Age of the Universe in ancient Indian texts

The ancient Indian Hindu texts describe units of time ranging from microseconds to trillions of years. According to these ancient Indian texts, the creation and destruction of the Universe is an ongoing cyclic process that repeats forever infinitely.

Universe as an endless cycle of creation and destruction

In other words, Universes are created and destroyed, and the process goes on and on. The process of creation (called Srishti in Sanskrit) of the Universe is personified in the form of Brahma – the God of Creation. The process of destruction (called PraLaya in Sanskrit) of the Universe is personified in the form of Shiva – the God of destruction. The permanance, the cycle of creation and destruction that goes on forever infinitely and hence is timeless and eternal, is personified in the form of Vishnu – the preserver who is permanent and all pervasive.

So, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva form the trinity of Creation, Maintenance and Destruction. Hence they are called Trimurti – the three forms of the Universe. So God here is personified into the three forms – Generator, Observer, Destroyer – GOD

Instances of Universe in an endless Multiverse

So Universe in ancient Indian texts is not one single entity. But there are an infinite number of Universes that are continuously created and destroyed. In other words, we live in an Universe that belongs to a Multiverse. Our Universe will ultimately die, but the multiverse lives on. Vishnu is a personification of this multiverse.

Then we have the units of measurements of time, called Kaala Vyavahara. Many of these smaller units are the ones which an individual can experience in his life time – like second, minute, month, year, etc.

And there are other units of time that are beyond the age limit of an individual, and can be experienced only across thousands of generations, only by entire civilizations – like the Yuga.

And finally there are time units that can be experienced only at the level of the life time of entire Universes – like the Kalpa.

Units of Time in ancient Indian texts

The smallest unit of time in ancient Hindu texts is called Truti whose value is 0.031 microseconds! This is the base unit upon which other units are built. According to some other texts which use an alternate system of time measurements, a Truti is 35.5 microseconds.

If you need a modern analogy, think about how some part of the world prefers miles and some part of the world kilometers. This is similar, except that the name remains the same – Truti. In the vedic texts, the smallest unit of time used is Paramanu, which is 26.3 microseconds.

So even in ancient India we had different set of units of measurement, similar to how we have SI, CGS, FPS systems today. Each of these systems have other smaller units of time like Kshana (1.28 seconds), Laghu (1.6 minutes), Danda (24 minutes) etc.

But all these units of time in ancient Hindu texts converge to the same measurement at the level of a Muhurta which is 48 minutes of modern times. So, a Muhurta has a value of 48 minutes in all ancient Indian units of time.

So 30 muhurtas constitute an entire day (called ahoratri). While we have 24 hours in a day today, the ancient Indians had muhurtas instead of hours, and each muhurta lasted for 48 minutes of our times.

Also note that in ancient India, the day started with sunrise, unlike the midnight system we have today.

Yuga – large units of time

Yuga is a unit of time on the scale of thousands to millions of years. The ancient Hindu text Vishnu Purana has details about these Yuga measurements.

A Maha Yuga (great yuga) is made up of four sub yugas that are distributed in the ratio of 4:3:2:1

The smallest yuga in a mahayuga is a Kali Yuga whose measurement is 432,000 solar years. Next comes Dvapara Yuga which is 432,000 x 2 = 864,000 years. Then comes Treta Yuga which is 432,000 x 3 = 1,296,000 and finally we have the largest i.e the Satya Yuga which is 432,000 x 4 = 1,728,000 years.

So in all, a Mahayuga is a period of 4.32 million years on Earth.

Manvantara – Rise and fall of life forms

The next large unit of time after a MahaYuga in ancient Indian texts is called Manvantara. It is said at the beginning of a Manvantara, new life forms are created and at the end of it, those life forms are destroyed.

1 Manvantara is said to be of a duration of 71 Mahayugas, which makes it 4.32 x 71 million years which is 306.72 million years. So according to these texts, once the evolution of life starts on Earth, all life forms will be destroyed after a period of around 300 million years.

Interestingly, the Earth’s largest mass extinction event known to us, the Permian–Triassic extinction event is estimated to have occurred around 252 million years ago!! It is said that during this period nearly 90% to 96% of all species on Earth then were killed. This was also the only mass extinction period of insects on Earth!!

After each Manvantara i.e mass extinction of life forms, it is said that there exists a Sandhi Kaala, a boundary period, when the life on Earth is still undergoing recovery and is said to last for the period of 1 Satya Yuga (1.728 million years). According to the estimates of modern science, it is estimated that the recovery of life on Earth after the Permian–Triassic extinction event took around 10 million years. See, It took Earth ten million years to recover from greatest mass extinction

Kalpa – day of the Universe

Just like we humans have a day on Earth, Kalpa is defined as the day of the entire Universe itself! The time period for one Kalpa is said to be equivalent to 14 Manvantaras and their Sandhi Kaala. Also, it is said that there is one Sandhi Kaala before the first Manvantara of a Kalpa during which no life has evolved yet. So in all we have 14 Manvantaras and 15 Sandhi Kaalas in a Kalpa.

So, 1 Kalpa = 14 x 306.72 million years + 15 x 1.728 million years

which makes it 1 Kalpa = 4.32 billion years.

So 1 day at the Universal scale is said to be 4.32 billion years. It is said that the process of creation of life exists during this entire day and there is an equivalent universal night period during which no creation process takes place, which is another 4.32 billion years.

In other words, a complete day on the Universal scale is 8.64 billion years!

It is interesting to note that, according to modern scientific discoveries the oldest life form found on Earth is 4.28 billion years old! So according to the Kalpa calculation, life on Earth will continue to exist for another 400 million years!

Mahakalpa – The lifespan of a Universe

Kalpa – a day at Universal scale is further extended with days and years similar on earth so that a month at the Universal scale is 30 Kalpas i.e 30 Universal days. And a year at the universal scale is 12 such Universal months.

100 such years at the Universal scale are defined as the life span of the Universe, which means a Universe is said to end at the end of its 100 years of age. This is called a Maha Kalpa.

So the life span of an entire Universe is 8.64 x 30 x 12 x 100 billion years, which comes to around 311 trillion years!!

Shvetavaraha kalpa – the present day of the Universe

Finally, the ancient Indian texts say that our Universe is currently in the first day of its 51st year. And in this day of the Universal scale, we are in the Kaliyuga of the 28th Mahayuga of the 7th Manvantara.

The name of the Universal day is Svetha Varaha Kalpa. The name of the Manvantara is Vaivasvata Manvantara.

Age of the Universe as per ancient Hindu texts

So, getting back to our calculations again, the age of the Universe according to ancient Indian texts is:

50 Universal years + 6 Manvantaras + 7 Sandhi kaala + 28 Mahayuga

50 Universal Years = 8.64 x 30 x 12 x 50 billion years = 155, 520 billion years

6 Manvantaras = 6 x 306.72 million years = 1,840.32 million years

7 Sandhi Kaala = 7 x 1.728 million years = 12.096 million years

28 Mahayuga = 28 x 4.32 million years = 120.96 million years

So the age of the Universe as per ancient Hindu texts is 157.49 trillion years!

Age of the Universe according to modern science

According to modern science, the age of the Universe is around 13.799 billion years. This is no where what the ancient Indian texts predict.

While modern science calculations are based on rigorously tested theories and data obtained from rigorous and painful observations, we have no empirical data or theory available in the ancient Indian texts about how the numbers were arrived at.

So this article is definitely not to say that the age of the Universe is 157.49 trillion years. Our conclusions should always be based on empirical data and solid theories, the scientific laws that are constantly questioned, refined and updated based on new evidence.

This article is only an attempt to appreciate the great scale of time on which ancient Indians were working on, irrespective of whether they were correct or wrong, because these time scales correspond to those in modern science. We do not come across any other ancient civilizations that talk in terms of billions or trillions of years, with specific names given to such large periods of time.

Like the famous American cosmologist Carl Sagan said in his book Cosmos,

“The Hindu religion is the only one of the world’s great faiths dedicated to the idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an infinite, number of deaths and rebirths. 

It is the only religion in which the time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology. Its cycles run from our ordinary day and night to a day and night of Brahma, 8.64 billion years long. Longer than the age of the Earth or the Sun and about half the time since the Big Bang.”

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  1. You can definitely see your skills in the paintings you write. The sector hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. At all times go after your heart.

  2. Point to note, first of all, good efforts, however, you did one mistake while concluding the age of the universe, we are into 28 maha yuga and have completed 27. However, you have multiplied it by 28, whether it should be like this…
    50 Universal years + 6 Manvantaras + 7 Sandhi kaala + 27 Mahayuga + 1 Satyuga+ 1 tretayuga+ 1 dwaparayuga+ 5112 years of Kaliyuga
    50 Universal Years = 8.64 x 30 x 12 x 50 billion years = 155, 520 billion years

    6 Manvantaras = 6 x 306.72 million years = 1,840.32 million years

    7 Sandhi Kaala = 7 x 1.728 million years = 12.096 million years

    28 Mahayuga = 27 x 4.32 million years = 116.64 million years
    and the current maha yuga time passed = 1.728+1.296+.864+.005=3.898 million years

    So the age of the Universe as per ancient Vedic texts is 155.52 trillion years!
    Hare Krishna….
    check reference….with quotes from Vedic Texts..

  3. I wish somebody would be kind enough to cite the original text from Veda or Purana.. I like to read it please and make my own interpretation

  4. its not that the thing we not see is not present . We see light in pure whiteness . we got a medium its prism then we came to know that its made of 7 colours . Friends for God sake if don’t see anything don’t think its not present. Ants see 2 dimension they dont see 3 dimension . Likewise with our limited knowledge we cant authenticate our thinking and question our age old knowledge bank . .Don’t u know that the library of Nalanda remained burning for app 6 months . the hard earned knowledge was systematically destroyed by the invaders. Can U LET ME KNOW IN WHICH BOOK AND SCHOOL SYLLABUS THE PRISTINE knowledge OF VEDA IS TAUGHT . NOWHERE ITS SYSTEMATIC ANNIHILATION OF A KNOWLEDGE BY A FEW . THERE IS A GAP IN HISTORY WHICH HAS BEEN VANISHED BY OUR RULERS ie THE VEDIC HISTORY OF INDIA . READ IT THEN POST ADVERSE COMMENT ON THIS HIGHLY KNOWLEDGEABLE POST. IGNORANCE IS A CURSE.

      • Humanity is 300,000BC old the Pleiades seeded Earth gave the Ape Man and Woman two DNA strands then they fused the two together into 1 DNA strand thus giving the Ape Man and Woman a SOUL and a CONSCIOUSNESS this was the Bible story of Adam and Eve. We are No.5 Civilization today on Earth!.Lemuria was the first and then came Atlantis she sank due to an Asteroid impact in the Atlantic Ocean 10,500 BC/ 14,500 BC

  5. There may seem to be a problem with this, yet the more you study it, the more correct you can see that it is.
    They knew that the new temple would need to be bigger, so as the ancient Cubit was about 18 inches, the modern Cubit was to be about 24 inches, being 60.96 Centemeters. (Psalm 60:6-7) 96 helped us remember to worship correctly when it was prayer time; focus on GOD when praying. Praise the LORD in His sanctuary. (Ephesians 6:5-7) (Psalm 96:1-13) To figure the year, we look at the Chronology from Adam to Moses. Adam to Abraham was 1948 years. Abraham to Jacob being in Egypt was 290 years. Moses to the Exodus was 80 years. Together these are 2,318 years. Here is where the Hebrew Calendar began. (Exodus 12:2) The year 2017 is the Hebrew year 5,777 to 5,778. Add these together for the year 8,096. Forever 96 rooms with 4 others representing the 4 parts of the Cross. It is the year to give up meat, as seal 7 is actually seal 8. (Revelation 3:16-21)

    Here is a measurement of how old the world is. Billions of years in scientific calculation. Each day is a thousand years, and they can calculate the days of years, as Enoch walked 365 days of years. (Genesis 5:23) A year for each day, and the Bible is perfected. Here is the key to the dinosaurs in the Bible. Then line this up to Moses. (2 Esdras 14:3-12) There is one more verse about the first children being taller than the last ones, and that verse goes with that. Here the dinosaur verse is. (2 Esdras 5:51-55) It is very true. Billions of years old the Earth is. GOD also calculated creation of modern humanity since Adam, yet the world was already here. Bible is perfect.

