember that while our modern science has evolved only in the past 500 years or so, there are ancient civilizations which have lived for thousands of years continuously, and so there are greater possibilities that they knew much better than us.

Evolution of Human Species

Long before modern science up with the theory of evolution, vedic texts had said that human species had to cross 8.4 million other species before coming into existence, which means that before humans came into existence 8.4 million other species had already evolved. Now if I say that theory of evolution was mentioned in the ancient sanskrit texts, will it be right to ridicule it saying I am just making use of some number in an ancient hymn to make the texts look scientific?

Om – the Universal Vibration and String Theory

The critics say that vedic scholars only talk about already done inventions or discoveries to prove the texts as being scientific, and not predict some yet to be discovered fact. Well, the fact is, vedic texts have been saying what they have to for thousands of years, only those who listen to it do so after a corresponding scientific discovery is made.

Take the case of string theory. You can take any vedic text thousands of years old, or commentaries on vedic texts by scholars centuries old, or even those works at the beginning of the last century, and they all say that the entire universe is made up of vibrations, and the vedic hymn Om (0r aum) symbolizes this universal vibration. But all these days this vedic statement was said to be unscientific – claiming that there are no such vibrations in the universe, its only quantum particles everywhere, so on and so forth.

Very recently, in the past few decades, String theory was put forward by eminent scientists, and the very basis of this string theory which is trying to unify gravity and quantum mechanics is that, the entire universe finally is made up of vibrating entities titled strings – every single particle in this universe, even space, gravity, matter, light all are made up of vibrations of different frequencies – is what the String theory says.

Now isn’t this what the ancient vedic texts said, what the vedic scholars had been saying – which was called unscientific till a century back, and today if somebody says that “vedic texts spoke about universal vibrations just like how modern string theory does“, would it be fair to accuse saying that, “only after the discovery of string theory are the vedic scholars saying this“, while the matter of fact is that you can pick up any older book or work and read about it.

What is interesting to note here is that this kind of allegation is done NOT by the scientists who worked on these actual discoveries, but only by the so called prejudiced readers of these scientific discoveries who do not want to believe that some new discovery or invention had already been described in some ancient text. While the father of Modern atomic bomb had no hesitation saying that Bhagavadgita contained the description of a nuclear explosion, our modern popular-science book readers without having ever read Bhagavadgita nor having solved a relativistic equation – reject this statement outrightly.

Consider the simple fact. Almost all of the modern science and technology was discovered and invented in just the past 500 years or so. The ancient Indian vedic civilization spanned at least 5000 years. Now if in just 500 years so much of science and technology could be achieved, one can only imagine how much would have been achieved in 5000 years.

Layers of Skin

Now take this fact. Modern science says that skin has 4-5 layers, where as Ayurveda says that skin has 7 layers! Now tomorrow when Modern Science discovers the other two layers in the skin, would it be wrong for vedic scholars or ayurvedic doctors to claim that the ayurvedic texts already spoke about this?

Types of Sleep

While modern science talks about three states of mind – awakening, dreaming and deep sleep – which is described by vedic texts as Jagruti, Swapna and Sushupti respectively, the vedic texts also describe a fourth state of mind called Turiya which is said to be beyond these three states and is not described by modern science. Now tomorrow when modern science discovers this fourth state of mind, wouldn’t it be fair for vedic scholars to claim that the vedic seers knew about this fourth state of mind too?

And I can go on and on like this citing examples. But that does not mean to claim that whatever is discovered or will be discovered is already mentioned in the ancient texts. All it means is that when a vedic scholar makes such claim, it needs to be investigated by studying those texts and the claim needs to be verified, not rejected over right.

After all, the great scientists and scholars mentioned at the beginning of this article cannot be all wrong, there must be some substance to their statements. Scientists like Subhash Kak who has written about the Astronomical code in the Rigveda, Rick Briggs of NASA who is doing research on Sanskrit and Artificial Intelligence, or S S De and P V Vartak who discovered the Speed of Light mentioned in the commentaries on Rig Veda all should have based their studies on some solid foundation. Isn’t it?

