This post is an attempt to bring back the memories of those whose childhood dates back to pre Information Technology era. These photographs are before the advent of Internet, Mobile Phones, Cable Television and everything that is today considered modern today. Enjoy them and recall your nostalgic past memories.

Bioscope – Home Delivery of Entertainment

In our era, fairytales from the wonderlands came all the way to our streets. It was our 3D world long before the advent of multiplexes and megaplexes.

No Apps – Pure practical learning

Be it at school or at home – we had less theory and more practicals. This is how we learnt the principle of buoyancy – we knew what it was long before reading out textbooks. Today kids need an app to learn this.

The ultimate number challenge

This puzzle was a favorite childhood pasttime. Ever wondered if it was possible to remove one of the numbers and place it back elsewhere?

The best stress buster of our times

The number of holes in that eraser represented the number of times we got irritated. Some also did it for fun, while some became really addicted to it, so much so that the sole existence of that eraser was meant to be pricked by the pencil tip.

Seven Stones taught us the ultimate balancing act

This was one sport that everybody loved. It taught us how not to lose our focus even under pain. We kept balancing those stones ignoring those throws from hitters. Lagori, Pittu, Ezhu kallu, Garmaan, Sitoliya, Satodiyu – known by many names was this popular game.

Dot dot – The game played when things got boring

Dot dot was a game played when the teacher was not in the class or when a boring class was on. It was a good way to pass the time.

Giant Robo (tokusatsu) – Our Ultimate Saviour from Evil

This Japanese television series introduced the first superhero for many of us. Known as Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot in the United States, Giant Robo in India – this was one show we always watched with awe!

A very effective and powerful DIY weapon

It was simple to manufacture, and was very effective in deterring the opponent. One could use it either to attack or to grab attention.

The relation between Casette and Pencil

In an era where solutions were not available online, we came up with our own. Who would have thought about using a pencil to fix a casette tape!

Toggle Switch – The Elegant Electric Switch

No modern electric switch could match the elegance of these toggle switches. This is where the modern toggle functionality of gadgets has its roots in. They were so easy to put off, but it took some real effort to switch them on.

The first complex drawing from the childhood

After the usual circles and squares – this was the first complex art of our childhood. Drawing flying birds was so easy! And we could draw loads of them all across the sky.

An Era of Zero Waste

We never wasted anything. Everything was used as much as it could, and much more than that. That was an era of zero waste. Everything was reused, and things rarely made it to the dustbin.

Dalda – The Vanaspati Ghee

In our era we never worried about fat, carbohydrates, this and that. Dalda, the hydrogenated vegetable oil was a favorite of our times and had its own permanent shelf place in all kitchens.

The Yesteryear IPad

This was the IPad of our times. It had its own elegance, was reusable and served multiple purposes. Had lot of spare stencils (called slate pencils). Most importantly, it never ran out of battery.

Nirma – That one tune that we will never forget

Washing Powder Nirma – Some tunes are never meant to be forgotten.

Lifebuoy – The ultimate germ killer

This soap was the ultimate all in one solution to keep oneself free of germs. It was a sanitizer, a deodorant, a cleanser – all at the same time.

The magical eraser

Ever used this eraser as a student? Legend said that the blue part had the magical power to erase Ink!

The most essential upgrade of our times

This was one thing every student wanted to lay his or her hands on. Owning one of these was an issue of prestige. This was the best upgrade one could hope for after that ballpoint pen.

The two-in-one whistle

This double up both as a cap of the ballpoint pen and as a whistle in times of need and distress. It was also quite effective, especially given the fact that it was not intended to be used as a whistle.

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