    They say that the world is about 3 billion years old. Here is the Biblical Math to make sure the scientists are correct. With GOD’s smile of course. 8096 times 365 days of years (Genesis 5:23), times a thousand years for each day (2 Peter 3:8), equals 2,955,040,000 years. Yep, about exactly three billion years according to the Jews. It was about that long ago when GOD dropped the Adam amoeba in the ocean by the hand of an Angel. Then GOD had the Angel tell us that we had to shape up about 7 days ago; seven days of a thousand years. We add one day because one is usually hidden veiled, as a 7 is an 8. The first amoeba was A sexual, like Eve coming out of Adam’s rib. Then they evolved, and Eve tempted Adam to begin eating other Amoebas which were their own children, the fruit of the loins of their own family trees. Quite the contemplation isn’t it. This is spoken of in the Bible.
    (Lamentations 2:20) (Leviticus 7:23, 17:12-14) (Deuteronomy 28:54-57) I thought that was really cool to learn. Biblical Sciences.
    Two Amoebas; at least one plant and one animal. That is still not all of it though, and not where we came from.
    This lines up to the scientific evidence that bacteria appeared 12 galactic years ago, each galactic year being 225,000,000 years.
    A galactic year is said to be between 225,000,000 and 250,000,000 years. The three estimations in galactic years are;
    12.9536 galactic years at 225 million years
    12.44227368421053 galactic years at 237.5 million years
    11.65824 galactic years at 250 million years
    According to our doctrine, this is how old the Earth is. Also according to our doctrine, when this is calculated, we have 2½ parcels of time left before the Earth shuts down. (2 Esdras 14:11-12)
    Being that this calculation was done during the Hebrew year of 5,777 we have to notice the calculation of how many years we have left to survive here. Having 9.5 ages down, and 2.5 ages left, the Earth has 777,642,105.2631579 years left if taken very well care of. This is about three galactic years total. According to modern science, in 2 to 3 galactic years from today, Tidal Acceleration will have moved the moon far enough from the Earth that Total Solar Eclipses are no longer possible. Also, this will have dramatic effects on the ocean. Here are these prophesies in the Bible. (Revelation 21:1) (2 Esdras 5:4)

    The 2 1/2 ages we have left are in the Book of Daniel. (Daniel 12:7) Consider we are already shattered. We do not wait till the end of the 2 1/2 times to be shattered. Believing in science without GOD has been shattering us, yet GOD had a plan already. Know that we have more science than can be imagined in the Bible. Our mathematics are perfected by GOD in a way that no one could have done it except for GOD alone through the ancient Holy Prophets.

  6. Who told u all this…there is no such single reference of Brahma or Vishnu in the entire Vedic literature….

  7. If I were not to be Hindu, I would have respected ancient discoverings of Hindus. Fortunately, due to accident of birth, I m Hindu!!…I got my spine twisted when I read a chapter in my 10th class’s Sanskrit book so I finally surfed it.

    • This is the truth. To die to the mind of Christ is to live in GOD. Here we see the evidence of the war within the mind. (2 Samuel 11:9) (Genesis 4:7) The killing of Uraiah is attested within the Hindu Bhagavad Gita, where Krishna is the Biblical David warring within his own mind. Krishna’s lover Radha is Bathsheba Venus. Here is her golden apple. (Proverbs 25:11) The name David means Beloved, and Solomon is also called Jedidiah which means Beloved of the Lord. (1 Samuel 12:24-25) (Psalm110:1) (2 Samuel 7:12-17) (Mark 12:35-36) (Acts 2:34-35) (Romans 14:9-12) (Hebrews 1:5-7) (Bhagavad Gita 9:16) (1 Chronicles 17:13) (Luke 20:37-44) The Bhagavad Gita was written as a prophesy before time had passed, and was disguised within the Hindu Holy Scriptures. Here Krishna is called the Beloved in the Eknath Easwaren Nilgiri Press English Translation. (Bhagavad Gita 7:17) Other translations speak of him as the Wisdom in being a type of one with his son Shiva whom is the Biblical Solomon. Shiva is also known as the Almighty Wisdom. (1 Kings 10:23-24, 4:29-34, 5:12) (2 Chronicles 1:11, 9:22-23) Shiva is known as the man of destruction as his teachings are said to destroy ones inner evils. (Romans 6:1-23, 8:10, 14:9) (1 Corinthians 15:29-52) (2 Corinthians 15:4) (Galatians 2:17-21) (2 Timothy 2:11-13) (1 Peter 2:23-25) In the Bible, Shiva is called Abaddon which is translated as destruction. (Revelation 9:11) (Job 26:6) (Proverbs 15:11, 27:10) In Irish Celtic, Solomon is known as Aonghus whom had a foster-son named Diarmuid of the love spot, with a magical love spot on his forehead. This spot is the Hindu Tilaka, which is similar to the red Hindu Bindi dot on the forehead of females in Hinduism. The Hindu Bhagavad Gita is also called Song Celestial, The Celestial Song, and The Song of the Lord which links to the Biblical book called the Song of Solomon which is also known as Song of Songs. The Song of Songs was written as a link to the parents of Solomon whom is the Hindu Shiva. His parents are the Biblical David (Roman Mars & Hindu Krishna) and Bathsheba (Roman Venus & Hindu Radha). Here are a list of Biblical books that will properly correspond to Solomon in Hindu Scriptures. The Book of the Acts of Solomon. (1 Kings 11:41) The Book of Nathan the Prophet, The Prophesy of Ahijah the Shilonite, The Visions of Iddo. (2 Chronicles 9:29) Here are a list of Biblical books that will properly correspond to prophesies of David in Hindu Scriptures. The Book of Samuel the Seer, the Book of Nathan the Prophet and the Book of Gad the Seer. (2 Chronicles 29:29) (Colossians 1:17-23) We hid the books over there together.

  8. You Hindu guys are even more ridiculous than us Muslims seeking 72 virgins. The belief in a “Langur” monkey being an ace mathematician Lord Hanuman!!!

    • we are better in mathematics and created numbers.. You Shits always look at only two things, Pussy or Bomb bluddy rapist and terrorist :P

      • I would say I agree with Mr Seth in that many so called Christians, Hindus and Muslims do not seem to understand their own religious scripture very well. Unless of course Mr. Seth is saying all who believe in God in this age are idiots, then I’d just say even idiots can have a relationship with God.

    • When you people were busy in discovering civilization…..we had been civilized and our mathematics, science, medical science, philosophy, astronomy, were on its peak.

    • Every single religion is good but you are showing what your parents taught you.and if you can not respect any religion than stop insulting religions. And first being a good human.

      • “And first being good human” is stop mixing religion with politics and governance of the country – and not use it to discriminate – against minorities.

        To question the belief that a Hanuman monkey can be an ace mathematician – or the belief that Moses parted the Red Sea – or the belief that Mohammed went to heaven to meet God on a beautiful Arab stallion with the wings of a huge bird and the face of a beautiful woman – are academic question – NOT insulting the religion.

        Actually it may be just the reverse – the people who say it truly happened may be the ones who are insulting their religions.

  9. Check sri Yukteswar:The Holy Science, most accurate depiction of Vedas time measurements, also aligns with science in some aspects.

  10. Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh(Shiva) which commonly are represented in Human forms are basically mere Personifications of the Process of Evolution , Preservation & Destruction of Universe. Most people who do not understand from outside just see it as Human Gods & find the theory unappealing without going deeper to study . As for the Author’s view, he has his Math calculations go wrong a few places. In SatYuga, the average Life of Humans was 4000 years and thus they could do ‘Tapasya’ i.e Penace for hundreds-thousands of years to attain the ‘truth’. The Average age becomes less in TretaYuga to 400 years, then to 200 years in Dwapar Yug and then to 100 Years in Kalyug. In Kalyug it is predicted that the Sins would increase, the technology will make the artificial that is ‘Maya’ or the ‘illusion’ appear to be Real and the ‘Real Truth’ would become faint and hidden. Religion , be it any will loose its significance, People will stop acknowledging anything like ‘God’ or ‘Supreme’ . Humans will think of themselves as to be the most Supreme & creators of everything around ‘Technology based illusions’ . Once this will happen , the fear of doing wrong & the incentive of doing ‘right’ will finish. Religious talks & ideas shall be proudly shattered without even studying it. It will be considered to be primitive & false beliefs. Morality will be at its lowest. Heinous crimes will be committed with no fear of its results .That is when the last Avatar of Vishnu ‘Kalki Avatar’ will come to End the world and again the process of Evolution shall start with Satyug. Though the form of Kalki Avatar is depicted as half Human & Half Horse, again it is not literally like that. It only signifies the Genetic Engineering which shall be so advanced then to have the best of both. It is unfortunate that people either out of ignorance or out of prejudice/biase never bother to dig deeper into what the Vedas which are the oldest texts say. It is pure science. Whether Cosmological distances , whether being specific that 84,00,000 species of life forms or ‘Yuni’ exists. It explains how the ‘Time Relativity’ i.e ‘Kaal’ has significance in different universes & planets. Much earlier than the modern science , it could predict exact date & time when the eclipses shall occur. The ‘Gotra’ system of marriage is so scientific based on the Chromosomes classification & thus avoiding marriages between cousins, thus preventing genetic diseases. The rebirth & Karma theory is so logicial & gives answers to simple questions which would come to humans as curiosity like ‘Why one Child is born in palace with Celebrations while the other at the sametime is born in a poor family or thrown in a Garbage Bin”. Can People who believe in God but do not believe in ‘Karma’ or ‘Rebirth theory based on our past deeds’, answer this injustice to me ? The discussion is endless only if one is curious to find his answers & trace his ancestoral roots or reasons of existence . Unfortunately most indulge in only unnecessary bickering & arguments or to prove that their religion is better than the other’s.

    • If u really want right answers of all things which is happening and how then the answers u want are inside u the human body seek all answers accquire them by meditation and it’s up to u which meditating path u choose to get u r answers good luck friend

    • If u really want right answers of all things which is happening and how then the answers u want are inside u the human body seek all answers accquire them by meditation and it’s up to u which meditating path u choose to get u r answers good luck friend I’m suraj and im ipom and I’m yuraj

    • hi ss,everyone i asked about Kalki avatar they all told me he is a human,but i think he is not human, in mahabalipuram an unfinished temple

      has a human evolution structure which contain kalki avatar,it doesnot look like human it has four arms

  11. Can you quote the source for the theory. There is no single place where this calculation is listed. Wiki has Manvantra where it is said the age of Brahma is around 10.5 bn years and comes close to human prediction.
    Miltiverse concept still holds good with this age. Also human ages multiples by 10 every yugas.
    Internet is not a place to publish things as what occur in your dreams. Be pointful.

  12. “It is the only religion in which the time scales correspond, to those of modern scientific cosmology.” — THE ONLY SENTENCE THAT DESCRIBES THE HINDU CREATIVITY — THE REST IS RELIGIOUS HOCUS POCUS.

  13. The 1857 edition of one of the books by scholar Sir Thomas More — describes the age of the earth by Vedic calculations as 3.6 billion years!!!!

      • No, it doesn’t. The current scientific estimate, worked out by people working hard day to day, is close to 13 billion years.

        • Are you thinking of age of the universe? this discussion was about earth’s age. Although I found one that claims to be from vedic yugas that had 155.5 Trillion, but I think that’s universe not earth. So you’re right the More book is off by quite a bit according to other so called Vedic scholars. Thanks for your input, appreciate it.

          • Yep I was talking about the age of the universe. Glad to have a decent conversation here- otherwise everything gets heated pretty soon when religion is involved haha!

            • Yes, the internet seems to give some folks license to leave civility behind. i’m not an expert on the age of the universe nor any particular religion although I’ve practiced yoga under Self Realization Fellowship for decades, and it’s based on teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. Thanks for your civil discussion and good information.

