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Saraswati Darshan – The revelation of Sarasvati River

Saraswati is an ancient river that flowed in northern India during the vedic era. It originated in the Himalayas and flowed westwards to join the Arabian sea. It was earlier thought to be a mythological river that existed only in the vedas.

But recent discoveries have proved that this river did indeed exist during the vedic era about 6000 years back!! The aerial photos from NASA and ISRO satellites have revealed the dried up river bed and geological excavations have proved the same.

This river was a river even bigger than river Sindh (Indus). Indus valley civilization as an ancient Indian civlization of around 1500 BC is now actually replaced by a Saraswati valley civilization which dates back by thousands of years into the past than the mohen jo daro, harappa based Indus valley civilization.

Vedas were not compiled during the Indus valley civilization which is said to have existed during 1500 BC. Instead the Indus valley civilization itself looks like the last leg of an even more mightier civilization that existed thousands of year before 1500 BC !!

The proof is that Saraswati river dried up about 5000 years back!! Vedas nowhere mention Indus (Sindhu) river, instead vedas are full of praise for the Saraswati river that flowed during the contemporary period of the vedas!

A Rigvedic hymn says Ambitame Naditame Devitame Saraswati which means Oh Saraswati, you are the best of mothers, you are the best of rivers, you are the best of goddesses

When the Saraswati river flowed, the current desert of Rajasthan was a green land full of vegetation. The existing rivers Sutlej and Yamuna were major sources of the Saraswati river during the vedic era. The plate tectonics of the Indian plate with the eurasian plate caused geological shifts in the Himalayan region around 6000 years ago and caused the Sutlej river to be diverted to join Indus river and similarly Yamuna joined river Ganga to create the present Ganga-Yamuna plain.

This caused the Saraswati river to dry up as its major sources of water were lost. In addition, Indus which was a smaller river till then became a bigger river due to the inclusion of water from Sutlej. Sutlej was called Shatadru or Sutudri during the vedic period.

The Beginning of Saraswati River today - http://www.trekearth.com/gallery/Asia/India/North/Uttarakhand/Badrinath/photo969374.htm

The finding of Saraswati river also disproves the Aryan Invasion Theory. In fact the proof of existence of Saraswati river is a death blow to the aryan invasion theory. Aryan invasion theory states that Aryans who originally lived in central asia migrated to India in around 1500 BC attacking the local dravidians and moving them further south of India.

Nothing can be more stupid than the Aryan invasion theory. Nowhere in the ancient vedas is the word Arya used to denote a race. Arya in sanskrit means a gentleman! It is used as a respectful term similar to Mr used in English today. It was Max Muller who first put forward this theory with a prejudice towards the vedas and in the later years was criticized by many sanskrit and vedic experts as a person who knew very little sanskrit and nothing about vedas!!! In his last years he apologized on it and said in 1888
I have declared again and again that if I say Aryas, I mean neither blood nor bones, nor hair, nor skull; I mean simply those who speak an Aryan languageto me an ethnologist who speaks of Aryan race, Aryan blood, Aryan eyes and hair, is as great a sinner as a linguist who speaks of a dolichocephalic dictionary or a brachycephalic grammar (Max Muller, Biographies of Words and the Home of the Aryas, 1888, pg 120)

But by then the damage had been done and Britishers started riding piggy back on this theory to create a divide between north and south India! All Indian languages including the Dravidian languages have originated from Sanskrit and any person with a bit of common sense and who knows one of the Dravidian languages and a bit of Sanskrit can easily identify the similarities! Can this have happened if Dravidians and Aryans were different races altogether!

The Saraswati river findings have busted the myth of an Aryan invasion. Which in turn proves that there was only one civilization in ancient India which was the vedic civilization and Sanskrit was their language, Saraswati was their river, there were no separate races called Aryan or Dravidian, instead there was one Vedic era.

See The Myth of the Aryan Invasion Theory for more details.

