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How to Install Protobuf (protoc or protocol buffers) in Ubuntu?

List of all commands to install Protobuf or Protocol Buffers in Ubuntu. Pip command to install python bindings as well.

How to clone a git tree or branch?

How to use the git clone command to clone a specific tree or branch of the git repository. Using the tree or branch url directly gives a fatal error.

How to create app shortcut, file or folder shortcuts in Ubuntu?

Easy method to create an application shortcut in Ubuntu or other Linux systems. You can also use this method to create shortcut to a file or folder.

What is kidle_inject process ?

My computer CPU is overloaded. I see processes like kidle_inject/0, kidle_inject/1 etc running in my Ubuntu or Linux system. Are these system processes causing processor overload?

What is a DNS server? How domain names are related to DNS?

DNS is like someone who tells you your friend's phone number, if you tell them the friend's name. Except that, DNS does it for domain names.

What is the difference between a domain name and a website?

Domain name is like the name of a person, while website is like the actual person. You can also have domains without website and vice versa.

How many websites are there in the Internet?

As of 2019, there are more than 1.7 billion domain names registered, with more than 200 million active websites world wide.
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