While modern science is still struggling to understand how on earth were the pyramids of Egypt built, will it be an exaggeration to say that the first private aircraft in History was owned by Ravana, the king of Lanka in the Tretayuga during the period of Ramayana and the aircraft was called Pushpaka Vimana – and note that this was at least 7000 years back as per the Astronomical dating of Ramayana

And finally, for those who can understand it, here is a quote by the English Philosopher Alan Watts

To the philosophers of India, however, Relativity is no new discovery, just as the concept of light years is no matter for astonishment to people used to thinking of time in millions of kalpas, (A kalpa is about 4,320,000 years). The fact that the wise men of India have not been concerned with technological applications of this knowledge arises from the circumstance that technology is but one of innumerable ways of applying it.

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  1. Every points figured out do give Indian a big motivation but no matter what we say through our books ? we should really admit that Western World have overtaken us in all fields even though our great great ancestors have kept golden spoons for us,we could not protect it.I really feel sorry but at the same time ashamed, as I am one of you also.No matter what we say to prove through Vedas time has come now to prove the world that our Scientists can invent new things&Philosophers can view & teach special things better than West,& also come terms to prove some of their scientific findings weak in comparison to Vedas,then only we can at last saveguard our Vedas teaching & West may then bow down in front of Vedas.

  2. Thanks for the highly informative and inspirational article. We Indians should learn something about our own heritage and feel proud of ourselves.

  3. This article is truly motivating and informative.
    But can you please tell me what kind of research is going on in the world in the field of science & technology having sanskrit & vedas as basis, and which countries are mostly interested in this kind of work?

  4. Awesome article, you have compiled many excellent things from vedas! I believe there are many more secrets in vedas this world needs to get more maturity to understand. people who ask should go through the simple techniques in vedic math.

  5. I am grateful to all the Ancient knowledge provided here.
    Hope it will open the eyes of those so called supporters of Modern Science and think that Vedic Science never existed.

  6. This comment is the very reason India today lacks real innovation in any field, no Nobel prizes compared to its significant population, no olympic medals – all because of the mentality of aping the west and western knowledge without following true innovation spirit even from the west, nor use our own ancestral knowledge in this field. Rick Briggs at NASA applies Indian Sanskrit for artificial Intelligence and natural language processing and we here mock any reference to Sanskrit. David Frawley and Stephen knapp struggle to enlighten Indians and make us aware of our rich history and heritage, we neither listen to them. All we read as history in mainstream is a bunch of colonial crap meant to enslave Indian minds and we continue to live in it.

    We call ourselves an IT superpower, laughable to the core, living on providing cheap services, fixing bugs, messing up with good code, not a single innovative IT product in the mainstream.

    Did anybody deny modern science is not science? Did anybody claim that ancient vedic people invented computers? Are computers and mobiles the only inventions? Is it a sin to talk about great inventions like Ayurveda, Yoga etc? And what about the core contribution in fields like math and astronomy?

    Einstein said “We should be thankful to Indians who taught us how to count without which no worthwhile scientific discovery would have been possible”. Physicists like him. Schrodinger, Heisenberg all knew about the importance of ancient Indian inventions and innovations, unlike we ignorant people in India today.

    If you do not know your history, all you will feel is the inferiority complex of your past, look somewhere else for inspirations and positives, end up aping the west – which is exactly what is happening today.

    Thanks to the Internet, people are becoming more aware of facts and knowledge outside the mainstream and are learning to appreciate our past history, acknowledge our ancestral knowledge, and work in the same spirit for a greater future and a better society.

    Talking about the rich past of our country may be gloating for some like you, not for all. We build a better future because we had a better past, and we have problems today because of those who are unaware of our past and hence are aimless about the future.

    Oh yes, some still continue to say our past is fabricated. but blindly believe when the textbooks call is “Pythagoras Theorem”, in spite of the fact that Pythagoras never gave a proof to this theorem, Baudhayana from India had proved it almost a 1000 years before Pythagoras, and Voltaire has on record said that Pythagoras went to the banks of Ganges to study Geometry.

    • You have just written pages and pages of ‘justification’ but not answered the question raised by Skeptic! The question simply is, ‘If the vedas is so much more than what we assume, where is the proof?’

      Western countries have been truly innovative and bought out products which you are me use. Have we done it using our so called vedics stuff? If not, why aren’t you instead of blaming others for being ‘anti-indian and pro-western’?

