Longest Word in any Language of the World Literature – Guinness World Record

The Guinness World Record for the longest word used in any language in the world literature is a Sanskrit compound word composed of 195 Sanskrit characters. This transliterates into more than 400 letters in the roman alphabets used by the English language. It is the longest word to ever appear in any worldwide literature.

Longest Word used in World Literature

Source of the world’s longest word

This word is from the Sanskrit Literary work “Varadambika Parinaya Champu” of Tirumalamba which dates back to 16th Century. Tirumalamba wrote this book describing the marriage of the king who ruled the Vijayanagar Empire then, Emperor Achyuta Deva Raya. She lived in the Vijayanagar Empire which is in modern day Karnataka State of India.

Contents and meaning of the world’s longest word


Below is the English transliteration of this word


The approximate meaning of this word is

In it, the distress, caused by thirst, to travellers, was alleviated by clusters of rays of the bright eyes of the girls; the rays that were shaming the currents of light, sweet and cold water charged with the strong fragrance of cardamom, clove, saffron, camphor and musk and flowing out of the pitchers (held in) the lotus-like hands of maidens (seated in) the beautiful water-sheds, made of the thick roots of vetiver mixed with marjoram, (and built near) the foot, covered with heaps of couch-like soft sand, of the clusters of newly sprouting mango trees, which constantly darkened the intermediate space of the quarters, and which looked all the more charming on account of the trickling drops of the floral juice, which thus caused the delusion of a row of thick rainy clouds, densely filled with abundant nectar

Bonus: Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta in Andhra Pradesh, India is one of the Top 10 longest place names in the world. It is the 6th or 7th longest place name in the world depending on whether you prefix it with a Sri or not.


  • Natarajan.NS

    There is one Dasakumara Charitham of Dandin. It contains several very long sentences and words. Worth reading.

  • Raghunandana Sharma

    Nice article. Thanks for posting with the meaning. Another Bonus : This Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta is the longest name of a railway station in India.

  • anonymous

    Dude there might be a longest word than this in sanskrit literature, if we may find it. There is no limitation to the length of the word in sanskrit because the concept of “samasa”. Even we can construct a longer word than this. The beauty of Sanskrit language is this.

    • itzguru

      Yes there might be one. But this is the longest one used in known Sanskrit literature so far, or probably the one that has been digged out for its length.

      Please note that the world record is not for any longest word, but for the longest word actually used in a literary work.