  14. Calculations seems to be wrong.each universe( brahma) has been calculated as having a life span of 311.04 billion years.present universe being the 7th one has gone half its way so it has to be 155.5 billion years which is nearly equal to scientific carbon dating data and other scientific evidences. vedas are the only text available which predicts earth age most precisely .vedas are not religious text because religion means following the views or visions of one enlightened petsonality.vedic people were self enlightenedhumanbeings , each of them had thereown spiritual path.moreover as per vedas out of four yugas, kali yuga is too far away from that super sun around which our sun along with its planets moves inan eliptical path,super sun being at the broad end of that eggshaped path.As influence of this super sun is less people undergoes various tramas.we can be happy that we are in ascending yugas so people will get more and more enlightened. Each one will try to be spiritual .spirituality is simply realizing oneself and this vast existance.

  15. 155 trillion year old is wrong according big bang theory. 155 trillion year old universe is wrong according to rainbow gravity theory. In some parts of vedas it clearly says thousands of years and in some hundreds of years.

  16. actually vedas are word of god. No one can manufacture vedas. So who can know more about any thing apart from the manufacturer of that thing. so this whole universe is created by god and when he gives the information through the agency of god that is more accurate than finding actuality through telescope etc. So saints do not take information from their experiments rather from the vedas(God). so they do not need telescopes.

    • Existence of Vedas have been accepted on the basis of god since Vedas are said to be written by gods themselves.citing you here “actually Vedas are word of god”. and Existence of god has been accepted on the basis of Vedas. Which leads to circular fallacy. I am not denying Vedas or gods but just pointing out a logical flaw. It is intuitive to think of creation and metaphysics put forth by Indian philosophical system. God is just a means to realization of the self.
      “Tat Tvam Asi”. Have a good day.

  17. Sir, SB: As you said, if science is right according to you, then how come our saints told the exact distance of sun and moon from the earth and how come, they said that arundathi and vashishta stars rotate around themselves and they both revolve each other. Did they have telescope to tell all these???????????? all these sciences are based on the vedics.

    • No saint ever made these statement. And the distance between planets and stars was done by Indian mathematicians using trigonometry. Ever heard of the Jantar Mantar? And trigonometry itself was an import from the Greeks, but Indians took it to new heights.

  18. You say:So either modern science still has a long way to go in estimating the age of our universe


    the universe mentioned in vedas is the mother of all universes (a multiverse probably) including our own universe !!!

    • If vedas calculation r wrong then why lord hanuman giving distance is equal to NASA calculation between earth to sun in hanuman chalisa

    • First thing…Dont take the author for his word.He has given you a direction..Follow it and do your own research…For ex:Human age as predicted in each yuga by the author is wrong…In Satya Yuga,a human can live upto 100,000 years.
      What the vedas say is broadly correct in terms of an infinite multiverse.
      It talks of millions of universes…And the concept of relativisitc notion of space-time actually arises based on the age of Brahma…The way Brahma views the universe is different from us..Since for him time passes v slowly…whereas for us time passes differently..If you had told this concept to any astronomer even 300yrs ago,he might have laughed you off…But the vedas have remained the same..Its the same knowledge…
      The age of our universe is always difficult to estimate….The years have approximations…But the vedas do say that ours is just one universe and that our universe was created and it will die and will be re-created again…The big bang approximates the same..
      But science has not yet postulated clearly how the big bang originated and what was before the big bang..The current theory of multiverses(which only originated in the last 50yrs) is very similar to the theory of the vedas..
      Even Carl Sagan has acknowledged the same in his book “Cosmos”..
      I am agnostic too,but i have an open mind and hence i know how to differentiate between literals and metaphors…The vedas used “Brahma” as unit since they didnt know about “light year” simple as that…

  19. My dear friend, the research to you did is pretty good but I have the question.. You mentioned it’s from vedas will you please tell me which verse from vedas and which vedas it’s mentioned.. I have gone through all vedas rig, yajur, sama, and atharva Veda not even find where the story of vishnu and brahma written even if you go through the vedas there is no vishnu at all.. So where this story is written in vedas?
    Then I gone through the vishnu puran. And found this story.. One more thing if you go through the siva puran you will find the difference story and different concept of universe.. Plz don’t share false information in the name of vedas..

    Any one interested in vedas please let me know I will be happy to share the true knowledge..

    • Really sir? Have you gone through all the vedas? I guess you mean you understand vedic sanskrit and have read them all.
      can you please then tell me where in the vedas do you read about Hiranyagarbha. What are those verses and what do they mean?

      PS: Wikipedia articles or random internet stuff are not vedas

    • You are wrong..Whether it is Shiva puran or Vishnu puran all are different explanations of same concept…Its just that you need to have an open mind..
      Please note that Vedas were written by scholars over a period of 100s of years..And they borrow from each other too..So you will find lots of similar references…There are no real contradictions in them..You wont find a situation where one Puran says universe is 1000yrs whereas another says unverse is billions of years…it is billions and billions of years everywhere…The words and metaphors used to explain it is different.

    • wow, that’s a lot of reading. Check out Swami Sri Yukteswar, The Holy Science, short book, but has the Vedic yuga description in it.

  20. gurudev ji, really great blog this is. awesome !!
    but according to this, guide me if i am wrong. (sorry for my bad english)
    the age of brahma is 51 yrs and 1 day (current) then it means that
    360*51 = 18360 days and 18360 nights have passed in total and each
    of these day he created the universe and when at night he slept
    the whole universe got dissolved in him. 18360 times universe created and destroyed by him ??? we are in 18361 th day of brahma. am i correct ?? and we are in kalyuga of 28th mahayuga of 7th manavantara of his 18361th day.

  21. *Correction
    Average life span of human beings in the four yugas is as follows:
    Sat Yuga: 1,00,000 years
    Treta Yuga: 10,000 years
    Dwapur Yuga: 1,000 years
    Kal Yuga: 100 years

  22. It is very great to evaluate the various periods with the help of our holy and great Vedas. It is unbelievable for rest of the World that Our history is the forefathers of them. I think today the World’s great Scientists can not reach even after thousands of year to our Crores of years inventions. I am having the proud that I born in Bharat Varsh which is the name of Ancient Bharat and not in India where the Nasa said the Ramsetu was built before 1,70,000 years B.C. and Our newborn history writers said Rama and Ravana were born before 7,000 years .

    • During that Hanuman,shukgriv and bali they were Ape people is a perfect example of humosapien . thus you can easily calculate the age of that peoriod

  23. Why questioning over this article if u want to question them its a simple and easy method. Good to go research deeply over Vedas and find answer, not one person able to give people’s answer because this subject is infinitive.somewhere we miss a lot because We do wrong interpretation of sholaks .Beacuse all Vedas written by a special method called Sholaks.What is a Sholak ? Sholaks is the poetic way to represent those respective thought in Sanskrit .So clearly what in Vedas if we want to know this need a deep and proper research and last one more confusing thing .After the original one had written next gen people has had add some imaginary thing so which is part is original and which part is not ,it should be verified.And its not a easy task its require a lengthy hard and same time smart work.And i found at net its all copy-paste work people taking knowledge here and there and write blog this not help either.I am sure some one do this or some organization will do this and come up with original research.

    • Its not about imaginary and original..Its just that different scholars explained the same concept in their own ways…
      Its like re-making a Korean film first into English,then into Hindi and then into Tamil.. :-)

  24. i am very happy in seeing the above article about/ from vedas…..
    i got more information about vedas than i studied in internet….. but of no use in modren society…….. days are like that……..
    i am so happy in seeing this……..
    great work……..

    • There are two metrics, human years and deva years. Kali Yuga is 1200 Deva years, Dwapara Yuga is 2400 Deva years, Treta Yuga is 3600 Deva years and Satya/Kritha Yuga is 4800 Deva years. And, each Deva year is equivalent to 360 solar/human years. So, using this multiplication factor we can arrive at Kali Yuga as 1200 * 360 = 432000 years. Hope this helps.

    • My son is doing the same thing with his toys and he is very happy about it. It must be that God is eternally in His youth :)

    • Dont take it literally…Even if you aint a believer(I am agnostic too) you can still see the concepts which are quite strong and fundamentally good..You can always wonder about cause and effect..The problem is at some point there is no difference between cause and effect and they become one…And question is what happened then…

  25. You put 155,522 billion years when it should be 155.522 trillion.

    Also, when I do the calculations, I get 155,521,972,949,115 years with us being 5,115 years into the current Kali Yuga as of 2013. I’ve also heard that before Lord Brahma started to create, he searched for 2.1 billion human (1,000 celestial) years until he heard the sound vibration ‘tapa’ (austerity). He then meditated for another 2.1 billion years before Lord Narayana appeared and gave him instructions to create and populate the universe. So technically, to calculate the age of the planets, we can chop off another 4.2 billion years minus the time it took to do the creating. I have heard that the lower 10 lokas (including Earth) are destroyed during Lord Brahma’s night, but I haven’t been able to verify it.

    • “Can anyone suggest me from where to buy rigveda book with aa translation in Hindi.”

      Try Nabob of Bengala — he may have the pashtoon version of the rigveda — how to rig every election the PTI does’nt win.

  26. He is sleeping in “Ksheer sagar ” where material,time-space have no meaning.Mortal can’t enter there,gods/demigods can in time of need. written in “Vishnu puran” and perhaps in Rigved also since Vedvyas wrote after reading it.

  27. Gurudev can you please correct the ages where you mentioned human life span in Kali Yuga = 100 Years, Dwapara Yuga = 200 Years,Treta Yuga = 300 Years,Satya Yuga = 400 Years. It should be 100, 1000, 10000 and 100000 years respectively.
    Also age of universe should be 155,522 trillion years, billion. Thanks.

  28. I think you are right Gopi Devi. I don’t know how did the author get those number. The numbers are wrong. For example, it is mentioned in puranas sages used to do tapasya for 1000 years, 5000 years etc. Also the age of Visma Pitamaha when he died was around 350 yrs and he lived near the end of Dwapara Yuga. Author should make a correction of those number. Otherwise people will be confused and don’t know who to trust.

  29. Vedas don’t mention about different Gods
    There is only God . Only He is called by different names.
    These ideas of vishnu sleeping is as per Puranas

    • well hindus never say word “god” .. they use word “bhagwan ” for supreme god .. and word “devas./ devatas” for demi-gods :) who r temporary not eternal

    • Well, Vedas do mention about Vishnu is Brahman (not four faced Brahma). Look at Maha Narayana Upansihat. This Upanishad starts with ambara madhE (i.e description of water in vaikunTa) and the deity Who is sarvOttama resting on the serprpent. At the very end, this Upanishad concludes with assertion ‘tad Eva brahma paramam kavInaam’. Kavi-s (jnyAni-s) call this being only (tad Eva) as ‘paramaM Brahma’. Thus, vishNu only is Brahman is real sense.

      In another Upanishad it says ‘sarvE vEdA yatpadamAmananti ……tadviShNOH paramam padam’

      In Bhagvat Gita, Sri.Krishna claims from all Vedas He only is known — ‘vEdEschha sarvErahamEva vEdyaH’

      I have many more quotes about Vishnu being the sarvottama in all Vedas.

  30. i ll like to add , can u do revrse calculation , like assuming age of brahma 51 years , and as per modern science 13.7 billion years old is brahma .

    some very intersting and practical results can be found .

    means now kaliyug comes to be 8000 years which sound practical the 4.32 lac which sounds imagenery.

  31. well a very informative,calculative and fascinating article.well done gurudev.

    Pls tell me in which book or veda or puraan u  find “Lord Hanuman is believed to be next Bramha”….??

