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Einstein wins again – God never played Dice

Disclaimer: Trying to be as non-technical as possible, requires basic physics at the level of quantum mechanics and relativity :)

Scene I

Unlike other physicists, Einstein developed almost the complete theory of relativity based on this thought experiments. In other words, he carried out the experiments of his theory in his mind! He set up the required experimental setup, conducted the experiments and then deduced the results, all within his mind! Just like how an ancient Indian vedic rishi/saint used to do!!

Which is why it looks like Einstein got things always right. Because by thinking within than looking out, probably he was unknowingly conversing directly with the ultimate universal consciousness!

As we all are aware, the two fundamental theories of the modern physics, quantum mechanics and general relativity disagree with each other on a quantum scale!

Einstein completely architected the general theory, and made a significant contribution to the development of quantum theory by his photon concept. Yet, when the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics came into picture, Einstein rejected the concept with his famous statement, God does not play dice !

From then onwards, Einstein tried in every possible way to prove the quantum mechanics wrong, including the famous EPR experiment, which was however used by Bell’s theorem to show that quantum mechanics indeed is against classical common sense!

Everybody knew that quantum mechanics worked very well in its domain, which is of the micro subatomic level. General relativity worked very well in its own domain, which is of the macro cosmological level. But general relativity unlike quantum mechanics, can also be extended to a micro subatomic level to describe the local space time at that level.

This is where the clash between the two theories sets in. Quantum theory describes an unruly space-time structure at this level called the quantum foam, and general theory of relativity disagrees on that!

Who is right? Einstein or quantum physicists? Till today not a single experiment has proved general theory of relativity wrong!

But, it was pretty sure that to complete the picture, one of the theories had to be altered. But which one? General theory of relativity of Einstein or the Quantum Mechanics?

Scene II

Ancient Indian Vedic texs describe the vibration OM as the beginning of the universe, as the primordial vibration, and that everything that exists in this universe comes from this vibration! It is said to be the vibrating form of the ultimate universal consciousness .

The katha upanishad says that, he who knows the real meaning of OM knows everything!

OM is the most sacred vedic mantra/hymn and is a combination of OM=a+u+ma where a (a as in around) represents the state of being awake, u (u as in universe) represents the state of sleep with dreams, and ma (mo as in mother) represents the dreamless deep sleep state. OM being a combination of all these, is said to be the true consciousness which lies beyond the three states and is said to be experienced after the silence that follows in between while continuously reciting OM. This true consciousness experienced beyond the three defined states above, is not another fourth state of consciousness, but actually is the consciousness itself!

Mandukya Upanishad (which belongs to the Atharva Veda) is all about OM. Another upanishad Muktikopanishad (which is about all other upanishads) says that understanding Mandukya Upanishad is the same as understanding all the 108 Upanishads!

In other words, understanding the fundamental vibration OM is the understanding of all!

Scene III

The modern String theory describes the entire universe to be made up of vibrating strings! There are no point particles in string theory, but only one dimensional vibrating structures called strings (which can be thought of similar to vibrating guitar/violin strings). Different modes of vibration of these strings is perceived by us as different particles! In other words, for instance a quark is nothing but an electron, but whose string is vibrating differently!

So finally there is only one particle, a String, and this string vibrates.. OM

String Theory

NOTE: String theory as originally devised to explain strong nuclear force interactions only takes bosons or force carrier particles into consideration, where as the super string theory which provides a complete picture considers all particles in the universe, i,e both bosons as well as fermions, fermions being matter particles like electrons, protons, etc.

Scene IV

String theory solves one major problem of quantum mechanics, the one that of infinities. The quantum particles being point like particles, can interact at zero distances, and this used to create infinites in quantum mechanics, because of things like division by zero in the equations.

And physicists used to overcome these infinities by doing certain mathematical circus called normalization!

But string theory does not have this problem, because strings are NOT point like but have a dimensional length, and hence do not create infinities.

But there is something more important here which many people are missing.
The fact that Strings have a length means that, they define a unit of minimum measurable length !

Because there is nothing smaller than a string. String is the smallest thing in the universe. Which means we cannot measure anything to a length smaller than the length of a string. And this length of the string which is on a Planck’s scale, is larger than the length below which the uncertainty described by quantum mechanics peeps into.

