There has been a lot of research going on in the field of Artificial Intelligence, where software programs would be made to think and behave like humans, there by providing us with a more friendly user interface.

For instance, think about a software powered robotic interface which can act as your assistant, work as your house maid etc.

You will start feeling as if it is alive, like in the movie I Robot

But the key question here is, does the robot itself know that it exists?

Of course not, its just a mere collection of software loops, conditions and statements. It just executes those statements in the compiled order.

Which is why it is called artificial intelligence.. it is a mere simulation of intelligence, not real intelligence it doesnt know that it exists, which is the key to life or at least to intelligence.

Given the knowledge of newton’s laws of gravity and Newtonian physics, artificial intelligence cannot think about it and arrive at the general relativity of Einstein, because innovative and creative thinking requires real intelligence, whose key is creativity. Artificial intelligence can only produce random notes for music or based on pre-fed laws, or it can only create random colors when asked to paint.. it cant really get creative and compose wonderful melody based on instinct not based on calculations.. or paint based on imagination, and not based only on images/patterns stored in its data base !!

A robot can be made to act as if it is feeling pain, but it never really feels that pain by itself, because in the first place it doesn’t know about its very own existence!

Similarly, the universe we live in, is it aware about its existence?

Does the universe know that it exists?

We are a part of the universe, and we are aware of our existence in this universe..

How about the universe itself? Is there an universal consciousness which knows about itself?

If yes, then when was this consciousness born? During the big bang? So does it die? Or was the big bang explosion itself the death of this self aware consciousness? Are we living in a debris (like the one I read in some book) , where the death resulted in the creation of low level consciousness like ours?

Or is there is a multiverse that exists beyond our local big bang universe, and this multiverse is a self aware, indestructible consciousness that has no birth or death? because birth /death is a concept of time, and this time in turn is a concept (or rather illusion) created in our local big bang universe

Quantum particles seem to have awareness, and awareness can lead to self initiated actions. There is no scientific law which can define what awareness can do, for instance no scientific law can predict whether I want to have tea or do I want to have coffee now

Similarly the uncertainty in the predictability of the actions of quantum particles like electrons indicates the presence of self awareness/consciousness in them! All matter finally boils down to these quantum particles So, does this mean that universe is self aware and this awareness is spread across all things that make up this universe and at all levels starting from the quantum particles to the universe itself, and universe is is the highest level of awareness? not only me, you, but everything in the universe is self aware? Note that, just because a stone cannot move or respond need not mean it is not self aware, it may not have any physical expression of its awareness thats all!!

If the universe is self aware, then what is your/my awareness all about? Probably a low level awareness, that becomes complete and gets a true picture when it can realize the higher level universal awareness? Or are we a part of that real universal awareness, I mean our awareness itself is the universal awareness, our awareness is itself a proof that universe is self aware, except that our awareness is only limited by our definition of self with an identity with our body.

In a nutshell, if we define our true self to be the universe, then our awareness will become the universal awareness!!

Aham Brahmasmi say the vedas, which means I am God