  32. Great Article! i will add some more light to this article about Pralaya (Dissolution). Dissolution is the another thing which marks the end of different ages and boundaries of Universe.
    Many Puranas/Vedas described 3 kinds of Dissolution exist. 1. Minor Dissolution – This will happen after every “Manvantara” which is (71 Mahayugas) 306.720 Million Solar Years. This Dissolution exist for only one Yuga (ie, 432000 solar years). This will affect only just Earth no affect to Sun, Also Indra(King of Heaven)/Saptarshi(Big Dipper)/Gods posts will be re assigned. As per vedas the Earth will be submerged under water, Most of the life will be vanished very small form life will be survived to create life forms in the next Manvantara.2. Intermediate Dissolution – One at the end of every “Brahma’s Day” which is after every 4.32 Billion Solar Years, The Dissolution exist for the Time of Brahmas Night which again 4.32 Billion Years, during this time No life form exist.  This Dissolution will apply till the Third upper Loka (Region of Space).
    As per Puranas the Third upper Loka is Marked till the Star “Druv” (North Pole Star or Polaris). so all the matter, stars, planets within this region (Including Saptarshi=Big Dipper, Heavens/Hells etc… ) will be destroyed. Once the Dissolution time is over all these will be recreated,  but not mentioned it is again the same sun, moon, earth.

    As per my understanding it can be in other place in the universe with a similar structure or different. So basically our sun/earth will change  after every Brahmas Day.

    3. Major Dissolution – This will happen after Brahma’s Life ends (ie the Life of Current Universe=155,522 Billion years as per your calculation). This affects the whole Universe. Whole Universe will be annihilated. Only Vishnu Exist. The Duration this will continue is unknown to me.

    From the above, In the Lifetime of Universe (ie one Major Dissolution), 36000 
    Intermediate Dissolutions happen. And in every One Intermediate Dissolution 14 Minor Dissolutions happen.

    *** As per Vedas there are 14 lokas (7 Lower, 7 Upper space), Earth is the first Upper Loka, 2nd Upper Loka is till end os Solar system. 3rd upper Loka is till North Pole star (Polaris). which also includes Heaven/Hell all the Demi Gods. 7th Upper Loka exist till the End of Universe.

  33. Interesting, but 155,521,972,944,456 is not in the billions…that would be trillions. So according to your/the Vedas calculations the universe is 155 TRILLION years old.

  34. Thanks for writing this article.  Please keep up the good work.
    I believe in the Multiverse theory of the Vedas.  It is described in our sacred texts by the story of Brahma meeting his multiple counterparts from multiple universes.
    Now my question is: are the Manavtars & Yug cycles similar in all universes?  Meaning does every universe have the same Avatars of Vishnu?  If it is true then all universes would have a similar Mahabharat & Ramayan events.   What are your thoughts on this?

    • That’s a nice question my friend, i dont know what the op says but hear me out, i think we have the same wavelength-
      In vedas it is told that lord Vishnu is sleeping in a river where,bubbles are popping just like any other river, each bubble represents the life cycles of each lord Brahma,and each Brahma represent each universe, so there r that many universes around Vishnu, He traveles in each one of them (as he please i guess).
      Now your question is do events happen in same order in each one of them?
      i don’t know what the vedas say about it,lets guess it out ok..
      At first i believe you know what “time paradox” , ‘butterfly effect’ are , google them on next tab it you dont, u’ll like it
      so “if he enter on each universe at the same time,does exactly same things, all brahma’s are at same poin(which means a bubbles r at same point in a river), and many more facts.
      But its unlikely that it happenes since if things r more than one,they have be apart or on different time interval, hence there has to be some difference in them.

      Now by butterfly effect for same future to happen , things should be exactly the same, eg a delay in flapping the wind of butterfly can produce a tornado by the series of events,
      “It is not possible for same things to happen.” – Thats your answer

      Either all universes are at same point,which practically means only one universe, or different event happens in each of them.

      2.On the secend question of yours – are timelength of yugas etc are same on each universes?
      Its unlikely ,since ancient Bhartiya(i prefer to say bharat than india) people calculated all this by seeing things around them,with experience,intuition, living in this universe , they can calculate about things around us of this universe only.
      If somehow they travel to another dimentional universe, they will cause distortion in both universes since even ur presence can change the future according to butterfly effect, that also strengthens the first answer.

      – Hope wisdom shall guide u , lets guide the world.

      • Am sorry to say that lord itself says that am not born so there is no end, please think if there is birth death is obvious and in final advice to uddhava lord said, i take different forms but u consider me as entity or person which is maya or illusion. understand he is the soul present in all like life source breath its our duty to identify who i am the self the nameless and neither born nor die who is behind this life. and when you understand it its real samadhi where all matter is same, the god itself but only human have the ability to understand this philosophy, so its considered hum birth as most lucky.
        om tatsat

  35. a good article Gurudev…..
    I have one question to get a clarification from you… it is mentioned that during Satya yuga 100% truth and good deeds happened, in tretayuga it was 75%, in Dwapara it was 50% and in Kaliyuga just 25%…. if it so then why Vishnu appeared (incarnations) more number of times in Satya yuga, he should appear more in Kaliyuga right? what is the explanation for this?

    • Dear Sriharsha,
      To answer your question, vedas does not says about the % of good deeds happening in any “yoga”. “yuga” are just division of time in years. 

      • Brahma said that % of goods in yugas vary from each yuga. Now in kaliyuga it is 25% of good and 75% of bad things happening. Vishnu appear in Kaliyuga when the good is 5% or less than 5%.

        • Ok we had Gautam buddha,Sai baba, Muhammad, Mosses,Jesus, and many more , Lets forget all other religions and call them avatars, don’t we have many avatars already and just 5000 years of kaliyug passed ? Swayam vichar kijiye..

  36. Your started with the statement ‘Vedas say that before the creation of the universe Lord Vishnu is sleeping in the ocean of all causes. His bed is a giant serpent with thousands of cobra like hoods’. Can you tell me in which of the Vedas details of the Yugas are to be found and which Veda mentions the name of Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma etc. As for my knowledge, Vedas do not talk about temple worship or idol worship, they do not mention anything like Sathya Yuga, Tretha Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, Kali yuga etc. They do not talk about applying any religious mark on the forehead. They do not favour astrology. I think we are in the habit of merely dragging the name of Vedas for any religious assumptions, practices etc, without veryfing as to whether they actually find their places in the Vedas.

  37. what will happen to the atmas that are unable to achieve moksha, at the end of this kaliyug?(the destruction of this entire universe, Pralay)

    • as per my mom, they will again come back, when brahma wakes up from his sleep and recreates everything, the next day….those who get moksha will NOT come back

  38. Yes you are right @4749f83a444ceaf1cb0591e4e4014bd7:disqus , I know that – women are 100% females, men are not 100% men in terms of genetics. But neverthless, the gotra system does preserve the y lineage for sure – probably instead of preserve shall I say ‘mark’ – the y lineage of a male – because unlike the X chromosome, the Y chromosome ALWAYS comes from the father which he got from this father and so on. In women only the mitochondrial DNA always comes from the mother, but chromosomes is always a mixture, unlike the Y for men. This is what I was trying to convey in the article above

  39. Whoever wrote this sounds biased as hell.  Why does a river that dried up 6000 or is it 5000 (make up you mind) disprove an invasion 1500 years later.  How do you explain Sanskrit being related to Iranian, and almost all the languages of Europe.  And everything I have read has said Sanskrit and  Dravidian are not realted

    • 1. 6000 or 5000 is not about making up my mind. Its an approximate date arrived at by geological experts. No river dries up with the exact date carved on its dried up bed. The approximate date is arrived by scientific measurements.

      2. If a river dries up 6000 years ago, and if a culture has written texts (Rigveda) that mention the flowing of this might river (which obviously makes the dates of these texts BEFORE the river dried up), then how on earth can the invasion take place by the same people thousands of years later, when they have already WRITTEN about having lived in that place thousands of years before – which is before the river dried up?

      If I have written a book about a place ‘A’ I have lived and said a river flowed there, and then if some person comes up with a theory saying my people invaded that place ‘A’ thousands of years after the river dried up, how on earth is that possible? Did my ancestors do time travel into the future and invade the place?

      3. Regarding Sanskrit being the mother of all indo-european languages, read about modern genetic research which talks about the “Out of India Theory” which says that all non-african humans came from India. Humans first migrated to India, and from here migrated to rest of the world.

      Even in recent BCE history – Ancient Greeks, Romans, all came to India and learnt Sanskrit to learn the knowledge in the texts written in this language. Voltaire has on record stated that Pythagoras went to the shores of ganges to learn mathematics. Infact Indian mathematical system which is the very basis of modern mathematics was initially banned in Europe. Only later when it was found to be impractical to do any reasonable math using roman numerals did they accept Indian mathematics.

      Remember what Einstein said “We should be thankful to Indians who taught us how to count without which no worthwhile scientific discovery would have been possible” – he was referring to the invention of place value system and zero in India.

      You should read what Mark Twain had to say about Sanskrit and India.

      By definition I am a dravidian myself, and I know how closely Sanskrit literature is related to dravidian literature. Ramayana, the oldest epic which is said to belong to aryans actually has most of its plot in the so called dravidian land (southern India and Srilanka) which itself debunks the myth that they both are separate. Read about ‘Frawley’s Paradox’ which proves that there is nothing separate like aryan and dravidian. By the way the very word Dravida is a Sanskrit term. Why do we have all ancient sanskrit texts like Ramayana and Mahabharatha written in dravidian languages in the very ancient times itself? Why arent there any literary references of the invasion either in the ancient dravidian or in the ancient aryan texts? Infact, the culture is also the same, the same Lord Shiva who is worshipped in the Himalayas in the north is also the popular deity in the Dravidian land. The same Lord Vishnu who is worshipped in the south is also worshipped in the north. Its the same Sanskrit chants that are chanted in the temples of Dravidian land and non-dravidiyan land. So where is all the difference?

  40. Hi,
    I wished to clarify the time gap between each yuga. Say Treta yuga started with Lord Rama and ended with birth of Lord Krishna. I traced down ancestors of a Padavas up to Bharata <- Shakuntala <- Viswamitra. Brahma Rishi Viswamitra happens to be the common link between these 2 yugas. Assuming People in Treta yuga lived for 10,000 years each. There are totally 17 Generations in between. so it comes up to 1.7 lakh years.
    But Vedas say Yugas span in multiples of 4.32 Lakh years each.

    Please clarify.

    • They lived that long vedas say, but they could make childeren from 15+ years, one could see his 100s of generations, father son not need to be 1000s years apart, vichar kijiye…

  41. having
    thoroughly examined the signifcance of Gothra and the importance of
    the rule prescribed for not marrying within the same Gothra in the
    background of Genetics, can we get some more info from the author of the
    article on the significa…nce
    of Sutra – because apart from Gothra one has to state the Sutra like
    Apastamba when describing the lineage? What does it signify? Although it
    does not figure in the rule for marriage, there must be some reason for
    including it in the description of lineage of an individual. Any light
    on that subject would be welcomed 

    • Sutras are schools of vedic thoughts – So when a person says he belongs to the Apastamba Sutra he actually means he has studied the apasthamba sutras and is following it in his everyday life – in the rituals he performs, in his dharmic duties, in his way of life, etc. There are 21 such smriti sutras I guess.

  42. Although DNA only has 4 letters ACTG they each pronounce each other differently so the sound depends on the preceding letter. This forms a 16 letter alphabet of the sounds Fa Si Ya Wi La Ra Qua Da Chi To Ki Me Va Be Go Ja. This language is called Yamanuchi and can be used to read DNA and RNA sequences. Thus the DNA can be read, and the Human Y chromosome throughs up a few suprises. Here is the translation of the Human Y Chromosome:

    La Ba La Li Char Li Will Li Say Zeus Seed Zeus Say Shine Shay Von Me Zi Lu Fi Lu Li Yi La Ron Ron Noah rarkin Pod Noah Jar Seed Dinosaur Je Ray Shine Quack Kad beQuam Me Me God Ron Zink Noah zarkin Gester Mon Lon Go Nut Shay Ju Ron May Key Ray La Fi Fat Chos Nut Shay Lon Venus Say Jon Charles Say Pong Ginos mother who?;

  43. If Brahma=ourLocalUniverse and if there are other planets supporting life exists in this LocalUniverse and if the Vedas are universal, then I think it should not be used to derive the age of life on earth.  If we do, then either Vedas are strictly local to humans/earth or there is no life in any planets in any universe other than earth.