In other words, the uncertainty principle was never required in the first place. It was an imaginary miscalculation necessitated by the quantum mechanical misnomer of point particles! The very fact that there was so minimum physical limit for quantum mechanical point particles, meant that going beyond the physical limit existing in the universe, which was actually wrong!

Because, the concept of point particles (which are of course/can be smaller than true physical strings) meant that we were trying to measure the length at a scale smaller than our unit of measurement! In other words, it was like trying to measure length in millimeters, using a scale which has readings only upto centimeters! centimeter here is the length of a string, which is the smallest existing physical length, and millimeters is like a point particle which in reality doesnt exist at all!

So the uncertain principle of quantum mechanics was unnecessary in the first place, and was actually a product of trying to imagine things beyond existence!

Or in other words, Einstein was right in being certain that uncertainty does not exist! God DOES NOT play dice! Because Einstein had already spoken to the ultimate consciousness via his inward thought experiments!

So, it is the quantum mechanics that has been changed in the string theory, not the general relativity!!

Einstein wins again!

I wonder why this is not highlighted in any of the scientific discussions. If string theory is correct, then it is the quantum mechanics that needs a change, not general relativity. And what’s the change? Well, it is not to try to do anything at a level smaller than the length of a string. Uncertainty arises only when we try to do things on paper which in reality don’t exist/not possible!

In fact, general relativity was even more intelligent enough when Einstein published it, because it also predicts its own breakdown at a singularity! In other words, relativity theory is pretty well defined.

Might it be that the physicists are waiting for some experimental evidence to support super string theory (like the evidence for super symmetry etc) , before declaring Einstein the winner?

Summary :

If string theory is correct, then the uncertainty principle does not exist, because one cannot measure things at a length smaller than the length of a string!

Note that I am not saying that the uncertainty principle is wrong, because its mathematics is indeed correct. But its simply that there is no need for this principle, as the subatomic scale required for its SCOPE, simply does NOT exist in nature!

By the way, one of my favorite Einstein quotes on relativity:
Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THATS relativity.

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  1. May I have permission to use the photo of the violin on your website? I am making a Photoshop presentation at school and would love to use this image when I talk about Super String theory.
    Thanks so much — have a wonderful day.
    Teresa (Please email me at the email address: teresag108@yahoo.co.uk and put “”Superstring”” in the subject line so I know to accept the email. Thanks again!

  2. Srik
    It has been observed that even galactic centers contain blackholes.. our own milky way contains a black hole at its center.. Chandra observatory has even found evidences of supermassive blackholes that existed in the distant past!

  3. Srik,
    There was irrefutable evidence that Black holes exist.
    You can not observe black hole directly but you can measure the speed of the masses sucking into the black hole.
    Stephan Hawking Radiation from the black hole are measured and calculated.

  4. aa! guys isn’t it true that blackholes that suck up the matter, light and other energy is a myth? I don’t remember exactly but i read it in some article that we have no proof of existence of blackholes and also there was an attempt to show that blackholes cannot exist??
    I appreciate if some one can through some light on this.
    (If no body throws light on this, then should i think that was suckedup by a blackhole?? :) )

  5. yes Ramana
    Second law of thermodynamics is the only law which is asymmetric in time.. no other law of physics prohibits time travel as far as my knowledge goes..
    So second law is like the guardian of causality :)

  6. MacRiner
    Answer to Question: Why does time seem to exist only in a forward direction?
    I think you anwered the question , partial.
    In Newtonian Mechanics time is symmetrical. The equations govern the physical laws do not distinguish , past and future.
    The reason SOME scientists believe the forward arrow of time comes from second law of thermodynamics.
    The universe is continuously moving from orderly system to disorderly system. Any system by nature goes from an order to disorder. Never other way around.
    The term that describes the disorderliness of system is called “”Entropy””. For example eggs get rotten , never rotten eggs becomes fresher. It is natural flow of system from order to disorder. That is where Time direction comes in the picture, pointing towards from order to disorder.
    But time is still mystery , we are trying to understand.

    disorderliness of the system increases.
    The nature demands the state of the disorderliness always increases as the time advances. This is called entropy. The entropy of the universe always increases as the time advances. Second of law thermo dynamics prohibit the systems with higher entropy can not attain or go back to the system that had less entropy. This is natural process of the matter and hence the universe.
    The second law of thermodynamics

  7. Rob MacRiner rmacriner@sympatico.ca , robmacriner@hotmail.com

    Answer to Question: Why does time seem to exist only in a forward direction?

