The Equation

Nature=God or God=Nature

This is a mystic equation from the ancient Indian vedic culture. Which is why you find 33 crore Gods in Hinduism which is based on the ancient vedic culture of India. When it says nature is God, every form of nature, every part of the universe becomes God.

All animals, trees, sun, rain, water, thunder, forests, rocks, mountains, land, sky, stars, moon, you name it and you will have an equivalent God for it in the vedic culture.

The Reason

Unlike other cults/religions, the Nature=God is not like a fanatic belief which says that go and kill others who don’t believe that nature is God. Instead, it is like a seed of thought that a mother puts into her small kid saying, don’t go out in the dark, daemon will take you away. The mother says that to the kid not because there is a real daemon out there, she is not really sure about it, but instead, she tells it so that the kid does not do something silly and hurt itself!

Let me explain how Nature=God achieves this.

Vedic culture is all about progress and development which is why you find so many scientific lectures, facts, analysis etc in the vedic texts. Vedic Mathematics, aspects of astronomy and cosmology, ayurveda, details about engineering, etc are found in these ancient vedic texts, and the later treatises written on them.

At the same time by equating God with Nature, and by constantly reminding humans that it is wrong to go against nature, the vedic texts put a sense of responsibility in the psychology of human race (like how a mother puts into a child’s mind), and this unconscious awareness in the human mind about having to preserve nature, always ensures that any technology that comes out of the scientific knowledge of human race is NOT against nature! So the researchers constantly do research to find out only that technology which does not harm nature and at the same time also benefits humans!

And this marvelous combination if had been practiced by the entire world, would have ensured that there would have been no pollution, natural destruction, extinction of species, etc today. Unfortunately rest of the world is not India, and a larger part of urban India also today has been influenced by the materialistic west, which has resulted in a view which looks at nature as a wealth waiting to be exploited and looted.

Vedic approach to scientific investigation and technological innovation would always lead to a nature friendly technology, because science is natural, while technology is man made.

If in an ideal scenario, if the world had followed the vedic path for technology, there would have been no need to first invent the polluting technologies, then suffer the pollution, then try to invent non polluting technologies for the same, etc

Hope the world turns back to the vedic world view of Taru Devo Bhava, meaning tree is God, or when taken in the actual context, meaning Do no harm to nature.