    • The very meaning of vedas being universal is that it can be used anywhere, including on earth. It is the way how these texts are encrypted. Its just like Bhagavadgita, the panchama veda – which even though was spoken in Dwapara yuga is applicable even in kaliyuga and in all other yugas.

    • Friend u can calculate time on mars by sitting on earth by some formulas and interpretations, earth works by laws of this universe, so can at least tell about lives in this universe, where there r many stars etc,same rules apply for them. sochiye zara..

  44. You must have also read Shiva Purana, which states the appearance of shiva as an infinite bindu in the dark universe after which the appearance of Vishnu and Brahma takes place within that bindu and so on and so forth. Now is there a contradiction of role in Shiva Purana, Vishnu Purana and Brahma Purana?? Please clarify as I was always waiting to ask someone this question.

    • There is no conflict here. Its clear – Brahma is the initiator, Vishnu is the eternal consciousness as well as the care taker of the physical universe created, Shiva is the eternity that remains with or without this physical universe – the pre big bang state where infinity was confined within a point (bindu)

      • Sir, But then the question here is of the original Creator here and according to the Puranas- is it Vishnu OR Shiva? We know the roles of the trinity whereas the question here is who created whom originally? is it that the Bindu concept of Shiva created Vishnu & Brahma OR is it that Vishnu is the original creator of Shiva and Brahma. This concept isnt explained clearly as the Puranas- especially Shiva Purana and Vishnu Purana seem to differ a lot on the first chapter of creation. The same difference can be seen in the two sects created in vedic system which is even followed today by the brahmins viz. Vaishnavites and Shivaites. The tamil movie dashavtaram (Starring Kamal Hassan with the hit song Mukunda Mukunda) also emphasizes the above point. A more specific answer would be appreciated Sir. But nevertheless your logic on creation is a big thumbs up and I liked the calculation part. But the conflict remains unresolved.Best Regards.

        • lets think, we may be wrong but lets just assume and think-

          Brahma created the universe which is expanding by antigravity force, after some time univers start to shrink when gravity exceeds the antigravity force according to m-theory than unverse shrinks to a point.and the series keep happening. Than there is a particle higs bosson that gives mass,magnetic field etc to them .

          Since By big bang anti gravity created everything – Brahma
          Gravity destroys everything , by balck holes etc – Shiva
          Higs bosson controls, garitation field, magnetic field, antigravity field,which means controls everything in universe – Vishnu

          Brahma(creater)leads to shv (destroyer) baaam* a explosion shiva leads brahma baaam* collision , exlosion-olision again n again, one’s life leads to other, one creates another, in between higs boson(vishnu) controls and manipulates them independently.
          Who is the ultimate creater than ? Swayam vichar kijiye..

          • The ultimate creator is Lord Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead, there’s no one equal or greater than him, Bramha Prays: Kr?s?n?a who is known as Govinda is the Supreme Godhead. He has an eternal blissful spiritual body. He is the origin of all. He has no other origin and He is the prime cause of all causes. (Bramha Samhita 5.1), we all are part and parcels of Lord Krishna, and like him we are also eternal, we just change body after death according to the consciousness we created throughout the life, also Vishnu is an expansion of Lord Krishna, and Krishna is Adi Purusha (Original Person), you guys please read Srila Prabhupada books and educate yourself. Hare Krishna!

  45. Your calculations are a bit off — in sata yuga people live for 100,000 years, dwapar – 10,000, treta — 1000, kali yuga 100, and at the end it will be 20 years before the new universal cycle begins.

  46. “Vedas say that before the creation of the universe Lord Vishnu is sleeping in the ocean of all causes. His bed is a giant serpent with thousands of cobra like hoods ” These your first satatement…..Questn: If there was no creation of Universe How OCEAN was created and those cobras or serpent? 

    • The language of the vedas is largely symbolic. It is the Ocean of “causes”, not of some water or other physical liquid. The Ocean of Causes represents the infinite consciousness which was the only thing that existed before the creation of the universe.

      Its like saying mind thinks faster than the speed of light. Does that mean mind really travels or thinks faster than light? Serpent is used to talk about the flexibility of the thoughts in this consciousness and thousands of cobra like hoods indicate the possibility of infinite dimensions or thought variations.

  47. 1 Mahayuga = 4,320,000 years 
    1000 mahayuga = 1 kalpa

    1 kalpa= 1 day of bramma

    so 1000* 4320000=4320000000 = 4 billion years
    or 432 crore human years 
    as per science age of earth = 4 billion years

    so far 50 kalpas completed
     so 50* 4 billion human years =  20 billion human years
    age of universe as per science = 20 billion years

    verify and correct your writings

  48. ??? ??????:-
    ?????????? ???????????? 4???????? ????????? 1 ????? ????? ?????? ????????
    ??? 43,20,000 ?????????-43 ?????? ?????????.
    1000 ????? ????? = 1 ??????
    1 ?????? ??????? ??????????? ??? ????, ???????? ???? ??? ???? ?????? ???????????? ????????? ??????.
    1000* 43,20,000 =4,320,000,000 ????????? 4????????? ?????????.
    432 ???? ????? ?????????
    ????? ??????? ???????????? ???????? ????? ?????????????? 4????????? ?????????.

    ?????? ??? ??? ??????? ??????????? ????????? 50,
    ?????? 50 * 4????????? ????? ????????? = 20 ????????? ????? ?????????
     ???? ????????????? ????? ????? ????????? ???????????? ????????? -20 ????????? ?????????.

  49. Om Namo Narayan! Divine blessings of Love and Light to you and your loved ones!

    Today must be my lucky day! It has taken me 4 years 2 months 3 weeks 2 days…to find this excellent article! With your kind permission, I would like to share this in my Facebook profiles….Sarada Puri and Sarada Puri II.

    Thank you for your contribution to mankind. Om and prem.

    Sarada Puri

    • Good to know that you liked the article. Knowledge is divine and all humans have the right to it – please share it.

  50. boss each day of brahma= 100*360 days……… that way its 100 years………….before posting anything just check the details once again……….

    • before posting comments randomly checkout the topic once and see if you know the details. Where did you find this formula of 100*360? Then what about Manvantaras, Mahayugas, Kalpa etc?
      Read Bhagavata Purana or Bhagavadgita or Mahabharatha texts once – one day of Brahma is made up of 14 Manvantaras and is called Kalpa which is the one of the largest known numbers in the ancient civilizations. You think scientists like Carl Sagan dont enquire into facts before commenting on the large timescales of Hinduism?

  51. hi this is certainly a  very intresting blog.. and ur efforts to merge modern scince and its obersvations with vedic science is great..however goin back  to  the question of  the  age  of  the universe ,  as 100 bhrama  years .. my question is the concept of a  year,with 365 days…and a day having 24  hours was introduced apprx 3000 BC say 5000 years back.. but goin by  the discussions in this blog with   other  topics.. i  feel the vedas  aredefolder  than 5000 the  mode  of  calculation shud be  different  ..which means it shudn be in  years or years having 360 or365 days or a day being didved into 24 hours  

    • I guess hours is not an issue here because even the ancient texts talk only about days and years in this context. Regarding a year having 360 days, this was an original Indian invention along with the division of the zodiac and sun’s path in the sky into 360 units a year, wrongly attributed as Babylonian invention today by scholars. The hymns of Dheergathamas in Rigveda clearly state about this division in 360 units, and all related multiples of this number like 12,24,36,72, are all very important numbers in the ancient vedas.

      • i believe, hours etc are present. pls refer to harivamsam. 15 blinks of an eye is something, 30 of those is something, 30 of those is something and it goes on to quantify a DAY before going into manushya years, pithru years, devatha years, manu years, and brahma…

  52. Amazing ! I am a firm believer of Vedas & respect Vedic knowledge. The article is well researched & stimulating. As a Vedic astrologers I am really impressed by the effects of constellations, signs & planets on an individual, all this taught since thousands of years still holds good. The concept of Rahu & Ketu and their importance in daily life is mind-boggling. Congratulations to you for your wonderful work.  

  53. Haribol!
    This one is wonderful brother, Even my eyes are ears are eager to know more & more about these numbers & creation which comes from the pores of Karanodakshya Vishnu, As mentioned in our scriptures that we are in the 6th manvantra, & by the 7th manvantra King Bali would be getting the post of Indra & there would be a fight between lord Vamana & Purender (Lord Indra).  (Lord Vaman is Brother of present Indra named Purender both came from mata Aditi)

    These numbers are out of our imigantions…but still this doesn’t end here.Once Lord Brahma comes at the door step of Sri Krishna at Dwarikapuri Dhama, the door keepers doen’t allow Brahma to enter the beautifull palace of Sri Krishna, Lord Brahma answers to the door keepers that go & let Sri Krishna know that BRAHMA has come (with little pride) :PThey went & gave the message to Krishna, Krishna asked the door keepers…Go and ask that guy with 4 head, WHO BRAHMA? Door keepers goes back & asks Who Brahma? (Lord Brahma thinks who Brahma? Are there any other Brahma also? ) Brahma replies the door keeper go & say Sri Krishna I am The Father of Sanath Kumars (The 4 kumars) They go & tell this to Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna oh! ok let him come  inside.Brahma enters the palace of Sri Krishna, after few minutes another Brahma comes with 5 heads, another with 6 heads, with 100 heads, & 1000 heads & this never stops.These all brahma comes & bows towards the lotus feets of Sri Krishna. Sukdevgo swami says, he can hear the sound of the head gear (goldll mukuts) banging here & there, when the 4 head Brahma from this Universe saw this incident he was shocked & he was looking as if a rabbit is stuck between the Lions :p (These are Sukdevgo swamis words, Sher ke beech me sassak) Lord Brahma realises that power of Sri Krishna.My story was just to conclude, that our Universe is 311 trillion years, How many years thpse Universe would be? where there is Lord Brahma with 1000 face :( Oh Krishna! These calculations & knowing the powers of the creator is really difficult to find out with our limited source of Mind, all other senses. Appreciated you wonderfull research on this one though, Hare Krishna…keep up the good work, Hare Krishna :)

    • Thank you very much for the beautiful comments. The universe is a wonderful creation to experience even with this limited senses of ours, how wonderful it would then be to experience it not limited by our senses – Krishna shows the path to it, Hare Krishna :)

  54. I cannot thank you enough for this post. I had lot of blanks before and this article helped me clearing so many doubts that I had. It all fits now… wow!
    Just one question- Is the value of “1 Kaliyuga = 432000 solar years!” from the vedas also?

  55. The Vedas and other Indian scriptures contain in them science that will take our scientists 1000s of years to fathom. the world is millions of years old. Higher intelligence has lived here and gone and been gracious enough to have presented us with all encompassing knowledge in the Vedas which they themselves described as infinite.

    And the stupidest thing is that Indians – and Hindus themselves- dont just put their heads down and get down to the task of disseminating the knowledge. But you have done it, please continue to do so.

    • Thank you very much for your comments. Yes, the biggest problem is our education system which makes us Macaulay infected people brainwashing us into believing that anythat that is west is scientific and great and anything that is Indian is illogical and unscientific. We need to address this at the root by introducing great ancient Indian achievements and history at the school level, and replacing the kinds of Shakespeares with Kalidasas in those books.

    • Thank you very much for your comments. Yes, the biggest problem is our education system which makes us Macaulay infected people brainwashing us into believing that anythat that is west is scientific and great and anything that is Indian is illogical and unscientific. We need to address this at the root by introducing great ancient Indian achievements and history at the school level, and replacing the kinds of Shakespeares with Kalidasas in those books.

  56. Exceptional, divine and amazingly holy. What better example needed to emphasize the Hindu concept from a religious as well as a scientific perception. This is the Hindu Universe, undoubtedly. All the others are illusions of blemish, like clouds in a clear blue sky.

  57. D/Sir

    No doubt that the vedas are divinely revealed literatures compiled different enlightened souls. Pls let me know wherefrom you got the human life span in each yuga.


    S. K.Das

    • The human life spans in different yugas is provided in many ancient books, for instance in Mahabharata Book 12 (Shanti Parva) Section 231.
      Guess the numbers for this in the article are wrong, have updated them. Thanks for that :)

      • Also this relates another fact logically, in Mahabharata Krishna is said to have lived for around 16 years when we calculate time difference between his birth and departure.

