The Republic Day of India

The constitution of India came into effect on 26th January 1950 and thus India became a Republic on this day. India celebrates 26th January every year as its Republic Day.

Why 26 January was chosen for Republic Day?

January 26 was chosen for Republic Day of India because it was on this day in 1930 that India declared its intention for Independence (Poorna Swaraj) from British rule.

Difference between Independence Day and Republic Day

August 15, the Independence Day of India is the day on which India got independence from British rule. January 26, the Republic Day of India is the day on which India got its own constitution.

Dr B R Ambedkar – The Principal Architect of Indian Constitution

Happy Republic Day of India

Dr B. R. Ambedkar – the first Law Minister of India, headed the Drafting Committee of the Indian Constitution. He is the Chief Architect of the Constitution of India.

The Republic Day Parade at Delhi

Happy Republic Day of India

The Republic Day Parade held at Delhi on this day showcases the might of India’s defence, and the Cultural and Social Heritage of India.

Chief Guest of the Republic Day Parade

Blue 26 January Text with Ashoka Wheel and Wavy Tricolor Ribbon on White Background for Happy Republic Day Celebration.=

On every Republic Day Parade at New Delhi, India invites and hosts the head of state or government of another country as the state guest of honour.

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