    Time seems to only exist in a forward direction because the universe is expanding. If the Universe reaches Critical Velocity and starts to contract ….then time, as we measure time will reverse according to the Big Bang / Big Crunch Theory. The reason for this is that time does not exist without change or movement….. (change or movement of particle matter or energy as we know it). If matter has no movement either expanding or contracting then time does not exit for that matter. However Time can exist around non moving particle matter if something is either expanding or contracting around it.

    If the expansion of matter increases as in the case of our universe, or an expanding object, or even light…then time increases relative to the rate of expansion. Example: if carbon A is heated and expands faster than carbon B (which is not heated) then time increases in carbon A relative to carbon B…However as Einstein pointed out…time is relative to the observer…and you need something of contrast to make that comparison….fortunately our universe offers lots of contrast …otherwise we would have a very difficult time figuring this out. Time being relative to the observer can exist at different speeds based on the rate of expanding matter. If you are on riding on a beam of light than time is much different than your friend riding on a sound wave.Of course time is relative to the observer, therefore your time is much faster only to him, or any body else who is not on a beam of light.

    If matter contracts or condenses then time actually reverses?as in the case of a contracting universe?so Planks Quantum would be measured as zero time for the entire Universe?and time starts at the point of the Big Bang (once matter is on the move again)? In the case of a black hole, relative to our expanding universe)… there is also no time. (except for matter being sucked into a black hole?.this matter would be reversing in time, until at which point it becomes part of the black hole mass, then time (in a Black Hole) as in Planks Quantum is zero?.which is odd because the Universe is still expanding around the black hole?but it is consistent with the theory that. Time can exist around ?non moving matter? if something is either expanding or contracting

    Time as we know it is measured in a forward direction and will continue until the point of critical velocity?at which point time starts to reverse?and for a brief moment?the point where the Universe changes from expanding to contracting?time will again be zero?as in Planks Quantum. However?during the forward direction of time?(while the Universe is expanding)?black holes are continuing to suck up matter?and should in theory at some point converge with other black holes?.Therefore?as the universe is expanding from the big bang?there is multitude of matter which is not expanding (black holes)?which might well be unexploded Planks Quantum matter from the big bang?and the black holes with their massive gravitational force are sucking up matter which was attempting to expand but was not able to overcome the stronger force of the black hole?like mini-Plank Quantum?s converging within the universe ?When the Universe reaches Critical Velocity and then all matter in our Universe starts to contract?heading towards the Big Crunch?.the multitude of black holes converging (up to that point) should in theory rapidly increase the speed of reverse time ?acting as an accelerant force of a contracting Universe with there collective gravitational force ?so the reverse of time.(the journey the contracting Universe is taking towards the Big Crunch)…should happen much quicker than the time it took for the Universe to go from the Big Bang to Critical Velocity?That is of course Time relative from the Big Bang to Critical Velocity ??in contrast to ??.Time Relative from Critical Velocity to the Big Crunch..? Rob MacRiner rmacriner@sympatico.ca Nov 2007

  8. Gurudev,
    I have to disagree with you on this. We can not recruit scientists because simply they glanced at our scriptures. .Einstein was mainly inspired by Jewish Philosopher Baruk Spinoza, who followed Jewish philosophy ( Not religion) called Kabala. On the other hand David Bohm , Quantum Mechanics pioneer came up with astonishing interpretation of quantum mechanics inspired by Jiddu Krishnamurthy’s philosophy. Erwin Schrondinger , who gave birth to quantum Mechanics was a follower of Advitha Vedanta of Sankara charya. David Bohm, Erwin Schrondinger reflected their Hindu philosophy , particularly concept of Atma and Paramatma in their Quantum Mechanical interpretation and their mathematics.
    Heisenberg uncertainty principle is in fact much more closer to Hindu Philosophy of “”Maya””.
    But keep in mind, the miracles happen both in religion and science , but in science we repeat the miracles.
    Quantum mechanics is a magical ride, but it would stay as a belief if it is not followed by scientific method and backed by mathematical formalism.
    I agree with you Hindu scriptures and philosophy can be great inspiration to the future scientists and innovators.

