The Dingo Mystery and the Indian link of Australian Aborigines

The Dingo Mystery

The dog in the below photo may look familiar to Indians as it closely resembles the free roaming dogs found in India. But this is Dingo, a dog species found in Australia and is also Australia’s largest terrestrial predator. Recent genetic studies of Australian Aborigines have revealed the missing link between Ancient India, Dingo and the natives of Australia. This study also negates the popular belief that Europeans were the first outsiders to arrive on the Australian soil. On the contrary, these studies reveal that ancient Indians were the the first outsiders to arrive on the Australian Soil 4000 years ago, to be exact some 4,230 years ago.

Dingo – Australian Dog of Indian Origin


The Dingo Mystery was that, the oldest known fossil of this dog species in Australia dates back to 4000 years. There are no fossils of Dingo older than 4000 years found anywhere in Australia. So it was as if this dog suddenly arrived on the Australian landscape 4000 years ago. If so, then who brought it and from where? was the question.

The Mystery of the Archaeological Records in Australia

The archaeological records of Australia also indicated that there was a sudden change in the lives of the Australian natives 4000 years ago with improved agricultural practices and plant processing techniques (to remove toxins from edible plants), and new stone tools had arrived suddenly in Australia at around the same time. So from whom did the native Australian Aborigines learn all these new techniques 4000 years ago?

The Genetic Study of the Australian Aborigines

Now a Genetic study conducted by the researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany has reported evidence of substantial gene flow from India into Australia dating back to about 4,000 years ago. The timing or dating of this gene flow matches so well with the earlier explained mysteries that now it is clear that Ancient Indians had arrived on the Australian soil 4000 years ago, bringing with them the Dingo. They also taught the native Australians the new agriculture techniques, plant processing and stone tools creation. Read this news item Indians broke Australian isolation 4,000 years ago  and a more detailed report Must be Indian: Human Settlement in Australia

This also explains the other so far unexplained mystery of the huge expansion of a new Aboriginal language group in Australia at around the same time i.e. some 4000 years back.

Ancient Indians, not modern Europeans were the first outsiders to enter Australia

Till now it was widely believed that Europeans who first arrived in Australia at the end of the 1700s were the first outsiders to enter Australia. But this new genetic study has now revealed that the ancient Indians were the first outsiders to set foot on the Australian soil 4000 years back. More importantly, this migration is supposed to have happened from southern India, the present Dravidian speaking population of India.

Why did it take so long for a proper genetic study to be conducted on the Aborigines of Australia? Researcher Mark Stoneking says that the Aboriginal Australians have been hesitant to participate in these kinds of genetic studies, and were suspicious about the intention of such studies till recently.

Another important point to be noted is also the fact that the native Australians themselves arrived to Australia some 50,000 years back from India. The current theory of human origin and expansion, called the “Out of Africa” theory says that, humans originated in Africa, and from there migrated to India, and from India spread to the rest of the world. So every non-African human being has his ancestral roots in India.

Out of Africa – All Non-African Humans have their ancestral roots in India




    From the above article, it seems a new theory about the origins of Africans has become necessary. There must have been two kinds of Africans-the aborigines (probably those who still live in Congo and East Africa) and Indian Africans, those who migrated from India into Egypt, then Sudan, Ethiopia and from where they spread west and also south. If this can be validated, then it may become necessary to say that the aboriginal Africans were the source of genetic materials used to create Indian Africans, from where also the source genes used to create the other races came from. This is just my personal view which ofcourse is subject to error since it is pure speculation without any anthropological, sociological or scientific proof. WENDY WAFCO ON THE NEW THEORY ABOUT THE ORIGIN OF AFRICANS #wendywafco

  • Chris Fowell

    share genes does not confirm the direction of gene flow I could be the other way round human originated in Australia and migrated out to the rest of the world.

  • tirdad

    what does it matter really?!! seen from the edge of the universe you and I are nothing but an event that happened billions of years ago and all that we have to show for is just the truth that we engraved on our souls , nothing matters but the soul nourishing truth.

    • itzguru

      it does matter for the same reason that we write and read history. If it doesnt matter, then history doesnt matter as well :)
      While we document history, let us do so accurately, and while we discover new scientific knowledge, let us do so meaningfully.

      What matters or not depends on the scale of our perception, an electron doesn’t matter at an universal scale, but at a quantum mechanical level it matters the most.

  • ajay

    it is excellent. hats off to ancient indians .i think some more research have to be done before coming to know that ancient indians were the first to land on the americas