      • the modern day products have made us against nature (cosemtics, for instance) or lazy (all of our home appliances and techie gadgets). And u for one are totally oblivious to the fact htat most of the current western innovations are born of the brains of the indians there :P

      • lets not just fight here about some value added products being manufactured etc,. I agree with Mr Skeptic and even more skeptic that “WE” the modern indians , have not invented value added products from VEDAS. Which is true, But the Western world has invented it from VEDAS. Please read about Nikola Tesla the father of induction motor and alternating current who picked his fundamentals from vedantha after debates and Discussions with Swami vivekananda while at chicago . Please read the papers of J. Robert Oppenheimer where he explains metaphysics of atomic science from vedantha, And please read the paper by The Great Albert Einstein where he explain the details of how he understood the relationship between mass and length from vedantha. In fact in one of the papaers of Spin theory Einstein tries to explain the Concepot of Vishwaroopa from vedantha justified by his findings, By the way the difference between us and all the 3 of the above is that they never relied in interpreted second hand information. They studied sanskrit and understood vedantha as how it should be, Good luck

  7. MR. Dhratrashtra subscribed to live commentary of “Mahabharta” by Sanjaya who watched it live on Channel VYAS ….Mr. Karna forgot password to invoke “Bhamastra” at a crucial moment probably due to a sophisticated memory virus implanted by his own Guru “Parshuram” when he saw the signs of Misuse of his knowledge.

  8. Unconditional salutes to you for putting up such a great article. You seem to have done research before inking this information. Please put some more effort and bring out a book. The WORLD needs it.

  9. My father use to say that our Hindu God’s and ancestors were so scientifically advanced, that they have already explored advanced sciences and have found better planets then the earth itself and have started living their. And also our God’s have found out the formula to remain immortal for ever.

    And the best part is that whatever inventions and discoveries our ancestors made was keeping in mind not to harm the nature in anyways which i feel our modern scientists fail to understand.

    • really? even the pakis have such stories about their ancestors and their gods. Stop being a fool and believing all these old idiots who are justifying their superstitions and bullshit.

      IF your ancestors were so scientifically advanced, show me ONE thing you have developed that the west haven’t!

      • West developed Roman numeral system as their mathematical basis. Forget advanced calculus, try doing some simple multiplication using roman numbers.

        It was in India that the place value system and zero was invented which laid the foundation for modern mathematics and subsequently for modern science. If not for this no modern scientific discovery would have been possible.

        Einstein knew better, which is why he said “We should be thankful to Indians who taught us to count without which no worthwhile scientific discovery would have been possible.”

        If you are looking at any modern innovations, see who heads Android Division in Google, who developed Cassandra, the first big Facebook database, whom did Twitter out pay so that he couldnt be hired by Google, and so on….

  10. The strength of ancient Indian science has been wonderfully described. We really should acknowledge our ancestors for their incredible work in science and mathematics.

  11. also the relativity theory of einstein was xplained by proving that a soul is ever existing and cannot be destroyed but it takes a new life and body after the end of its previous life cycle. scientists who refute the claim of xistence of soul have changed their views due to recent experiments made which prove xistence of some driving force in our body which leaves the body once the being dies.

  12. also principle of duality was 1st xplained by krishna to arjuna by referring to existence of 2 worlds one the world of illusion(maya) and the other as ever persisting world(satya loka) 

  13. also the principle of duality was first explained by lord krishna to arjuna as the presence of two worlds one the world of maya(illusion) and the other as the ever persisting world (satya loka) 

  14. those who feel that some religious propaganda spread blind faith, usually also believe that any true knowledge given by the religion is also fraudulent. such suspicions arise as these so called atheists do not see the actual proof of this knowledge, hence they feel they have been stolen from recent scientific discoveries. such mislead people need to see that many of their contemporaries also attribute their inventions to these knowledge.  

  15. I am speechless my friend. Thanks for this analyses. Kindly suggest some english translation of our puranas/vedas. Kindly give me best book to start reading on this topic. I am begineer and more interested in knowing our puranas/vedas. Please Help. Thanks in advance. 

    • Not sure about any completely authentic english translations, most of them are word to word translations which take the whole stuff out of content and make them sound absurd! Instead you can find more authentic translations in native Indian languages like Kannada, Telugu etc because most such translations are by the real experts in Sanskrit, most of whom are usually priests or great scholars.