    • The human life spans in different yugas is provided in many ancient books, for instance in Mahabharata Book 12 (Shanti Parva) Section 231.
      Guess the numbers for this in the article are wrong, have updated them. Thanks for that :)

      Also this relates another fact logically, in Mahabharata Krishna is said to have lived for around 16 years when we calculate time difference between his birth and departure.

  58. Its been a long time since i have been searching for some information of this manner! logic n truth !! thanks a lot you made my day and also helped me to move forward with my world of knowledge and truth….

  59. Dear gurudeva,

    I read through many different sources that Lord Rama’s avatara was not in this current maha-yuga but actually occurred in the 24th maha-yuga of the current 7th manavanta. Is that true? IF yes, then what were the timings of other vishnu avatars. I am a bit confused regarding this….

    • Yes, that is true. Sri Rama was born in Treta Yuga of 24th Maha yuga.
      Matsya, Kurma, Varaha and Narasimha avatars were in Satya Yuga of 1st Mahayuga.
      Vamana Avatar was in Treta Yuga of 7th Mahayuga.
      Parashurama Avatar was in Treta Yuga of 19th Mahayuga.
      Krishna Avatar was in Dvapara Yuga of current 28th Mahayuga.
      Buddha Avatar was in Kali Yuga of current Mahayuga
      Kali Avatar is supposed to be in Kali Yuga of current Mahayuga

      And all these avatars are from the current Manvantara. Each Manvantara has a dashavatara if I am not wrong, guess it is a repeated cycle, Krishna says Sambhavami Yuge Yuge…

      Ref: Science of Manvantaras by Dr T P Verma
      Volume 8, No. 4 (2007), p-1)

      • Excellent..I would also pleased if you could describe about Yuga Sandhi and all the stuff..Like, how Yuga ends? How new Yuga starts.. etc.. as per described in vedas…

        Kindly clarify in which Mahayuga we are presently in? (I mean the no out of 71 Mahayugas). I know the Manvantara name of the present which is vaivasvatha.. I want the significance of the name and other details.

        Hope you will reply..Will be waiting for it..

        • yug ends with apocalyps of either 3 types according to gautam buddha-
          1′ war between human or any dominating race.
          2′ by the means of diseases.
          3′ or by disaster.

          only very small species shall remain to carryout evolution.
          cockroach is a tough race.

        • Good yuga doesnt mean total absence of evil, it only means good is dominating the bad, which is also why we see more avatars in the good yugas. The reverse is true in kaliyuga, which is why this yuga is short, and people have shorter life span than in other yugas.

      • thanks for replying gurudev,

        could you plz provide me any links wherein i can read more about such articles, is there online access to the Science of Manvantaras by Dr T P Verma.

        kindly guide

  60. Great efforts Gurudevji,

    I have readed this in Srimad-Bhagavata and the experinece while reading this was not comparable are you aware about the kundalini awaking i think so one of the chakra is awaken of yours.

    Basically i m a mechncial engg i m residing in mumbai and i m always very eager to know all such blogs. kindly send me your email id for my reference. my id is


  61. Helllllllllllooooooooooooooo


    What happened to you?
    Whay have you removed my post?

    Do you only like posts like :

    Very interesting posts, you really worked hard on it.
    Thanks a lot, could you kindly tell me where exactly have the vedas mentioned this calendar,

    At first you It was showing label like “Waiting for moderation” and then it is nowhere.

    Good Work

    • Hi Akshay,
      Your post was not deleted. It was marked as repetitive. Sorry about that.
      I had written a custom filter to withhold comments if the comments become repetitive for posts with large number of comments. Have disabled the filter for now and approved your comment.

      Well, I actually get bored with comments like “very interesting post” :)

  62. Dear Gurudev,

    Very interesting posts, you really worked hard on it.
    Thanks a lot, could you kindly tell me where exactly have the vedas mentioned this calendar,
    Thanks again.

    • Mahabharata, Shanti Parva, 231.12-32 describes the calendar in detail.

      The same calendar is also described in the following texts:
      Vishnu Purana 1.3
      Srimad-Bhagavata 3.11.19
      Bhagavad Gita 8.17
      Vayu Purana 57
      Brahma-Vaivarta Purana, Prakriti Khanda, Chapter 7.72-75
      Kalki Purana 19.12-14

      • Hi Gurudev,

        since 1 Mahayuga = collection 4 yugas as said earlier
        How you reached to this below
        Now finally we have reached to a timescale which we can relate to our own years.
        1 Kaliyuga = 432000 solar years!

        A Kaliyuga has the length of one Yuga. So One Mahayuga has 10 Yugas of which four are in Satya Yuga, 3 in Treta Yuga, 2 in Dwapara and 1 in Kali Yuga.

        • Sainath,
          The types of Yugas based on their nature are four ie Satya, Treta, Dvapara and Kali. However the length of each yugas is not the same. We take the length of Kaliyuga (the shortest Yuga) as the Unit of Yuga ie 432000 earth years. Dvapara is twice the length of Kali Yuga, Treta is three times and Satya Yuga is four times the length of Kaliyuga. So one Mahayuga has 10 Yugas where 1 Yuga is the Unit of Yuga which is the length of Kali Yuga.

            • 1 Mahayuga = 1 Kaliyuga + 1 Dvapara Yuga (which is 2 times Kaliyuga) + 1 Treta Yuga (which is 3 times Kaliyuga) + 1 Satya Yuga (which is 4 times Kaliyuga)
              So 1 Mahayuga = 10 Kaliyuga
              Since 1 Kaliyuga = 4,32,000 years
              1 Mahayuga = 10 Kaliyuga = 4,320,000 years

                    • It is defined, the number is not directly there. The definition is in terms of relating the length of the years of Gods with the length of years on Earth. One Yuga is said to be 1200 divine years, and one divine year is 360 years on Earth – so it becomes 1200×360 = 432000 years. And then also the ratio of each Yuga relative to Krita Yuga (Satya Yuga) is given here as 4:3:2:1, so we have 1 Mahayuga = 10 times of 432000 years.

                    • ok but is there some thing which shows how 1 divine year = 360 earth years… like how you have written this blog to calculate age of universe… has any one shown 1 divine year = 360 earth years similar way or in mahabharata etc…

                    • I guess that is not something that can be calculated, but is something that only can be observed. Like for instance Jupiter takes 12 earth years to move around the Sun once. We dont calculate this. We only see Jupiter’s motion and conclude that by the time 12 years are completed on Earth, only one year is completed on Jupiter. Similarly I guess the divine years of ancient texts may be in relation to some far away planetary system (land of Gods) whose motion around their star take 360 years to complete one orbital rotation. Just a guess :)

                    • since your answer on March 16, 2011 at 5:40 PM of 1 divine year = 360 earth years doesn’t have reply link posting reply here…

                      Thanks Gurudev.. thats where i was trying to reach probably, that there might be some divine place out there where some one has reached to observe divine years.. but still can it be possible for someone to be alive for 1200 divine years to say that 1 yuga is completed… since if we consider on earth, has some one lived for 360 years to say 1 divine year is completed… (i understand that there might be sages who actually due to meditation have synched with some other place/planet speed and might have realized this..but still trying to think on this…)

                      means this information might have come from top to bottom and not vice-versa i:e someone who has stayed for say 1 divine year comes and tells to earth that your 360 years is equal to my 1 divine year where i live.. wat say??? just a thought :)

                      Also is there anything or any reference which says like 1 earth year = x years on some other planet or so…. ??? just thinking or ours is last in the hirearchy…

                      and sorry again if all these are stupid/absurd ones :)

                    • Well, guess we dont necessarily require somebody from there to come and tell us about those planets. Take for instance astronomers today observe far away planetary systems via telescopes and determine the length of days and years in those planets around their star. So guess that is another way of knowing the duration by observation.

                    • yes…but as i asked can someone live for 350 yrs to tell 1 divine yr has passed…since 350 yrs is a long time
                      but, the other way around of someone coming and telling is also possible why not ??
                      or it might be possible to calculate movement speed of a distant star/planet from point A to point B and then calculate as how much time the star might take to revolve around SUN (or some other big star/galaxy), but for this the length of star/planet orbit must be known….

  63. hey, I just happened to read this article on net and thought this would interest you as well…
    check out this link:
    http: //

    very interesting and a rare case…. do u think it could be fake ?

    • Very interesting and looks like it definitely has substance in it. Well, even in cases of reincarnation the person is after all human, and many a times we cant remember past events of our current life itself, so a margin of error should definitely be allowed in remembering events from past life :)

      In the past there have been such scenarios reported about past life remembrances not only in India, but also in other parts of the world, and from that perspective it is definitely a true science which needs to be explored and understood by our modern science. As I said, what we call today as science is largely still incomplete and parts of it may cease to be science in the future. It has happened in the past, it will happen again. Human science is a process of continuous refinement of our understanding of the universe in an effort to come more closer to the actual science that governs this universe.

      Coming back to the case of reincarnation, 4-5 years back I observed that there was a sudden TREND of growing number of reports about children remembering their past lives, so that made it a little suspicious, probably parents trained their children into pretending things. For want of instant popularity, may be. This was similar to rising number of incidents where some homes/temples/places became instant hit with incidents like sai baba statue opening eyes, ganesha drinking milk, sea water becoming sweet (later was found that drainage water was getting mixed removing saltness from the sea water in that place :) and so on, again most probably due to want of quick fame. Life has become so fast today, people want quick money, quick fame, fast food, fast growth… So in such times it is a tedious task to filter out true incidents. Even scientists are stealing ideas, making false claims etc so need to be a little cautious, because today if top 10 news channels repeat a headline, or if top 100 search results say the same thing, then it becomes a fact :)

      • I agree, People fake things about miracles a lot and the number has been increasing now-a-days. I guess it is kaliyug!, and the scriptures state there will be fake sadhus and hardly any miracles during this period cuz man will be more than ever selfish, greedy, dishonest, ill mannered, in all ways lacking the qualities needed to get closer to the supreme godhead. But there maybe a few genuine miracles too Gurudev.

        Just another question , There is a particular incident where a demon hiranyaksha immerses the earth into bhogharva ocean(cosmic ocean) and lord varah appears and carries the bhumi out of the ocean on his tusk and kills the demon. But as per science there are no cosmic oceans..! the space is referred to as vacum and there is no identification of any ocean admist it.. what is all this then ? or has the earth fallen into an ocean of another planet that is maybe a thousand times larger than earth ! :p lol.. not sure if you cud answer this either.. and this story is presented as a fact , an avatar of lord vishnu..:)

        • Good question Padmini – the simple answer is Hiranyaksha according to me was a comet or an asteroid that hit earth like an Armageddon causing earth (land) to be submerged in vast amounts of water, probably the comet carried vast amount of ice in it, and that was the ocean that filled or flooded and submerged land on earth. Hiranykasha means Golden eyed, most probably a commet?! A thousand year of fight indicates millions of years (A single day of God is an year on earth) during which the land finally came up and started floating above the oceans. Vishnu here is the cosmic force which caused this resurrection of earth, and hence it is also said that in this avatar Vishnu married Earth (Prithvi).
          Great topic. Will write a detailed post on this :)

          • Quite possible Gurudev…. :)

            I happened to listen to this from someone that the Rig Vedas describe the earth to be stationary, which indeed revokes the scientific theories… Now no one would know for sure if the earth rotates and revolves or is simply stationary- and that all these theories were simply an imagination of a scientist who performed experiments with pre conceived notions…. till date we dont have a full pact proof to show us that the earth indeed rotates and revoles- all there is are the childish pendulam experiments( whoese behavious cud well be due to some other factor)and the time lapse videos recorded from space -(Again this cannot say for sure it was a result of the earth movement alone)..