  9. Ramana
    Einstein had indeed studied the vedic texts like Bhagavadgita!
    This is what he had said about Gita for instance,
    “”When I read the Bhagavad-Gita and reflect about how God created this universe everything else seems so superfluous””

    I think String theory will not disprove q mech, it will probably only show the limitations/scope of q mech just like how Einstein showed the limitations of Netwon’s theory of Gravity

    Consciousness cannot be mathematically described. One of the greatest issues with modern science is trying to bring down everything to a set of materialistic equations and numbers, and this is where I think ancient eastern philosophy/science like the vedic texts score over modern science.

  10. Heisenberg Matrix mechanics, schrodinger wave mechanics ,Fenyman path integrals are the core mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics. String theory has long way to go, to disapprove any one of the theories at present. String is not a particle it is simply strand of energy .
    String theory is beautiful and elegant theory. It is work in progress.
    Consciousness is an important phenomenon to be understood. There are powerful believers , from past to present like, Erwin Schrondinger , David Bohm, Roger Penrose, Buressel .
    Unfortunately Albert Einstein is not one of them. I always thought If Albert Einstein would have studied Hinduism he would have appreciated quantum mechanics.
    They believe the consciousness is like sea comes in a packets like planks constant that pervades the entire universe. We are not in a position to a bring formalism to consciousness. There is no mathematical description for consciousness at present.
    Heisenberg uncertainty principle is still rules the quantum mechanics.

  11. Hi Gurudev,
    The string theory measurement limitation is an interesting new argument to me. If spatial measuring beyond (below) the string theory limit is meaningless/impossible. What about time measurements way beyond Planck time? Could other aspects of quantum theory be due for a revision too?

  12. Hi Trond
    Only uncertainty seems to be solved by string theory as of now :)
    The other mysteries of quantum mechanics still exist like the duality of particles, the non-locality, collapse of wave function on observing, quantum consciousness etc

    The state of particles before observing is an “”unknown”” state, not an “”uncertain”” state, and on observing this unknown state actualizes into one of the possibilities based on the probability of the wave function, and is called the collapse of the wave function.

    Uncertainty on the other hand is the inability to measure beyond a certain scale, both the conjugate variables (like for instance velocity and position) with 100% accuracy at the same time.

    The string theory says that this measurement beyond a certain scale is not possible, not because there is uncertainty, but bcos there is no physical existence of matter i.e strings beyond that scale, and hence we think that there is uncertainty!! All the confusion was due to the picture of a “”point”” particle where the minimum size of the point was not defined in quantum mechanics.

    The duality in the double split experiment where patterns form depending on whether we are observing or not, is not uncertainty. And these mysteries still exist!

  13. Hi,
    I’m afraid your statement “”Or in other words, Einstein was right in being certain that uncertainty does not exist! God DOES NOT play dice! Because Einstein had already spoken to the ultimate consciousness via his inward thought experiments!”” had me fall off the wagon. Do you mean that an observer does not alter the particle observations of two slit type experiments in unpredictable “”uncertain”” ways?
    I’m not a physicist, but this sounds contrary to how I’ve understood the Heisenberg uncertainty principle to have been established and confirmed in countless similar experiments. The rest of your argument is interesting, though: That when we’re trying to measure phenomena beyond our ability to measure, paradoxes are bound to arise

  14. sainath,
    I am going to explain you little bit more on your questions as simple as possible.
    A little more ( lot more in fact) technical stuff involved than my simple essay. Just my assumption is that where ever the function collapses you can identify the IP address.
    You can not identify the exact guy who watched it but you can identify where this disturbance occurred.
    In advance Bob will be sending series of partial keys to Alice . Any disturbance of the key will cause to send new partial key. This process of sending partial keys will be repeated until it is free from disturbance.
    Quantum state is very delicate state. It requires huge infrastructure to protect it. Quantum computers at present are huge.
    Quantum computers and quantum computing is evolving field and highly classified by military establishments.