  16. Guruji, I am spell bound to your articles and the quality of information pulled up. Its a sad fact that not one person in my friend circle is aware of this ancient wisdom (so to speak).
    Hate to break the tread, but I would like your suggestion on one thing.I have started a small company 2 years ago which deals with renewable energy products, I have quickly grown and diversified into education, software and infrastructure development. I have been trying to find a sanskrit name which has good meaning to place the various companies under one banner. Tejomaya was an option, however is already taken. I would greatly appreciate a few suggestions.



    • Thanks for your comments Nikhil. Nice to hear about your entrepreneurship.
      How about Soham? Soham means “I am He’ – denoting the universal existence of the supreme consciousness – God is everywhere. Sanskrit being a context based language, Soham could be used to denote, “we are into all fields”. Since your company is already into diverse fields, I thought this would be appropriate.
      Advaita is another suggestion which again is on the lines of Soham.
      Mooladhara – one of the most important energy centers in our body – means root support pillar or foundation.
      Kalpa – A large timescale measurement where 1 Kalpa = 4.32 billion years.

      • thats true and infact one kalpa consists of (Mahayuga) 4 yuga’s * 1000

        And The cycle of Satya is characterized by virtue, wisdom and religion, there being practically no ignorance and vice, and the yuga lasts 1,728,000 years. In the Tretä-yuga vice is introduced, and this yuga lasts 1,296,000 years. In the Dväpara-yuga there is an even greater decline in virtue and religion, vice increasing, and this yuga lasts 864,000 years. And finally in Kali-yuga (the yuga we have now been experiencing over the past 5,000 years) there is an abundance of strife, ignorance, irreligion and vice, true virtue being practically nonexistent, and this yuga lasts 432,000 years.

  17. I believe in Vedas for sure. I believe in sanathana dharma. Proud to be a heir of this great nation where Vedas were spoken.

    • My belief in these ancient scriptures is getting more and more strong as I understand more and more of it. Believe me or not, because of the modern education system which never teaches us any of our ancient texts, and brainwashes us into believing that everything west is great and scientific and everything that is east is illogical, in my very initial school days I never had any interest in reading our old scriptures, only later as I started reading outside the school textbooks did I realize that a lot of what our textbooks say is actually NONSENSE :)

  18. OMG what a piece of art of presenting knowledge lyke this . brilliant. i had a belief in my mind that vedic science is far more technical . and was in research of evidence , u not only gave fresh evidences but also gave word’s to my desire….keep it up man…..you have to go far more distance….best of luck….may god bless you!!!….

  19. I must start by saying an exceptional blog. but i got some questions..

    How do we get this knowledge to the masses and i being one of the masses?? how do we come out this psudosecular bullshit and accept the fact that any kind of knowledge is greater than religion?? Who is gonna teach generation like me to respect and understand vedas as source of knowledge than source of religion?? How do we break our on egoistic attitude that we had the most ancient knowledge which put us above the other religions which I ascertain was never the motive of vedas ?? How do we use this knowledge in further exploration of modern science besides just saying that we knew it long time ago??

    The questions above and many more have sprung upon me since I started doing research on our ancient knowledge across the world. I have lots to say but I understand I am writing a comment not an essay.

    • Satyameva Jayate – Truth finally triumphs. Its just a matter of time. Finally as modern science gets more and more advanced it starts realizing the already existing knowledge. It already happened once in the beginning of the last century when almost every single quantum physicist saw the connection between quantum mechanics and ancient Indian knowledge. Someday in the future Sanskrit grammar will lay the foundations of Artificial Intelligence in computers, and vedic texts will reveal the answer for the Unified Theory being searched in physics. Yoga is already accepted by vast majority of the world as the best form of exercise. Pharmaceutical companies of western medicine brought pressure on European Union to ban Ayurveda for fear of losing their market.

      Russian DNA research has already taken us one step closer to revealing the technical details of the way Sanskrit mantras might be working.
      See http://www.hitxp.com/articles/science-technology/sanskrit-vedic-chants-and-the-secret-world-of-human-dna-wave-genetics-of-biological-internet-causing-hyper-communication

  20. Vedic science goes much deeper than modern western science.Modern Science remains fixated to the world of gross matter.Vedic science on the other hand understands this and goes much deeper into prana and the subtle elements.Thus you’ve the astral body and the astral cosmos composed of these things.The interaction of this body with the gross body and the universe was thoroughly studied by the great rishis of ancient India.Mantra,Tantra,Yajna,Jyotisha and other disciplines are applications of this science.The day when modern science becomes aware of the this subtle matter,Vedic disciplines will cease to be blind faith for the believers of Modern science.Many people trust the western scientists when they say atoms exist even though not they’ve never seen them.What then stops people from believing the vedas when the speak of prana and the subtle elements?It is just a matter of faith.

