It is easy to clone a git repository to your local machine using the git clone command. But this command will fail with a fatal error if you simply try to clone a branch or a tree of the repository by using the branch or tree URL.

So first let us see the command to clone a git repository

git clone repository_pathCode language: Bash (bash)

For example

git clone language: Bash (bash)

However, if you try to clone its branch or tree using the above method, the command will fail.

git clone language: Bash (bash)

The above command will return an error message “fatal: repository ‘’ not found”

The trick is to use the branch flag to clone a specific branch or a tree from git repository as follows

git clone -b branch_name repository_pathCode language: Bash (bash)

So, to clone the branch fix-ie11 of the repository, instead of using the tree url use the root url and mention the branch name using the branch flag. The command hence would be

git clone -b fix-ie11 language: Bash (bash)

Note that we have used the master branch url of the repository and only mentioned the branch name in the -b option. Now the specific branch would be cloned to the local machine successully. Happy Gitting!

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