Here is a cool documentary posted on youtube on the research and excavations related to Saraswati river. I apologize for the poor quality, but still it is worth watching for those interested in gaining more knowledge about our past

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  1. The word Sanskrit has a political dimension which mean the “reformed culture” of the Aryans which means the nobles, the elites and the aristocrats of that time…so there was something before that….. This politics of “reformed culture” took shape when Saraswati River starts drying and the settlements on both the sides of the river immigrated more inland in search of another river and they found Indus in the west direction and Yamuna in the east direction. The process of this inland movement in both the side of Saraswati River is the politics of Bharat (great India). The political strategy was reformation process of the natural culture all around Bharat (great India). This natural culture has been named as Prakrit which means “nature” and they also have a language by the name Pali. This is one dimension of the conflict the other dimension is the conflict between the nobles on both side of the Saraswati River. When the inland nobles (Aryans) of both side of the Saraswati River were not at war they were busy politically moving inland and changing Prakrit culture in to Sanskrit culture and this process still continue.

    • The term arya does not refer to a tribe or a section of the society nor is it of any cultural classification between sections of a society. Arya actually means a noble person, a person who follows morals and dharma in life. Anarya refers to the opposite of Arya. For instance in Ramayana (which predates the drying up of Saraswati River by thousands of years) Ravana calls himself an arya, Sugriva says he is an arya and so is his brother vali, Ramayana itself refers to Rama as an Arya, and people generally refer to Ravana as anarya and so on.

      So if the term Arya referred to a particular section of the society then this cross referring of each other as arya or anarya relatively is not possible. Hence Arya refers to noble and ignoble people.

      Even in Mahabharata Pandavas call themselves anarya after killing Drona, in the kaurava’s assembly where Dushyasana disrobes Draupadi only Vidura is referred to as Arya because he was the only person in that assembly to protest against the act of Kauravas.

      Even in Buddhist texts and in Pali language, those who follow the buddhist path are referred to as aryans and those who dont are called Anaryas. The four noble truths of Buddhism themselves are referred to as Chatvari Arya Satyaani – Chat=four Arya=Noble Satya=Truth
      Even in Pali it is the same, cattaari ariyasaccaani

      So I dont think the term Arya ever referred to one particular section of society as nobles and others as not. It was a mere general term used to refer to any pious person no matter which tribe, class he belonged to, or where he lived.

  2. As my knowledge of Sarswati river Is River Ghaggar, A geochemical constraints thought by school of Environmental Sciences, at Jawaharlal Nehru Uni, New Delhi,India , and conclusion  arrieved  for Ghaggar-Harappan Civilization was true river valley civilization  ,In 3500BC IN THIS  Saswati river mentioned sixty times in Rigved  and this research by Dr,Wakankar also varified that the River Sarswati changed course at least four times before going completely dry around 1900 BC ,
    Siddhpi-India is a ancient location still prooved that sarswati is  flowing on sarface  and Sadguru worshiped in water from 4AM to 7PM andlived 50 yrs in Siddhpith , after his death  water deep burried in sand, So sand of this place having isotopic homogeneity of ancient sarswati from Himalayan orige.

  3. The recent marine archaeology finds of the existence of this city, underwater in the Gulf of Khambhat (Cambay), Gujarat, dates to about 9500BP. The site went underwater about 9000 years ago with the geological changes at the end of the last Ice age.
    The city would have been located in the greater Sarasvati river delta of the time. 

    Besides losing the waters of the Yamuna and Sutlej, there was a worldwide drought in 4200BP to 3900 BP period that sruck across a wide belt from southeren Europe to China. It ended the civilization of Egypt in old kingdom and Sumer-Akkad in Mesopotamia along with the Harappan.   
    To reinforce what Gurudev mentioned before, ” It was the drying up of the Saraswati river that caused the Harappan decline and the abandonment of its cities. To date, not a single Harappan site has been found to have been destroyed by outside invaders”       

  4. What is the relevance of the submerged city recently found near Dwarka recently. Does it prove that a city exixted on the banks of the river Saraswati around 4000 BC which got drowned because of rise in ocean level? Please  let me know your answer.

    • Both Dwarka and Saraswati river’s existence prove that Mahabharatha is a historical text and not mere mythology. Because the city of Dwaraka is well mentioned in Mahabharatha and so is the event of the drying up of the river Saraswati which is again mentioned in Mahabharatha.