  15. Sainath,
    Yes! Probably you have seen this article on my other google groups when you were reading “” Krishna-Lord of Gravity””
    Quantum entanglement is related to wave function collapse.
    Any observation will change the quantum state and will cause the collapse of the wave function. It is irreversible.
    Now the question you may pose if the dog or cat watches, could it cause the wave function collapse?
    According o Copenhagen interpretation , only knowledgeable observers can cause the collapse the wave function.
    Quantum Mechanics gets more and more stranger .Does n’t it?
    Sainath, You read my mind. I was just thinking about it today. Shiva was described in some context he was half man and half woman. He might have been in super position ( both as a man and woman) until he is observed.
    Definitely good comparison.

  16. ramana..i dont remember but i feel like reading same article (Software from God) or post somewhere earlier not on this blog…was it on your blog or somewhere else ? i dont remember…i am not doubting but just wanted to know if you have it any where else also..

    now my question
    “”Bob ex girl friend Eve wants to interrupt the message sent by Alice . But Alice holds secret photon.
    If the secret photon held by Alice assumes one of the colors before 6 minutes , Eve observed the other photon before leaving the earth. So Eve can not interrupt/watch the message with out getting noticed.””

    Here it seems the message can be watched or interrupted by many persons in between, so how can you trace who has actually corrupted/watched the message and how this will prevent hacking ??

    also the concept of qubit as you have stated in comment espesically ability to hold value 0 and 1 at the same time makes me think of ardha nari nateshwar (half man and half woman) ..i dont know whether relating it here is correct or not but just a thought…

  17. Thanks Ramana,
    yes you are right, first we need to learn to respect each other, and agree to disagree.
    As some great personality had once said, I disagree with your views strongly, But I will fight till my last breath to protect your rights to disagree with me.

    India is the very bed of such provision for criticism, no religion has such ample scope for criticism as Hinduism.

    When Charvaka said in ancient India that “”There is no God, there is nothing beyond life on earth and entire life is materialistic””, the ancient Hindus even accepted charvaka as another philosopher! We did not burn Charvaka to death, unlike how the Church burnt Bruno to death for having spoken against it! NO socrates was poisoned in India nor was any Galileo punished for “”disagreeing””

    Read this beautiful article

  18. Thank you Gurudev for a nice compliment!!
    You are absolutely great guy! We can respectfully disagree on certain things..Unfortunately certain people call names instead of making point.

  19. Ramana
    by the way that was an amazing article on quantum computing. I just had to take out some time to read this one :)
    Thanks for posting such nice topics.
    I would love if we all continued to discussed and debate things like this and keep things interesting

  20. Ramana
    As far as your comments are concerned, I have blocked none.
    I try not to interfere in the comments as far as possible. But off late so many comments are coming in with abusive language, and then there are some who use threatening language.
    Especially when a comment is lengthy, I understand the time and pain taken by the reader in writing that comment, but again I request every reader please please please dont get personal on each other, lets only discuss the relevant topic and not commentators themselves…
    I dont want my blog to become another rediff comment zone where if some alien comes and reads, will feel as if humans are always fighting, fighting and fighting using foul language :)

    As far as your comments are concerned, I have blocked none, except for a similar comment as above (Software from GOD) which you had pasted in two places, and I enabled this one above as it sounded the right place for it. I have checked twice, there are no other comments of yours that I have blocked.
    Let me know keywords of any other comment you think is blocked, I will recheck again.

  21. Software from GOD
    By Ramana

    In few decades from now the new kind of computers coming in to the
    The computations that take 10 years at present on the super fast
    computers, takes only 10 seconds to solve it on this new found
    The computers have answers before you finish questions. The computers
    send and retrieve messages with security unheard of. . If some one
    looks at the message that does not belong to them, it immediately
    notifies the sender and receiver. Just by simply looking at it,
    repeat, just looking at it only, sender and receiver will be notified
    immediately. This impenetrable quality has wide range applications in
    military, financial institutions etc..
    The best hacker in the world cannot penetrate this security. Banks and
    financial institutions enjoy this unprecedented security with God’s
    help. In fact this computer may not compute at all. This is the area
    where Bill Gates has no clue or Intel.

