Tiananmen – Symbol of Chinese oppression on its own people

Chinese people have always wanted democracy. Do not forget the fact that China is 1/6 of the world similar to India in terms of...

The Power of being open

The power of open source is that it is not proprietary and is available to all, modifiable by all which constantly increases the quality...

Iron Pillar – Great Ancient Indian Metallurgy

Around 350 AD - Gupta Empire, Ancient India An iron pillar weighing over 6 tonnes, more than 7 metres tall is constructed in a single...

Two Great Bureaucrats

Use the word impossible with great caution. Only those who can risk going too far can see how far they can really go.So here...

Kissing – A risky business??

I read this article about researchers being able to store "E=mc2 1905" in a bacterial DNA. Genetic material is becoming the biological harddisk. Bacteria...

India – The Rising Giant

Check out this wonderful link..Rising Giant

24/7 Health Monitoring Systems for Human Body

In the future, health of every individual will be monitored by tiny nanobots round the clock, and medical emergencies will be addressed without any delay increasing life expectancy even more.

Goodbye AIDS? A Lateral Solution

Does HIV virus kill a person? No Does AIDS kills a person? NoWell, AIDS is a situation where HIV virus has destroyed the entire...

Freedom Fighters?? What about this list?

The pakistani version of its terrorism support in Kashmir, has always been on the grounds that its providing support for the freedom movement in...

Factories of Human Body Parts

Some date in the not so far future:A guy is filling out an application form at 'Humanware Bio Labs' which reads as followsApplication Form...

What the ancient Indians did to us?

The amazing achievements of the ancient Indians in the field of mathematics, science and technology.

Realising the Great Indian Dream – Part I

The requirements, suggestions to create a super power out of India.

Who is an OBC?

The history of the birth of OBC castes in India which were created for mere political gains by V P Singh and Co.

Nehru on Reservations

Nehru regarded caste based reservations as a step backward and was of the opinion that it would create a second class inferior knowledge society in India.

Simple Question – No Answer

Is it fair to provide caste based reservations when the real cause for lack of opportunity is economical with poor parents being unable to provide quality education to their children. Shouldn't reservations if really required be based on economic condition of people instead of caste. Is poverty limited only to lower castes? Are all upper caste people rich?