  5. Hello,
    I am the Real Silencer!Don’t take it some thing like ‘egoistic’….My findings is the source of the courage to call so myself.
    According to my investigation/research results,ALL were Hindus and ALL are going to become Hindus or at least get true realisation!!!
    Oneness IS  the basic intrinsic nature of the whole humanty.Not just humanity but the whole of fauna and flora of the Earth!!!
    It’s true their has been diversity/plurality..but it’s again natural diversity and the other has been our ignorance born diversity.
    What is that ‘oneness’?What happened to it in the course of ‘motion'(not time!Actually there is no such thing called time…what exists is only motion and displacement) ……To know the answers to these questions,we need to know the very nature of motion.Motion has been  studied a lot in it’s external surface by the modern science.No doubt about it.But what has been ignored (even since newton’s age) is as to what exactly this motion is?What dictates this motion and in what way?The very fundamental question of metaphysics!But there is no other way.Until and unless this fundamental question can be answered,there can not be any solution to this enigma.
    It’s because we could not answer the fundamental question we came to conclusions like there is no absolute truth.It’s because of the same that there has been so much mess.The actual problem lies there and we have been finding the solution by some other means.That has been our journey.Naturally the problem multiplies or changes it’s forms instead of getting resolved.This has been the real cause of the  whole mess.
    The same problem could not be addressed by all those holy men/women who have been trying their best.Veda is no exception.All the saints are no exception.Except preaching belief systems either using logic or the other methods,the whole community of preachers/saints of all religions couldn’t go beyond.
    Yes,but it’s not fault of their own….it’s  not that they should not have tried…not that they are not great,sincere,sacred or holy.They did their best.But it’s also true that they couldn’t address the fundamental question of motion.It’s because Nature has been playing a kind of ‘hide and seek’ with us and always kept ‘the real thing'(the thing in it self’ of Kant) away from us.
    All the preachings/efforts  were made/required as we have been still in the ‘Neti Neti’ stage so far…Unless you have reached  the stage of ‘Idam Idam” no substantial change can be expected.
    But ultimately Nature had to yield to my almost 20 yr long efforts!Yes,I discovered as to what dictates motion! Yes,I did discover.A ‘proof of God!’-a sample proof- Testable by one and all..especially by modern science that has been almost every thing to ‘probability’ and ‘chance happening’.
    This discovery is going to bring all humanity together….peace then descends.You know we all,irrespective of creed,religion,race etc., have been doing the SAME PRAYER that has been dictating motion and in that sense we are all ONE!!!
    Yes,I belive,this  discovery alone and nothing else, would lead to TRUE REALISATION!.People need proof to believe and to get truly enlightened.This discovery or proof is going to achieve what volumes of preachings could not achieve!
    For me,with my discovery,it has been the end of the journey-From ‘Neti Neti’ to ‘Idam Idam’!!! and hence this should solve the  very fundamental problem of philosophy  and there by establishing eternal peace on Earth.
    I going to make my findings public soon either via media or a book.
    if you have any questions,I am available at:iamthe realsilencer@gmail.com

    • Its really nice to read this. Waiting for the book. Please let us all know when it gets published. Motion as you said rightly is the true cause for the existence of this physical universe.

  6. Sachin,
    I too had the same doubt…. Why should we follow certain norms. 
    In your eg., just PhD in one area of subject is mentioned.  But imagine how many areas of specialization exist.   just one 100 yrs of life span not sufficient for this.
    I was lucky enough, got permission to listen wise elderly persons’ discussion.  The elderly person explained about extending life span for my doubt of how to believe that they have proved right path with just 100 yrs of age.
    Ancient sages used to control breath.  My rough explaination(request interested to correct ).  Intake breath and hold for second, your life span increases by 1 min.  For 1 min of holding breath life span increases by 1 hrs, for 1 hr – 1 day, for 1 day increases by month,  for month a yr etc… thus they could witness different combination of life style by ppl in different areas of life across centuries. Thus they would have discovered all possible combination of failed methods before ariving truth. and conclude hormonious wellbeing with right usage of knowledge- THE WAY OF LIFE.
    More over sages could able to connect to cosmic souce the draw knowlegde from Veda and impart to common man.
    For eg., nowadays govt. is shedding lots of money on cloud seeding, but possible only when clouds exist.  According to ancient texts, it is possible to get rain in homa/yagna conducated area and around it with certain quantity of precious metals and materials.
    Another evidence about ancient discoveries, it is not possible to preserve banana fresh even in refrigerator or transport across countries with long duration of travel.  With certain usage of herbal materials and kind of package , it is possible to preserve banana as fresh as its initial stage.

