We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Teilhard de Chardin

Some time back I had written an article about Vedic Science and Modern Science which in summary emphasized that – most if not all of modern science is a mere reinvention of the knowledge of our ancestors. And in this article we are going to find how modern science is now revealing the power behind the ancient vedic chants, the influence of these laser sharp sanskrit hymns on human body and mind, the way these sacred recitals are designed to communicate with the Biological Internet – the DNA. Our spiritual masters have taught us for ages that our body, surroundings and life can be mastered and programmed by our speech and words, with concentration and dedication.

Copy Paste and Cut Paste Genes

All these days, modern science had concentrated its research on individual genes of the DNA and was simply removing and mixing genes of one species into the other creating genetically modified species and crops which also resulted in side effects and disharmonies in the modified species. It was much similar to some of the so called software engineers googling and copy pasting software code – without trying to understand what the code actually meant or did. Genetic engineers similarly were used to searching inside the DNA to find genes with specific functionality and simply copy paste them in other species without really understanding the overall impact of these INDUCED genetic changes.

We see genetically engineered Onions coming out each weighing half a kilo, seedless fruits like grapes, disease resistant gene of one crop introduced into some other disease prone species without analysing other impacts on the nature of the crop. Then there are PATENTED seeds and crops which are genetically programmed so that their offspring seeds cannot be used to grow new crops (basically offspring seeds are coded to be sterile) and instead the farmers are required to purchase these seeds from the multinationals for every crop they grow – what a crime against nature! Nature gives away its secrets to us for free, its we mortals who patent these eternal truths in our name.

The kind of genetic engineering scientists do today is looking at the system in parts – whereas the fact is that the system works as a whole, not in parts. Else humans would have mastered weather forecasting long back. Even today the weather forecast by a local fisherman is n times more accurate than what modern technology predicts! The local fisherman looks at the system as a whole, technology tries to unsuccessfully break into parts.

A gene or a set of genes do not work in isolation. Removing, modifying or introducing new genes has an impact (positive or negative but rarely neutral) on the entire system, and introducing such genetically modified strains into production without studying the complete nature of the change is an invitation for disaster. Modern metropolis today have cellphone signal towers popping out everywhere and their negative impact on human brain and health is being slowly revealed, and within the next decade we will have people who have used cell phones for most of their lives and those who are over exposed to it will be revealing the exact long term health impact of prolonged daily cell phone usage. In other words, those who use cell phones for prolonged hours regularly today are simply offering themselves as experimental goats for an experiment which otherwise would have required a lot of both time and money.

Coming back to genetics, the once popular Mexican corn got mixed with the genetically altered species of corn meant for ethanol production (not for consumption), and a stage was reached where corn meant for food got adulterated with corn meant for fuel! Today Mexico is facing a food crisis because most of its corn is now being grown to manufacture biofuel as it gives more returns to farmers, so the direction is set towards moving humanity into a phase where you have fuel for your vehicle but no food to eat!

The Secret World of DNA

Flashback #1

All these days modern scientists used to think that 90% of the DNA is useless and even termed it junk DNA! Why? Because they only knew the functionality of 2% of the human DNA which was about manufacturing proteins. Since they did not SEE via experiments what other 98% of the DNA did, they had concluded that it is junk (non-coding DNA in scientific terms, as if God has given us a bond saying that DNA would be only about coding proteins :)

Flashback #2

Ancient vedic seers had always said that human body is capable of being influenced by sound and light, that the core of creation is represented by the ultimate sound OM and that the positive light emanated from fire rituals called Yagnas would create universal harmony. They had designed specific hymns with specific areas of influence, and had always advocated chanting of these hymns in specific pitches or frequencies, and performing specifically designed yagnas on a regular basis. One would recognize this if one listens to the chanting of the vedic hymns, the highlight of which is laser sharp focus on pronunciation and pitch. The ancients had also strongly advocated that we should always think only about positive thoughts and speak good.

The Missing Link

Now if you are wondering about the relations between the above mentioned Flashback #1 and Flashback #2, a Russian experiment has proved that, what was thought to be junk DNA till yesterday is actually the DNA which creates a Biological Internet – which of course is wireless in nature, communicating via light and sound waves! That the genetic code is similar to that of the grammar of human spoken languages. The syntax and semantics of these genes are similar to the way human languages are designed, and also that it responds to precisely focused vibrational patterns of human languages! In other words, it looks like the languages we speak actually evolved from the nature of our DNA itself!

You call it sound therapy or DNA therapy or whatever it takes, you can converse with your body (ie your genetic material) via vibrations and waves and can heal ailments, fine tune your health, control body functions etc without the need of any physical intervention like surgery or medicinal drugs!