    If you are thinking about computer with artificial Intelligence, you
    are totally mistaken. World re known Mathematics Professor Roger
    Penrose from Oxford made an eloquent argument against Artificial
    intelligence. He argues in his book “” Emperor’s new mind”” that
    Artificial Intelligence has inherent problem. If a computer tries to
    emulate human intelligence it shoots it self in the foot, so that it
    never reaches human intelligence. This conclusion is not based on
    simple assumptions but based on concrete mathematical theorem called
    Kurt Godel ‘s Incompleteness Theorem.

    If you are a Software Engineer or in the job of doing cost estimation
    for software development, you have reason to know about Kurt Godel and
    his incompleteness theorem.

    Austrian Born Kurt Godel was a eccentric genius and one of the great
    logician’s of the century if not the greatest. His contributions to
    mathematics and physics are profound. He spent his last years as a
    professor at Princeton University during the times of Albert
    Einstein. His friendship with Albert Einstein’s is legendary .His
    long walks with Einstein on University of Princeton campus grounds
    were curious to several students of Mathematics and physics, wondering
    what these two geniuses are talking about.

    These two geniuses admired each other and collided on occasion. Albert
    Einstein was unchallenged scientist during those days, self doubted
    his own “”Special Theory of Relativity”” because of Kurt Godel.

    In a mathematics tour de force, Godel showed that there would always
    be, theorems in arithmetic whose correctness or incorrectness can
    never be demonstrated from the axioms of arithmetic. That is
    arithmetic is always
    in- complete. Mathematics is once thought to be purest of all
    sciences, tarnished by Kurt Godel. Kurt Godel’s incompleteness
    theorem made irreversible damage to Mathematics, that it has no
    firm hold on truth of the nature.

    Consider the statement “”This sentence is false”” .If the sentence is
    true then it follows it is false. If the sentence is false then the
    sentence is true. Another statement “”I am a liar””. Then I am a liar
    only if I tell the truth. Godel then formulated the statement “”this
    sentence can not be proved true”” .If the sentence is correct then it
    cannot be proved to be correct.
    By carefully building such a complex web of paradoxes, Godel showed
    that there are true statements that cannot be proved using arithmetic.
    This simple proof destroyed the credibility of thousand-year-
    old .mathematics rein.

    Where ever these nightmarish paradoxes appear Kurt Godel’s devil
    appears with powers. That’s why scientists some times call him as a
    spoiler. In computer programs, error detection and Trouble shooting
    creates such paradoxes.
    Turing Halting theorem is well known example of incompleteness in
    computer science. Consequence of this, determining true estimation
    costs for the software are impossible.. Next time you can quote Kurt
    Godel’s theorem for your clients over run costs and time. I cannot
    guarantee your client satisfaction, but you have some reasonable
    excuse for the true cost estimation.

    Roger Penrose stripped away Artificial Intelligence credibility by
    efficiently using Kurt Godel’s proof.. He made demeaning poke at the
    authors of Artificial Intelligence in his book “”The Emperor’s new
    mind”” as Emperors with out clothes. Roger Penrose further restricted
    the computer’s abilities by bringing the subject of consciousness,
    arguing that is only unique to humans. Finally Oxford mathematics
    professor, Roger Penrose sealed the fate of Artificial Intelligence
    once and for all with the help of Kurt Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem.

    We concluded Artificial Intelligence is not the solution or the way
    for the so-called revolutionary computers blessed with “”Software From
    God”” which I talked about the beginning of this topic. . These
    computers are not the extension or advancement of present day
    computers. They work on strangest principle of nature called “” Quantum
    Entanglement””. Quantum computing is new emerging and exciting field of
    Theoretical Physics. The operators of this Quantum computer are not
    computer professionals but at present they are in the hands of
    advanced physicists.

    Quantum Mechanics is branch of physics, describes the behavior and the
    laws that govern the sub atomic particles like atoms, Electrons,
    neutrons etc. In sub atomic world where the common sense fails and the
    known laws of classical physics gets violated repeatedly. From this
    bizarre world, a process called “”Quantum Entanglement”” appears like
    almost gift from God to the nature.