  7. If Vedas had the TRUTHs of this universe, worldly wisdom, mysterious insights into the soul of every existence, science, philosophy, mathematics…..  ; Just imagine if you need 10+2+4+2=18 years to hold a PhD, how many years would have actually gone into research of those  TRUTHs; how many people would have contributed to it; with absolutely no scientific laboratories, no equipments to measure, no microscopes, no telescopes….; what in the world did they use for their researches?! how many years did they research? how did they organize researches from many individuals living far away into one document called Veda? It is certainly not just Takshasila University alone, there must have been many such; how could they be scientifically matured 1000s of years ago?….. That says how long ago a civilization in India would have started.
    We have been on top of world and now lost our true identity in the midst of materialistic world which we werent equipped to cope up with, like say Egyptians and Mayans. We even had the idea of hard copy documenting several thousands of years ago when many other parts of the world did not have written language….
    The more I think of this, the more I feel like eliminating corrupt people out from this world :)

    • Vedic texts are the most ancient no doubt about it. In fact in one of the incidents in Mahabharatha Indra talks about Krittikas (Pleides) being at the summer solsitice and followed by the event of the fall of the star Abhijit (vega) to become the pole star – the event of which was noticed by the then sages. Undoubtedly the sages of those days hence were the equivalent of present day scientists, or may I say much more.

      Now, the Krittikas were at the summer sosltice last time at around 21000 BCE and Abhijit was the pole star last time at around 12000 BCE!!!

    • Well, Aryans are not pre-hindu – arya itself is a sanskrit word which means a Noble person – and the only ancient texts in the world which use this word are the hindu vedic texts – where noble people of those times are refered to using this word :)

      • There appears to be three main drifts of human population from India i.e. Bharat. first were insignificant settlements into egypt and Arabian  land, second after acculturation in vedic civilisation and the latest was in the times of the great Indian empire- great imperial Gupta empire which controlled a big part of world in early Christian era rather I’d say Vikram era when the term arya was used. vedic n the Gupta society i.e. Aryan society were some 3000-5000 yrs apart. All the purans, mimansa etc were written n much reaerch only took place in Gupta period. Europe was buried in post -iceage snow till in last 5000 years only. verything that has reached this small land of europe is from Bharat only. Actually the Gupta empire in Chandragupta Vikramditya and also in Ashoka’s time spanned from China sea to beyond Kaspian sea to as far as south europe and part of russia. This land of saraswati and Ghaggar appears to be the center of ancient life and civilisation where from it moved lil east to the plains of Ganga etc and also westward into barren lands of Arab and Rome later occuring very late. As far as germans and britishers being related to Indians-Bhartiya has to me some relevance bcos many in these lands are actually descendants of Bhartiya blood and who are bit different rfom teir usual caucasian neighbours and vatly different from the mongols. Its the time of revelation…ultimate revelation..

  8. hi,
    was a pleasure reading your page. was wondering if any of you have been on any travel around this area !!!! i d surely be interested if anyone has any info on this . thanks .monty

  9. Is the fact that the Saraswati River is re-emerging somehow related to the fact that we are entering an age of knowledge…some refer to the Golden Age? Is there some thing very ancent that says that when She (the river) re-emerges, a Golden Age will begin? I would like to know about this….more. Do you know?