            Also, As far my knowledge goes there never has been second expedition to moon , ppl are huddled into believing that expeditions exist and man landed , water is there water is not there , as far as radar technology and remote sensing is concerned , till date there is no technology which can sense any objects in adense forested area on the earth itself . SO how can we believe that remote sensing is giving accurate data [ spectroscopic assumptions ] on something which is far away and inaccesiible , like water on distant planet , till date dense aforested places on earth itself are unexplored and no technology is advanced enough to such exploration . til date , extent of antartica is not estimated . Its not yet affirmatively decisive that whether thee is a valley or mountain in antartica .
            The same goes fr arctic . why is there no satellite imagery of globe upside down , if there cn be an expedition towards moon etc , there should have been an experiment to search antartica from below through a launch towards southern space ! have u ever heard of such a launch ., what deters such expedition ,. if remote sensing can be done on moon , then such remote sensing should be possible even on south pole as native as earth . what keeps darkness of south so allusive to remote sensing or imagery !
            Also when we cover long distances on aeroplanes and helicopter our distances are calculated based on the notion that the earth remains stationary, if the earth moved and that too a full 360 deg every day– how on earth cud we cope up with the time lapses then ?! we obviously dont know the speed of the rotation, right ?

            really a topic worth noting, i feel when we have no solid proofs at all…. still we go by western notions that this is the 21st centurary and nothing else, and that the earth does spin and revolve and the hindu epics are pure mythology and aryans invaded india and vedas have an origin(that date which is still not firmly establed but yes we have to study so cuz the english say so !)

            • I differ a bit here Padmini :)
              Earth does indeed rotate and it has been well observed even from missions sent to distant planets like Mars and Jupiter. Rigveda does not state that Earth is fixed. It clearly states that the “land on the earth is fixed as observed from earth in the form of hills, mountains etc) and yet the Earth still Rotates, and this is the reason why Sun never Sets and not all parts of Earth gets into darkness during night”. This clearly indicates – RigVeda says that when one part of earth has day, the other has night and that the Earth rotates, even though it APPEARS not to be rotating when viewed from Earth looking at hills and mountains. Remote sensing are all proved and still evolving technology, now whether Americans really landed on Moon or not is disputed many a times and can be debated. Because they never did it again for more than half a century after that!

              Regarding travel by aeroplane, the distances are calculated considering earth stationary because, aeroplanes are still inside Earth and are part of Earth. It is not that if we take a helicopter and go up the earth below will continue moving and we can simply come down to land on a different location. I used to wonder about this as a kid, just go up in aeroplane and stay there and since earth continue to move below, if you come down after 2-3 hours you should be in different state or country. Well, that is not possible because even when we go up in aeroplane the plane continues to rotate along with earth because of the momentum, the plane is still part of Earth just like atmosphere is. Think about sitting in a moving train (Galilean Relativity), if you throw a ball straight up it still comes straight down to your hand even though the train is moving, that is because the ball carries with it the momentum of the train. The same holds for aeroplanes too.

              Hindu epics and Puranas are pure history and science. Even Vishnu Purana clearly states about Earth’s rotation. If you see Puranas, they are time to time documentation of the history as it progressed. Which is why you see new Puranas evolving from time to time about ancient history. Purana itself means “earlier happenings”. Aryans invading India is baseless theory, there is not a single evidence for that, just like the way there is not a single evidence for PIE language. The fictitious PIE language was created so as to prevent Sanskrit from getting its place of being the Mother of all Languages.

          • To conclude: Iam confused on what to believe: one side you have the easlily understandable The earth rotates on an axis which causes day and night and revolved around the sun for seasons and the other side
            rig vedas bhasyam stating the sun and the entire universe revolved around the earth and the earth is stationary that violate all known laws of physics, seems unrealistic…. hmm….. how can science be vedas then ?!

            • Also, when we travel by air the distances are calculated considering the earth is stationary…. if such a huge earth did rotate a full 360 deg in just one day– the speed should be super fast ( for us to travel from east to west, just 180deg we need more than a day) at super sonic speeds! so how does the earth manage this kinda magical rotation..?! weird !

              Scientifically, The speed at which the earth spins varies upon your latitudinal location on the planet. If you’re standing at the north pole, the speed is almost zero but at the equator, where the circumference of the earth is greatest, the speed is about 1,038 miles per hour (1,670 kph). The mid-latitudes of the U.S. and Europe speed along at 700 to 900 mph (1125 to 1450 kph).Why isnt any of these considered while flying onaboard?! wouldnt there be utter chaos if the speeds differed on diff places? and why shud the speed differe when the entire body mass rotates?

              And again, if the constallation are observed from say point X at one point of time– the constallation changes over a period of time from the same point X, right? So this could be 1. the earth is moving or 2. also cuz the constallations are moving in space and the earth is still stationary…lol…

              • No it is perfectly scientific that earth rotates at high speeds and we wont feel it. Consider you traveling in a superfast bullet train at constant speed, even though the train is moving at such high speeds, you wont feel the speed except for initial acceleration when it starts. In this bullet train if you throw a ball straight up vertically in air, it will still come back and land straight down on your hand, even though the train is moving at such great speeds. Now consider the train to be earth and the ball to be aeroplane :)
                So this is what happens when an aeroplane takes off, it still continues to have that momentum of earth and so continues to move in the direction of the earth’s motion without any extra effort, and we dont feel that high speed of earth because we are always moving at that constant speed. While the difference in speed is negligible for most of air travel which happens on either sides of the equator, otherwise even that is considered. Space shuttle / rocket launches for instance take place near the equator and in the direction of the rotation of Earth to make maximum use of Earth’s huge speed as these shuttles or rockets will be moving out of earth’s atmosphere and hence will then take with them the earth’s speed of rotation easily. Earth’s atmosphere on the other hand is almost tightly coupled with earth’s rotational speed except for local wind speeds which are again taken into account in aircraft landing, take off and travel.

                Regarding constellation movements, it HAS to be earth’s motion because otherwise the precise direction of constellation motions look like as if Earth is the center of the universe around which all starts and galaxies move, while the truth is IT IS NOT :)

            • This myth of Rigveda saying Earth is stationary is propagated by those who dont know Sanskrit or want to misguide people into believing that ancient vedic texts are unscientific.
              Rigveda 10.149.1 clearly states, “The sun has tied Earth and other planets by its attraction and moves them around itself as if a trainer moves newly trained horses around himself holding their reins.”
              Vishnu Purana, Shatapatha Brahmana all talk about Earth’s rotation on its axis and earth moving around Sun. The very System of Navagraha with Sun at its Center proves the Point that ancients knew that all planets moved around Sun. Even later scholars like Sayanacharya, Aryabhata knew this fact.

              • Gurudev

                since earth is rotating continuously, then our east should become west sometime during the entire day/night.. i mean these directions should also change rt?? i mean when we say my house is facing east, at some point during 1 day/night it actually faces west or this is absurd… you got what i am saying ???

                • Earth always rotates in the same direction, and what we call directions are fixed to earth not outside earth :)
                  I mean you dont have directions like this in outer space – there is no north south east west there. The direction in which earth rotates – we call it from west to east – so we always see sun rising in the east, move up in the sky and set in the west and next day come back again from east and so on…. This is true no matter where we are on the planet (except for poles) since Earth is round.

                  • that might be a stupid question :)
                    but, then if east is east on earth only… then in our night ( house door which on east) is actually on the other side of the sun or not ???… and if direction is not there in outer space… why our east is decided from where the sun rises ???? i mean at night sun is not rising for us where our house door is facing still how can it remain as east .. these are couple more stupid ones may be :)

                    • No, directions dont change depending on position of Sun, East remains east always. East is just the direction from where Sun rises as we see, and west is the direction opposite to it where Sun appears to set as we see, it doesnt matter where Sun is at other points of time.
                      So assume that we see Sun rising in the east, then Sun moves on and sets in the west, but that west is the east of the other side. I guess this is what is your question? :)
                      That doesnt make a difference because Earth is round – assume that you see Sun rising in the east and you keep moving towards west with the speed of Sun’s motion in the sky, so you will always keep seeing the Sun as rising in the same direction east (in different parts of the world though as you are continuously moving), and after 24 hours you will be back to the point where you started. So now you see how east remains east throughout.

                    • sorry not clear gurudev…

                      i am saying we are not moving as such (its the earth rotation thats why we are spinning on the same position[point])… and while spinning at 1 point our back should be towards sun i.e what we were seeing as east (which is actually relative to sun) has now become west in the night .. i am asking this since was thinking about vastushastra since it is dependent on the directions :)

                    • Its like this Sainath,

                      No matter where you are on Earth (except for near poles), the direction where Sun rises is the East and the direction where Sun appears to set is the West. Please note that these directions are NOT fixed, but move along with you. So if you are point A and think that if you go to the other side of the Earth exactly opposite to point B and that east becomes west and west becomes east, then you are wrong because the directions also move with you, because even on the other side Sun rises from the same direction as was in this side and sets in the same direction. Which is why I said, imagine continuously moving from one side to the other and you see that the directions also move with you and will remain the same even if you end up on the other side of the earth, because there is nothing like half of earth where the land suddenly ends and directions get reversed.

                    • gurudev i understand this… but lets say For point A currently sun rise is there. Now this pint A remains there itself and as you say a Person X start moving and reaches other opposite side to Point B (opposite of Point A) here it is east since sun is there…. but what of Point A (which had its east since sun was there) now since sun has moved and person x has moved along with sun, but the Point A is still where it was it is not moving with sun rt???

                    • It would be very easy to explain this, if you can just hold a sphere and track down the person :)
                      The point is directions are relative to the person, not to a point, its just like when a person asks a person coming in the opposite direction about a route, and the person replies “Go straight and take left”, whether the left is “my left” or “your left”

                      No matter where you go, Sun always rises in the east. The catch is directions DONT MOVE, direction is an indicator answering “on which side”. Its not like, if it is sun rise here, then it is east here and west on the other opposite side. It is like, no matter where you go, sun rises on this side and sets on that side.

              • Gurudev You are a genius ! :)

                You have the right answers to every question…. and i’m so fortunate n glad to have found your site….

                keep up the excellent work and god bless….:) :)


  64. For different and most probably correct perspective of yugas,Please look at the following link-last para.

    Sri yukteshwarji, has written a book ‘The holly science’.

    According to him current yuga is dwapara yuga.My interpretation of his view is that Yugas are the time slots in time cycle in which the earth consciousness will be exposed to extent of spiritual energy which he says originates at the center(black whole) of our galaxy.
    With increased ex-poser of energy human-consciousness will gradually become aware of all pervading energy(which is evident),all pr4evading consciousness(atomic science,quantum mechanics),will be able to grasp vastness of space,new methods of communication(In this book written some 100 years ago)It has been mentioned that this century belongs to radio waves or advent of communication revolution which i find just exact.In just last century if you look the co-incidental inventions/observations and resultant awareness they caused ,;; if you did’t get amazed then you missed something.Just try to compare what humanity achieved in last 1100-1700 which according to him was part of kalyuga and last two centuries.I find the similarity of events here

    1) Evolution of human being.
    2) Evolution of Modern science.

    I believe with this two human consciousness itself is taking some next step towards higher truth.
    He has given clear graphs,figures to illustrates the things.
    According to him kalyuga is the smallest of all yugas which lasts some 2400 or so years.while satyayuga runs for some 6k to 10k years which seems realistic.
    when vedic texts talk abt yugas of astronomical time which is rediculas; at least i am not able to comprehend the significance of human life after lakhs of years( kalyuga cycle) and is contradictory to the obvious flow of spiritual uplift of consciousness(not individual humans) as it gives comparatively very very small time for sat-yuga.

  65. some people say dec 2012 is the end of one phase and beginning of another era..gurudev what does our vedas hav to say on the kali yug ending this soon?
    or will there be any sort of calamity? any predictions in vedic astrology that u know of which supports the mayan theory..?

  66. ok i have a doubt… as per our shastra there are 9 planets which is what science says..but why does our shastra include sun and moon under planets..? why is neptune and pluto not included ?…. also the sun is supposed to ligh up only our universe as per science which states there are billions amd billions of universes and each have their own sun(no. might vary)..but as per our shastras the sun is clearly stated to light up three lokas or more–that is 3 universes i presume…so can there be a loophole in science? because the shastras were writtem even before man had come up with any civilisation and invention, which soo accurately describes the shape of the earth, equator, stars, gravity, pythogras theorm(sulva sutra), seasons etc etc.. so i find it hard to doubt the shastras.. what’s ur take on this..?