    “”Quantum Entanglement”” in general lay terms compared to Twin’s
    behavior. . One of the twins scratches his head and other part of the
    twin also scratches his head at same time, even they are thousands of
    miles apart. If you care to watch them or try to observe them the
    process may not happen. The similar effect takes place in the sub
    atomic world between the two entangled photons, which are particles of
    light. There is no definitive proof this happens or not , between the
    twins in the real world, but there is undeniable and conclusive
    experimental proof, that this process takes place between the two
    produced entangled Photons. These two entangled photons behave like
    twins, is nature’s deepest mystery and some of us may call it as God’s
    special gift to Nature.

    In digital computers the bits are EITHER 0 or 1,.In quantum computer
    the bits contain BOTH values 0 and 1 at the same time, until being
    observed . Once it is observed through a detection system it assumes
    value of either 1 or 0 with out preference. This odd behavior has
    profound influence on the development of quantum computers. The bits
    that hold both 0 and 1 same time in the quantum computer are called

    With “”qubits”” on our hand we can build complex computers, extend
    the entanglement process to even messages and databases . Questions
    and answers can exist in transient stage. If the questions and answers
    are entangled in some way , the answers can appear before finishing
    the question or vice versa .

    The computational time will cut down dramatically with Quantum
    Messages can be sent with utmost secrecy with out some one watching or
    reading the message. First time a entangled message was sent
    successfully to a bank in Sweden from one mile away by using quantum

    With out getting into complex scientific terms I will explain the
    process with the help of fictional characters and sci-fi background.

    Alice is in love with Bob. Bob’s new job took him a newly built
    Inter-Planetary station on the planet of Mars. The message from Alice
    who lives on earth takes six minutes to reach Bob. Alice wants to send
    secret love message to Bob, through TWO entangled photons. According
    to quantum mechanics both entangled photons have the both colors Blue
    and Red at the same time until being observed.

    The same love message is embedded is both photons .
    Each Photon carries both RED and BLUE colors until they are
    observed.. Both Photons exist in both dual states until they are
    observed . Once the observation is done by one party , the photon
    assumes one of the colors randomly to the first observer and the
    other photon assumes the other color. In this particular case Bob
    observes the photon after 6 minutes (takes 6 minutes from earth
    to reach Bob in Mars) , the photon selects randomly one of the colors
    say RED and instantly the photon that is with Alice turns in to BLUE
    with out any time lapse. This action at a distance was called “”Spooky
    at a distance”” by Albert Einstein. Bob ex girl friend Eve wants to
    interrupt the message sent by Alice . But Alice holds secret photon.
    If the secret photon held by Alice assumes one of the colors before 6
    minutes , Eve observed the other photon before leaving the earth. So
    Eve can not interrupt/watch the message with out getting noticed.
    The message is so secure , even small glimpse at the message by Eve
    will disturb the delicate quantum state. This area of quantum physics
    is called quantum cryptography.

    As we speak this computers are being built at IBM research
    laboratories ,
    Advanced Physics research labs, like Fermi Labs, CERN labs.
    Georgia Tech Institute, Department of Physics created first
    successful quantum network.
    Some of the technical process involved in quantum computers is highly
    classified by the governments.

    In a decade or so from now, a new breed computers will be starting
    to arrive.
    The quantum computers will revolutionize the way we think, we work ,
    we live.
    We are going to enter God’s mystery land.

  22. Vijay,
    Read carefully.. Oxymoron is a contradiction. Fundamentalism , superstions won’t fit Hindu philosophy.
    I am criticizing I=Idiot,Ignorant
    You need to get another degree to understand this..

  23. Guru
    I have become a complete fan of yours. Your thoughts are mind boggling. You will be responsible if I dont like any other guy ;)

  24. ramana

    and u r doing a great job by proving Guru’s sentence right “”There is a difference between arguing because of hatred mindset and arguing because we know the truth.””
    BTW if u r not hindu how come u have sooooo much of knowledge about it. and if u r a hindu then calling Hinduism oxymoron menas that u r oxymoron.

  25. The worst damage for Hindusim you can do is superstious
    beliefs. Fundamentalism and Hinduism are like oxymoron.
    I= is doing great job in that being oxymoron.

  26. FG9942

    what do you mean by meaning less sound?
    Om,Amen, Hi are all words in a language, not sounds…
    all words have meanings and contexts associated with them.