  10. While westener historians / archeologists believe what Herodotus would have said about the locations of Scythians or Sakas or about the culture of the countries from the Mediterranean to Western China and try to locate on the world map where certain tribes have dwelled, the very same guys would not take any leaf out of the well documented Vedas / Mahabharat / Ramayan to try and attest how the world looked from India’s point of view

  11. hey gurudev!!

    i just came across a tamil magazine( junior vikatan) which says that there are possibilities of n even more ancient civilization than the saraswathy civilization.This is in reference to the excavations which have been carried out at a place called sembian kondiur in tamilnadu( south).The artefacts have been proven to be earlier than the saraswathy times.So if this is proven it will open up an entirely new twist to the already existing confusions…….UR COMMENTS????

  12. Thanks a lot Apsara!
    Yes, while it is sad that we had forgotten our past, it is glad that we are rediscovering the same now!

    All the very best for your work. Hope the book provides a new insight into connecting the two regions with much more historic evidences :)

  13. Hi Gurudev!

    I really must salute you, namaste! I’ve been browsing and clicking your website since before lunchtime today, and I am more and more convinced that we Asians have totally forgotten our lush and advanced past civilisations! What a shame that we have forgotten it. And thank you so much for everything. Got lots to ask, but I will do that later. I’m from Indonesia, and currently translating a great book on the historical links between Indonesia and India, stretching back to the years of King Dasharatha of Ayodhya. Wish me luck!

    • Congratulation apsara… off late I’ve become intrested in ancient imperial BhartiyaIndianAryanHindu empire i.e. Gupta empire. There’s lot connecting the far east as well as far west with India.. with all the distortions and the upheavels in last 600 years only. Do keep me abreast of any new finding at your place specially archeological or scientific find of India connection. If you could favor- write me at sanj001@gmail:disqus .com
      Dr Shailesh G

  14. sarswathi valley civilization wow, the article was so informative, maybe the Ramayana and Mahabharata did happen after all who knows the possibilities are endless one day we might know the truth.

  15. Yes Jacob
    Saraswati valley civilization is much much older than Indus valley and is the actual vedic civilization. They have found a lot of ancient sites on the currently dried beds of saraswati river. Many archaeologists are even forcing Indus valley civilization itself to be renamed as Saraswati valley civilization owing to this most ancient civilization in the region.

  16. So what you are saying is that there was an even more ancient civilization than the indus valley called saraswati valley civilizations. Have they found any artifacts to that date? Are they older than mohenjodrao and harrappa?

  17. You are absolutely right Vinay.
    Many people believe that ancient Indians never documented history.

    Well, Mahabharatha describes about 50 lineage of kings and their times! Why would somebody write in such details if they are not documenting history?
    In fact the very word ‘purana’ means history in sanskrit! And we have loads of vedic puranas!

    A careful study of these texts will take back known human history by thousands of years till the end of the previous ice age! A good reference to start with is Balgangadhar tilak’s book ‘The arctic home in the vedas’

  18. AIT was made as a truth with British Raj’s might & will all over world systmetically. It was done in accordance with their `Divide & Rule’ nature. To creat rift among North & South India, to give reason for some similarity for Sanskrit & European languages , to easily convert lower class hindus with `Aryan Invasion’ card and most importantly to undermine Hindu culture , religion with terming Itihaas scriptures as some stories. To undermine Hindu religion & scripture and their western religion , culture as better & superior to Hinduism.

    Even Greek historian who came with Alexander in 300 BC tell that India has some 5,500 years of king history that time before Christ. Still today, this theory is taught as some truth despite it’s main proponent Max Muller has written that he want to undermine Veda & Hinduism and want Christianity to conquer India.

  19. Haha, these books look more like comedy than anything else for me. I find it a waste of time to even comment on these books :)
    It is commendable that you and your friend have commented on this book so well. You both have written with great sincerity and facts, unlike the book’s author.
    Without any knowledge -historic, religious or spiritual. without any facts to support.. based on pure fantasy and imagination.. with one single prejudice and hatred people write such books. Their effort is to create truth(?) than to reveal truth!!
    There is another such book by some joker titled ‘Why I am not a Hindu’. I read such books only for comedy, when I want to laugh about the ignorance of the author :)
    As for the Aryan Invasion Theory, the revelation of Saraswati river is the last nail on the coffin of that theory!! None of the well informed historians support this theory. Only those who read 100 year old material support this theory :)


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