    • very true Prashanth, there is much more that remains to be rediscovered by modern science which is already present in vedic science, especially in the fields related to mind body relations, consciousness and its universal features, impact of consciousness on future events. What stops people in believing is the Mckaluay infections they have had in their school education systems which teaches ancient Indian practices and science as blind faith, but I guess slowly the events are turning around as we find more realization about vedic sciences in modern science – people are increasingly moving towards yoga and ayurveda especially in the west. Its a slow but definitive process.

  21. we can undrestand all these by connecting with that one, who has created us. which is so poerful, so intellegent, that can make such a system (human body) who can think,talk, sleep ,eat , and imagine only with the combination of two very small things.

    this can only be understood by connecting with the Almighity. no other way out.

    This modern science, old science link beteen them. how this comes true.

    just see the site http://www.sahajayoga.org

    I come to know with the help of cool breeze about my problems and their solutions.

  22. hi there… i would like to add a point here. it is mentioned in a shloka of ramayana that ramachandraji’s tarkash had baans which contained the power of anu(atom) and parmanu(sub-atomic.. nuclear/proton/electron).any language expert will agree that if these two words — anu and parmanu that were used in a literature which is so old, they definately knew about them.. they cannot randomly name anything as anu and parmanu. so if ramchandraji had atomic and subatomic baans which we all know is a small sized weapon… that ancient technology was definately more advanced than todays.

    • yes you are right piyush. ancient technology was definitely advanced than what is today, otherwise can somebody using today’s technology even think of building the large brihadeshwar temple at Tanjore, or create the never corroding Iron pillars at delhi or kodachadri, or think about creating constructions as large as pyramids of egypt, and so on.

    • man, you’ll go to no extent to keep interpreting and reinterpreting some crap a bunch of old guys wrote hundreds of years ago when they were high

      I am sure you will also find some ambiguous statements about super computing and intergalactic travel?

      • If our civilization today was to collapse due to a nuclear war or some natural calamity and humanity started from scratch again, and the next civilization which develops after that, when they come across our discoveries and inventions, even they will think the same way – some holy crap, because again their way of thinking, their new science definitions, methodology, classifications will all be different from ours :)

        And then later some day in 4000 CE when somebody else find that their latest technological descriptions or facts matches with what we had said in our works today in 2013 CE, even they will claim that “see all these things were discovered by humans more than 2000 years back!”

  23. 1) Cloning (100 kauravas)
    2) fertilization (kunthi – pandavas birth)
    3) teleportation
    4) guided weapons
    5) akshaya patra

    I don’t know any thing about Vedas but the
    above list is from comon observations from
    stories heard

    • very true prakash. Pushpaka Vimana – world’s first private aircraft owned by Ravana, nuclear weapons in the name of brahmastra, password protected missiles and more over launchable only by authorized personnel ie the different astras given to arjuna, karna etc by Gods, inter-stellar expeditions where gods from different planets and from deep space visited earth, and so on…

  24. good article for generating awareness towards our rich culture.utmost need to recognize ourselves and to step up to the top of the world because we actually deserve that.

  25. I stumbled across this site while googling for vedas and creation of universe and i love it already! Thanks for a great list of articles, i’m going to read them all!

  26. The Kubera’s vimana  was named pushpak vimana.  Important aspect to observe is that aircraft doesn’t require pilot, control room, radar etc. etc…  But follows owner’s mind and flies accordingly… Do we have that technology now?

    Any motor actions integrated with human brain without human operation?

  27. This surya prarthana is well known . And it is practice to sing it before doing surya namaskara(set of asanas or exercise) even these times ; yes but then  without understanding meaning :).

  28. Excellent post! My grand father used to say that brahmastra is nothing but today’s atomic bomb!
    Enjoyed reading this article. I think, the first private aircraft in History was owned by Kubera. Ravan took vimana from him.

