God, Save me from your followers


They are dividing the society in your name
They are converting others with your claim
They are misleading the world misusing your fame
They are misbehaving with others causing you shame
God, save me from your followers

Why cant I worship you in a different way?
Why cant I call you with a different name?
They say if I do so, then you will punish
If I dont follow their way, then I will perish
God, save me from your followers

I see you raining equally on all
I see you giving oxygen to all
Yet they are blind to this game
For they claim, you are only to them
God, save me from your followers

They kill others in your name
They kill themselves in your name
They claim heaven in your name
They create hell in your name

God, please please for God’s sake
Save me and my people from your followers
And save your followers from themselves

  • http://koinoniaofgrace.com gonzodave

    This my poem from my web site. It has been posted on faithwriters,com, faithreaders.com, koinoniaofgrace.com, koinoniaofgrace.wordpress.com, etc.

    It is protected by Creative Commons liscense. It may NOT be used without credit.

    David Coulon

  • Ruchi

    Hey Gurudev, Nice composition!!! keep it up


  • http://www.hitxp.com/ Gurudev

    Yes Jasmine I completely agree with you of the need for not being biased.
    I try to focus on the subject only as much as possible, and the comments are one of the best ways to ensure that there is no mere one sided view presented, because being just another human even I might be unknowingly biased, or might be that the information I have is incomplete or incorrect.
    Open discussions lead to more clarity.
    Thanks for your nice words :)

  • http://jasminetree.blogspot.com Jasmine


    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words.

    You are right about too much focus on one’s own self – that could lead to selfishness. My point was if one is introspective and honest with oneself and before God first, then one can be more effective in helping fellow humans. Something like “”when I point my finger at someone, there are three more pointing back at me.”"

    I have just recently been around your articles. I am impressed by your research, and much more with your desire to dig deep.
    One thing I would like to say, if I may, is continue in your research and knowledge without personal bias. This I say most respectfully.

  • http://www.hitxp.com/ Gurudev

    nice poems and articles – simple and effective :)

    God save me from thinking only about myself
    In the disguise of perfecting one’s own self
    For I am least interested to come to your heaven
    When fellow humans here are experiencing hell

  • http://indianempire.wordpress.com I=Indian

    No use Mr.Gurudev, God has given up. You have to save yourself from his followers. Remember that God helps only those who help themselves. Now get up and help yourself.

  • http://jasminetree.blogspot.com Jasmine

    God help me not to waste time
    On finding fault with the ways of others
    The yardstick I use for them
    Is that yardstick that I will be measured by in every sense

    God save me from deception, from half-truths and lies
    Help me to first see what within me belies
    Save me from spiritual pride and slander
    God save me from myself and make me your true follower.

  • http://www.hitxp.com/ Gurudev

    I read the quote “”God, Please Save Me From Your Followers”" at
    and then penned down the remaining lyrics here :)

  • sainath

    Gurudev if these are your lyrics, u r simply amazing…there is something about you i dont know but think and seriously hope u will do something remarkable for the indians and the entire humanity…..
    i would love to see and am waiting for that day….