The expirements by Pjotr Garjajev, the Russian Biophysicist, and his colleagues about the vibrational behavior of our DNA has proved that DNA responds to extremely focused light and sound vibrations at particular frequencies and hence can be instructed to perform tasks or exchange information accordingly!
So things like intuition, self-healing, telepathy, light-auras surrounding spiritual masters, influences of positive thinking, etc are no longer a domain to be studied outside the boundaries of modern science. The truth is that modern science itself had a blind belief about these otherwise scientifically valid facts all these days. As I have always been saying, modern science is NOT AN ABSOLUTE SCIENCE, it is always a work under progress, parts of it which are accepted as facts today might turn out to be wrong tomorrow, things which modern science considers as blind faith today might turn out to be real science tomorrow. So anybody who talks the language of – modern science being 100% accurate – is actually fooling himself.

Wave Genetics – Technology behind Ancient Miracles and Evolution?

While western scientists looked at the DNA in terms of bits and pieces of genes, Russian scientists tried to look at it as a whole – which is always greater than the sum of its parts.

In one of their experiments, the Russian scientists were able to beam the genetic patterns of Salamander embryos onto frog embryos and there by instructed the DNA of frog embryos to convert itself into salamander embryos! And they did! Without any physical intervention, no surgery, no drugs, no touching at all – just by beaming genetic patterns the scientists were able to convert frog embryos into salamander embryos.

The last time I saw this happening was in science fiction movies, and the last time I read about things like this happening was in the ancient Indian texts where people used their spiritual powers to convert themselves into different beings or things. Remember Maricha of Ramayana who got himself converted into a beautiful deer? Hanuman is said to have mastered the great eight arts (Ashta Siddhis) of anima, mahima, laghima, garima etc where he could instruct his body to become as large as a mountain, or as tiny as an ant, or as heavy as a huge rock, or as light as a feather etc!

Now going by this new discovery that doesn’t seem improbable isn’t it? For skeptics, I ask them then to be equally skeptical about the current scientific efforts of creating worm holes to transport people and things via space-time shortcuts. If that is possible, then so is this, isn’t it?

Also, the evolution of this branch of science called Wave Genetics has the ability to give a completely new dimension to evolution of life on earth. All these days we used to wonder, how on earth can DNA gather information about its surroundings and modify its future generations to create new species – as is stated by the theory of evolution?

Wave Genetics probably would be the best bet for this evolutionary puzzle, and the answer is probably not random mutations which is said to be the driving force behind evolution. Not only God, even Nature doesn’t plays dice either, its the DNA acting behind the scenes, not passively mutating randomly to create new species, but actively interacting and responding with its surrounding and writing better genetic code and there by creating new species!

So if this turns out to be true, then it would be a heavy blow for creationists who are opposed to evolution and who claim that all species were created in one go by God . While random mutations cannot explain creation of new species (which was a famous argument against evolution), coordinated changes in DNA based on exchange of information definitely can.

DNA – The Biological Internet

So here we have nature’s own wireless Internet ever communicating, ever changing, and ever growing – in the form of DNA. Just like we have different computers, devices attached to our digital internet, constantly communicating with each other – so is this biological internet exchanging information for the past unknown millions of years. And much more than that – while artificial intelligence is still a dream in our human invented digital Internet, the biological internet has natural intelligence which not just exchanges information but puts it to use creating new species – which computers can’t do – which is automatically creating new improved software based on exchanged information!

And this brings us to the core idea of this article. While the Russian experiments used electronic devices to create the wave patterns that could communicate with the DNA, the alternate and much simpler(?) technology used by our ancients is mind mastering, self control and concentration – coupled with meditation and dedication. This is also one of the primary reasons why our ancients always advocated us to look within.

The laser sharp focus of Sanskrit hymns, the ancient rituals and Yagnas (Yagyas) – where in Rishis (seers who mastered rendering these sacred chants) chanted these hymns in unison in hundreds of numbers clearly indicate that they were aimed at creating a powerful biological broadcast and invoking a communication with the DNA of those who were within the radius of influence of this sound and light energy, to create a positive atmosphere. Also note that, equal importance was given to Yagnas (Yagyas) which were to be performed with specific combustible material and in specific amounts to produce the desired light energy combined with these large organized chants, which would then probably send out massive broadcasting messages in the surrounding biological internet.

Probably this also explains the reason why emphasis was given to chanting the hymns with specific pitch and in a specific style which nevertheless was sharp and focused, and mistakes were to be avoided at all costs, else the chants would not have the desired effect.

Be good, think good, tell your DNA about your good thoughts, it will broadcast it to the surrounding DNA, they will then amplify it a hundred times or a thousand times and continue broadcasting it to the rest of the world until finally the effect reflects back to you like an echo with a million times more energy, giving life to your thoughts. Thats what our ancients said right? If your thoughts are bad, then they will bounce back upon you with a million times strength. Always think good, and you will blessed with showers of goodness. What you sow is what you reap.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu – May all the people live happily.

The coming days are going to be even more interesting as the research into wave genetics and biological internet gains more ground.

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