Can we grow teachers on trees?

How can caste based reservations be implemented in higher education like IIT and IIM without cutting down on the current general merit quota when there is a shortage of qualified professors to teach?

Can death be avoided?

If human life is all about memory in the brain then can a human live forever by moving his entire memory from one body to the other? Or is there something more to it?

Politics of Defection

Anti Defection law in India passed by NDA government to prevent opportunistic politicians from crossing over between political parties without getting relected.

An Innovative Farmer

An Indian farmer's simple but effective innovation to increase the yield of crops without resorting to any hitech technology by just swapping the top soil with the one at the bottom.

Anvils and Hammers

The transition of India from a poverty ridden nation to an economic superpower with the creation of one of the world's largest knowledge industries.

Is India Iran Gas Pipeline feasible?

How can a gas pipeline that moves through a terrorism ridden nation like Pakistan be feasible without the fear of being held at ransom by the terror groups and the state agencies which sponsor these groups like ISI and Pakistani Military?

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Clemenceau, the french warship to be dismantled in India stopped by the Indian Supreme Court due to presence of toxic chemical material in the ship and the hazards posed by it to the Indian soil and workers.


The movement to encourage products of world class quality in India by not just buying Made in India products, but by reviving innovation and enterpreunership and encouraging world class ideas and products.

Quantum Level Intelligence!

Do Quantum Mechanical particles have awareness or consciousness? How do ribosomes know what proteins to code and when? How do mesons know when to disintegrate?

Lack of Accountability

Corrupt politicians and bureaucrats of India and the absence of the sense of duty towards nation and society.

American Living Standards for India

The mammoth energy requirement of India if its society has to reach the standards of a developed world like USA.

Social Division in Modern India

The positive and negative impact of the booming economy on the social contour of the Indian society. A growing wealthy middle class due to increasing opportunities. Places like UP, Bihar remain backward due to the inability of local politicians to make the dividends and growth of rich economy reach their people.

India – Backdoor dumping ground for toxic waste?

The negative effects of shipbreaking industry in Gujarat, India which is resulting in polluted soil by toxic chemicals like Asbestos, health hazards to workers and in clear violation of international norms.

Are Gods Aliens?

Logical analysis of the possibility of the gods in the mythological texts being aliens who visited earth during that period.

Electricity and batteries in Ancient India

A 3000 year old ancient Indian text Agastya Samhit has verses about producing electricity using copper sulphate and mercury-amalgamated zinc - Voltaic Cell.