  29. Excellent post! Almost 20yrs back, my grand father used to say that brahmastra is nothing but today’s atomic bomb!

    Enjoyed reading the article. I think, the first private aircraft in History was owned by Kubera. Ravana took that aircraft from him!

    • That’s correct. It was first owned by Kubera :)
      And right, all those great astras were weapons of mass destruction because it is said that each killed innumerable number of people. The mantras used to launch those weapons without which they wouldn’t be launched was equivalent to the concept of password protected systems of today.

  30. We are no ones to take credit my friend gurudev of the huge treasure of wisdom conjured by the great men living in this very land which can be called our ancestor due to meticoulos reserach and scholarly pursuits for prolong years! They were also at the stage where the today’s modern science is. They researched and propounded just as the modern scintists do and are still doing. But what the Indians doing doing nothing but grabbing every chance to own a credit by being offsprings or inhabitants of the same land. We have done nothing in last 2000 years ro more. We haven’t discovered anything. We can respect our ancestors but cannot own their works. We only have blind faiths to believe but the moderns only believe and declare when they have found it true. equal is true that they cannot find everything in their senses. But not for always. You cross doors of wisdom only when you have crossed the last one. The algebra, medical, chemistry or astronomy didn’t appear in a flash by mere thinking! all socieities eventually will grow to an advanced intellectual stage dueto few brilliant men who are born in every era but what we the inhabitants of this pious land who undeservedly inherit the legacy of old old ancestors. And the point is also that they were not the ancestors of many of us in India today. They were like Gods but we cannot own them. Ved is an universal property we can only be right heir when we ourselves substantiated the lines in Ved. But yes Indian people should actually know that it really existed!!!

    • Very true Dr.Shailesh that the ancient treasures belong to entire humanity and not just to India. But just like the way we today attribute ancient greeks and romans for their original findings, it is also equally important that we do so for our ancestors. Most of today’s science is coming out of US, Germany, UK, France etc but that doesn’t prevent them from attributing greeks and romans.

      Coming back to modern science and its researches, the fact is that even today Indians are as good in research and science as in the yesteryears, except for the fact that they are doing it in the research labs and universities and companies in US and Europe. The corrupt political and administrative ruling classes in India have caused talents here to look outside for opportunities. The designer of Pentium chip, the co-founder of sun microsystems , project leader of Windows Vista, the founder of Hotmail, the nobel prize winner in chemistry in 2009, the inventor of Bose speakers, leading researchers at Google labs, Pentagon, IBM, NASA and at the leading American universities are all from India. So it would be incorrect to say that Indians are not leading scienctists/researchers today. The fact is that outside India where equal opportunities are present, Indians are the leading talents. Even in silicon valley Indians are the largest immigrant enterpreuners.

      Even during the pre-independence era leading scientists and researchers like C V Raman, Satyendranath Bose, Srinivasa Ramanujam, Haragobind Khorana, Jagadish Chandra Bose (said to be real inventor of wireless communications, not Marconi as is popularly thought see http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/summary/279/5350/476) all came from India. There are lot of good research institutes in India like Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, the Patanjali Yogpeeth etc who are doing great amount of research based on ancient vedic texts. So we do continue to own these texts and spread the knowledge. If we hadn’t securely preserved these texts for all these years, then they wouldnt have been available in the first place in this internet era! What is to be blamed today are the political class in the country who have done almost nothing to preserve either the ancient heritage, culture and science, nor have allowed the talents in the country to come up because of their caste based divisive politics leading a brain drain to the west from India.

  31. Jai Ho Guruji!!! …
    I am a big fan of you …
    Can you please mention some other scientists like Subhash Kak, Rick Briggs, S S De and P V Vartak and their works for my reference.

  32. Just to add point:

    In we our childhood we used to recite a ancient surya prarthna in our class.

    Which was starting as

    “Dheya sada savitra mandal madya-varti
    narayana sarhishasana sanyavishtahan…..”

    I think the first line itself was telling so much of astrology(Savtra Mandal–> Solar rings or solar systems,Madhvarti) which in modern times (means in last 500 years) people took almost 200 years to discover.

    • Yes Akshay, in a simple sentence the fact of sun being the center of the solar system is so clearly mentioned in this ancient hymn. It is as if in those days in this part of the world this was a very common knowledge.


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