    Om has over 100 meanings in Sanskrit, one of them is “”welcome to the universe””!
    Amen means “”so be it””, similar to the sanskrit word “”astu””

    I am surprised to hear that you think it is meaningless when you say “”hi”” to somebody! I am sorry for your friends whom you say “”hi””, since you think it is meaningless to say “”hi””!

    What is the proof when you say “”To hide their embarrassment they started using this sound””,
    because it sounds as if you were present there when the vedic priests decided to use Om.
    Even I can cook up hundreds of stories in my mind. Your version of Om is used by anti-brahmin/anti-vedic people :)
    But an argument should make some basic sense right?

    There is a difference between arguing because of hatred mindset and arguing because we know the truth.

    Even a lion’s roar sounds like Om, doesnt it? :)

  27. FG9942, Vedic priests used to blow cronch shells because it sounds like Om. Look at that level of thinking and look at yours!
    That says it all about your Phd.

    When you say Om (its actually aum), you have to make your mouth round to say O as in Oh, and to pronounce u part its like Ou in ouch, and to pronounce m part of it as ‘mo’ in mother i.e you have to touch both your lips. Now do you do all these things when you belch? funny guy, you belch real funny

    Even if two things sound similar does that mean they are linked? So this is how you did your Phd :)
    If a crow sits on a tree, and at the same time co-incidentally a fruit falls down from the tree, so you conclude that the crow caused the fruit to fall. What a genius you are?

    btw Whats your authority on vedas and sanskrit buddy?

  28. Belief that meaningless sounds have magical or supernatural power is not limited to superstitious Hinduism.
    Are you aware of certain christian sects called pentecostal
    and their Glossolalia (Speaking In Tongues). I have my neighbor who belongs to this church and it is mind boggling when he talks like that.

  29. I_Indian,
    Name calling will not get you any medals.
    It is just a simple experiment. Try suppress your belch and record it. You will hear the sound of OM.There is no research paper required.
    I already have a PhD.

  30. FG9942 , its you and your comments that are meaningless
    go get some life instead of proving your stupidity.
    Nobody asked for a certificate from you.
    If you are so sure about your knowledge, go prepare a research paper and see if you can get a phd on that.. haha

  31. The myth about OM is bogus mambo jumbo.
    OM is meaningless sound like Amen or hi.
    OM just resembles the sound of belching produced by Brahmin’s over eating at the cost of Yajman.
    Just try to suppress your belch next time and what you hear is OM.
    To hide their embarrassment they started using this sound in all verses as if it is some mystical experience.

  32. Gurudev,
    I could not agree with you no more about true genius of Einstein.

    Einstein’s Ghost By ramana
    The SPACE and TIME are intertwined . That is the fundamental basis
    for relativity theory. General Relativity explained the gravity
    with mathematical backup. We have luxury of dealing with “”Space””
    alone, only in Euclidean Geometry.

    Albert Einstein predicted the presence of heavy bodies like our Sun
    make the space bend ( Space-Time) .Until that assumption is that
    the light travels in straight lines any place and anywhere. .
    (Principle of least amount of distance) . Einstein predicted the
    light bends to satisfy the curve created by space to follow the
    principle of least amount of distance.

    Scientists from all over the world rushed to Brazil and West Africa ,
    to observe the shift predicted by Einstein, on May 29th 1919 during
    the total solar eclipse. To the scientist’s amazement , the theory
    of relativity passed with flying colors , the experimental

    The unknown clerk’s imagination of gravity , the relationship
    between space and time, is nothing but extraordinary, particularly coming from the back rooms of the patent’s office.
    some say Quanta of light is privileged , but I
    believe among humans, Einstein is one of the privileged. I believe
    that he has that special connection with the master creator.

    Einstein doubted his own equations about the presence of
    cosmological constant., After his long passing , that constant
    became useful in the calculation of dark matter.
    It is tribute to a legend, even his mistakes turned out be true.

    Einstein’s ghost came back with vengeance, to prove, that there is no
    escape for Quantum physicists , ignoring gravity.

    Though Einstein is not great fan of Quantum mechanics , he won the
    Noble prize for Photo electric effect. He challenged Neil’s Bhor ,
    the incompleteness and lack of true picture of sub atomic world is
    becoming slowly recognized ,as the “”Copenhagen interpretation””
    now being challenged by the Ashfar experiment



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