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CategoryTelugu Movie Songs - Indian & Western Notations
Music Director
Carnatic Raga
Hindustani Raag
Notationssa=s ri=r2 ga=g3 ma=m1 pa=p da=d2 ni=n2
unless and otherwise specified.
rojaSee Classical Indian Notation Guide for help on how to read these notes.
To convert from Indian to Western notations, see Western Notations Guide

pmgmp mgm
pmgmpdp mg mrs

Chinni Chinni aasa
s  g   r  m   g g

chinnadaani aasa
r  p  m  g  g g

Muddu muddu aasa
s g   r m   g g

mutyamanta aasa
r p  m  g  g g

Jaabilini taaki
p  p d p  d  d
Flute            dSndpmg

muddulidu aasa
d d  n d  n n
Flute            nRSndpm

Vennalaku todai
p S  n d  pdm

aadukonu aasa
r p m g  g g    pmgrs    ||

Interlude Flute
pppppppd S Snnddp
pppp pdpm gr rs rgg
p pppd pmgr rs rmg

pd pd pd pd pdpdpdpdpdpd

Poovulaa nene
g  p p p grs

navvuko vaali
s r  gm g  r

Gaaline nenai
gp p p  grs

saagipo vaali
s  r gm g  r

Chintale leka
s   s dp d d

dn3 S R S  n3

s s d p d d

teli povaali
d n3 SRS  n3

Toorupu rekha
p  S nd pdm

r   p mg g  g   pmgrs  ||

Ye Re Raa Ye Re Re Re Raa
s  p  p   m  g  m  p  p

Ye Re Raa Ye Re Re Re Raa
s  p  p   m  g  m  p  p

Ye Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Raa
p  d  S  S  d  n  S  S  n  d  d  p  p

Ye Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Raa
p  d  S  S  d  n  S  S  n  d  d  p  p

(Notes same as first para for below para)
Chenulo nene pairu kaavaali
Kolanulo nene alanu kaavaali
Ningi harivillu vanchi choodaali
Manchu teralone nidurapovaali
Chaitra maasamlo chinuku kaavaali

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  • srichakradhar

    is there any way to memorize the sequence of letters used here? ( s r g m p d n s)..

  • Krishna Vedavyas Gaddam

    Can I get notes for Kammanee ee prema lekhane song from Old Guna or Yeto velpoyindi manasu..

  • Tejaswi

    Sir, I want the keyboard notes of “malli raava” song from the album kalayo nizamo as soon as possible…please… :) :) please..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002362924524 Rohini Telu

    im very gald too this blog.. it helped me a lot..:) i want the violin notes for the song “venuvai vachanu bhuvananiki ” from the movie mathrudevobava. sir plz send me..plz

  • Ramanisb 414

    hi sir 
    very glad to see ur blog 
    ! its damn amazing. wow
    i hav a best freind of mine who wore the shabari mala so i give him every time a gud surprise .i am karnatic classical singer bt  this time 
    i just want to give sumthing realy very intresting so kindly help me out .i actually want to hav notes for im waiting for u song from a telugu movie .(oyye) and telusuna telusuna manasune from (sontham) telugu
    can u kindly do  needful 


    from raksha 

  • Srk Chukka

    thank q please send song in cheli manohara

  • giri

    it is too good, i am now learning keyboard

  • nanda kishore

    Which tone on the keyboard is the video!!
    it sounds amazing!!

    • Gurudev

      Its a dual tone of violin+strings :)