    • Shastras never define Planets as the way western science does. Now I dont know who equated planets of western astronomical concept with grahas of our ancient shastras :)

      Graha is NOT a planet, it is just an astronomical body in the relative vicinity of earth with an ability to impact the life on Earth. Else dont you think they would have also included Earth as a Graha :)

      So we have Sun, Moon, Mercury etc as the nearby large bodies of solar system which are physical bodies which can impact life on earth due to their vicinity and huge mass. Then we also have two chaya grahas called Rahu and Ketu which are not physical bodies, but nodal points in the Sun,Moon,Earth plane and these are the points related to Eclipses which are again known to impact life on Earth as during eclipses the relative equations between Earth, Sun and Moon change. Note that Neptune, Pluto etc are not listed as Grahas because the ancient sages did not find any large impact from these planets or astronomical bodies on the life on earth. So Grahas are NOT planets, but are nearby astronomical bodies or points.

      The three lokas which sun lights up are Bhur, Bhuva and Suvah, which is what is mentioned while praising Sun in the Gayatri Mantra, and the three lokas actually are Bhur=Earth, Bhuva=atmosphere around Earth, Suvah is the surrounding higher sky above the atmosphere which can as well include rest of the solar system.

  67. Thank you for all the information! I really needed the information on the four yugas. Particularly Treta yuga and Dwapara yuga.

    I know Kali Yuga translated in English means THE DARK AGE but what are the other yugas translated in english? (I don’t want the meaning I just want the direct english translation) that is sooo hard to find nowadays!!

    Oh and what’s this about 71 mahayugas!! I

    • Well they cant be literally translated, you can think of the four yugas as from the best to the worst ages or from the brightest to the darkest ages, the darkest being Kali. 71 Mahayugas is the cycle of repeating of all these four yugas 71 times.

  68. Love is when you’re attracted to something or someone. Gravity=Love, and you know all the rest.

    Learning a little bit more everyday. Anyway, after reading this article I’m left wondering is since we’re suopposed to be living in a dark age…

    “Kali Yuga lasts for 10% of its Mahayuga- Kali means Darkness in Sanskrit (not to be confused with Kaali which is godess), no wonder we are in this age.”

    …I’m wondering if this is supposed to mean a period of evil and efforts to overcome this evil is futile, or whether it means we’re living in an age of not understanding things very well and we’re ‘not to supposed to’ understand. So try as we might we just don’t have it in us to understand things, how the world works and so on, just yet.

    Evil or ignorance, which one does it mean? Both perhaps?

    One more thing, I was doing some reading about ancient astrology and learned a few things about the ages of the zodiac. Christ is of the age of Pisces, the fish. And from what I read the age of Aquarius begins in about another 150 years. We’re talking about actual movement of the stars here, not some fantasy. So these Vedic philosophies make any mention of anything comparable to the zodiac?

    • Yes – you are right – in Kaliyuga things are much more difficult to understand and realize – the illusion of materialism and physical senses blind folds us into being limited by our eyes and ears – we are insulated from seeing beyond our physical senses – while the ancients of other ages were believed to have the power to see beyond the obvious – but nonetheless difficult does not mean impossible. Well, as far as my knowledge goes vedas dont talk in terms of zodiac, they talk in terms of stars – 27 of them considered important – and so they talk about the age of stars.

  69. I was just going through this reily wonderful stuff on net- its called Dasa sahitya- The process of creation of the Bramhanda written by a very renowned sage Sri Vadirajatirtha.
    Check this out link :

    I get my answers to all the questions related to the supreme being from here– in ENGLISH :p (I am poor at reading and writing my native language– which is very sad i know ) !

    lemme knw how u find the link…i thought this wud interest u as u sound like a deep thinker :)


    • Thank you very much Padmini for that wonderful link. Very informative. language is to convey information and knowledge, so as long as the meaning is conveyed that should not be a problem. But I guess we also need to get this information in local languages made available to students and general public who can’t understand English, because such kind of knowledge are great treasures.

      • true true..
        I have done all kinds of research on Hindu heritage and will attest to the validitiy of its majorty beliefs,Indian scriptures- be it the vedas upanishads gita etc are truly the most divine books in the world. It is sad to see Indians doubting their own rishis and saints these days….the worst are these new breed of wannabe modern pseudo-liberals in India.

  70. great job .I really enjoyed reading your article .can you please help my 16 year old daughter find an idea for math fair. since you seem so smart .I will pay for your kind help .take care .may God bless you .

  71. You are really sweet to patiently answer everyone’s comment on this wonderful blog of urs…

    u seem to have a laser sharp mind..brilliant …

    i just read ur other blogs too just a couple of hours back… count me in ur fan list …


    • Thank you very much padmini, that is very nice of you. well I am an individual thinking too much about environmental pollution, surrounding corruption, cultural erosion, heritage protection, terrorist intention and so on and wanna resolve ALL problems to make this planet a better place to live, not only for humans but for all other forms of life who have as equal rights as homo sapiens on the resources of this planet. As a quote goes, I strongly believe that we have NOT inherited the resources on this planet from our ancestors but we are caretakers of the resources that actually belong to our future generations. Yugas are not some changes in the external world out there, but are actually changes within our internal mindset. If collectively most humans think of well-being of all, then that is satya yuga and the reverse mind-set where only power, money and egoism hold center stage, then we enter kali yuga.

      May the collective human mindset on this planet come on the right track of satya yuga once again :)

  72. wow…

    i need sometime to digest all the math here….

    we need to be proud of our ancient scriptures and rishis… this is indeed kali yug, so deluding… man is only only only behind money and glamour….

  73. wow…

    i still need some time to digest all the math here ..!

    excellent research…. we need to be proud of our ancient scriptures and sages…. kali yug is truly deluding…. man is only only only behind money and glamour….

    • very true padmini. Man has become completely materialistic refusing to give time to listen to his/her inner voices, allowing mind and brain to be guided(or rather misguided) by just our five sense organs, where modern education is making man more individualistic and self-centered rather than social-centric and service minded. Service to society has become a upper-class hobby rather than human duty. rupee owns man rather than the other way round. life is mechanical for most people and the only goal is enter into the trap of credit cards and EMIs and keep working day and night, on weekends and on holidays to pay those EMIs, entire family sitting together for a meal is rare again and so on…..

  74. So very true, thank you very much for that. Hopefully we will have the remaining non-physical (or may we say non-materialistic) of the mysteries solved in this century. Of course solving one set of mysteries always creates another new set of mysteries they are to be solved next.

  75. Great arithmetic, but according to me the ‘singularity’ and the ‘physical world’ are the impersonification of Lord Vishnu’s navel and Lord Brahma because along with the universes the laws governing them were also created which require an intelligent mind which only a ‘person’: not made up of flesh and bones(matter), as the general perception, but made up of ‘spirit’ (or spiritual body), can posses.

  76. Super arithmetic man, but i reckon that the singularity and the physical universes are the impersonification of Lord Vishnu’s navel and Brahma, because along with the universes the laws governing them were also made and for making laws and maintaining order you need an intelligent mind which only a person possesses.

  77. hi Gurudev,
    great effort in elucidating facts about our vedic science – one thing, such articles giving startling figures really help in our comprehension of time immemorial




    • Thanks Sridharan for your comments. Hawking in his book equates understanding the theory of everything to understanding the mind of God, and that is because this theory of everything is supposed to answer all our queries related to how the universe formed, how exactly is it evolving, what exactly is the relation between space, time, matter from the level of quarks to blackholes. So it is like reading what God had in his mind when he created this universe, but Hawking being almost an atheist merely uses the term as a metaphor here.

      Vedic wisdom which is more quantum mechanical in nature, and zen buddhism is another philosophical stream which is nearer to this. The difference between science and vedic philosophy is that while science tries to find answer in materialistic terms, the vedic wisdom describes the functioning of the universe in terms of supreme consciousness that it says all pervades the universe. While science tries to discover what the different scientific laws of nature are, vedic wisdom gives them a causal dimension trying to explain why the laws are the way they are. But the discussions all the way concentrate on philosophical approach of understanding the universe by actually getting a feel of having understood it, rather than break it down into mere formulae of modern science. Schrodinger’s equation becomes interesting and one would be able to understand it not by using the formulae and applying it to solve equations, but only by discussing its nature in and out in a language which everybody understands, and that is what vedic teachings do.

      Will write an article sometime on the mentioned works, too lengthy to reply in comments :)

  79. I want to know about the scientific thoughts in vedas.
    i heard that the rishis knew that the earth rotates by itself and revolve the sun. i want to know more. please

  80. hello sir,
                     Is it true that the time come when kaliyuga finished……….reply me

  81. Brahma Created the universe or life on earth Because to do work ‘Karma” as a part of it.  As per vedas, there is not even one anu, Part which doesn’t do work or involve in a change ‘Parivartana’. Creation “Srushti” is the work of Brahma assigned by his master, so he will do his work the ‘karma’. It is also part of his work ‘karma’ to absorb back his creation at the end of the day.  So, if there is no life on earth or end to the universe, it is also part of his work the ‘karma’.

  82. Dear Gurudev,
    I am been following your blog since 3-4 weeks. The articles you have written are very informative. I am grateful to u for providing such knowledge to all of us. I have a doubt hope u will clear it.
    1> Pls tell me according to the Vedas why the universe was created? (am asking why and not how)
    2>According to vedas why their is life of earth?
    Warm regards,

    • Dear Arun,
      Vedas say that the cycle of creation of the universe and its destruction is the result of the thought process in supreme consciousness whom we call Narayana or the Parama Purush. The entire universes are part of this supreme consciousness. The universe is a manifestation of God. All matter contains innate divinity and evolution is the process of realizing that divinity. When the supreme consciousness moves back into yoga nidra ie out of the thought process the universe gets destroyed and again the cycle starts later.
      Also, vedas do not say that life is only on earth, there are references in vedic texts for life on other planetary systems also.

      • Your work as try good but as standard ….When you explain any thing please refer mandal sookt shlok no. of particular veda. As my knowledge above mention explanation is purana based.

      • I am pretty sure I am posting at a wrong place. Whatever you have discussed, you always stop with Vishnu. According to my mom, Vishnu came from Adi Para Sakthi–The one mother of all. Do you concur or is there something that was left out??

  83. Hello mr gurudev I wonder whats ur true name, let me know more about you and communicate more. In past so many years I was busy in my hectic medical discourse but I wanted to further my studies in ancient Indian sciences and history. Although being in the cosmic enlightenment center as well as the cultural capital(if one doesnt disagree!) on earth(atleast in recent past)- varansi right now i had access to books but couldn’t read all. So suggest me good things, where u based in India?
    I have been a student of physics and maths too and i simply loved astrophysics and its intricacies and latest in astrophysics and everything. basically knowledge are pockets of same flow of wisdom stream!
    I wanted to know whats going on in particle physics and right here I wanted to talk about light.
    I suspect and our books have enough evidnce to say- light has variable speed!
    Plancktonian doctrine might forbid a matter having mass>0 at c=speed of light but it may be that light is tamed in different pockets of universe differently! It’s quite possible that we live in maze which creates a mystery like receding galaxies or ‘bigbang’. I have little doubts in hypothesizing that all the laws that run in a certain geo-galactico-physical reference are not followed elsewhere. We are seperated by big distances to actually fathom closer.
    But this distance might not actually be so big that we could not interact with other lifeforms! Its only some mysterious sheet of curtain that creates a maze of huge distances! But this puzzle will only be solved if humans (race and scientists) reached a certain mental or spiritual status!
    Only interdisciplinary discussions between thinking people could bringforth something! The “gyan yoga”.
    But not evryone can take part here, there are some like ‘nitin’ who’d be scared of thinking too much beyond their cup let them be aloof in their farcical spiritual domains. all the intelligent scientists have talked of the higher consciousness\entity, the religion (not all), Hinduism, Ved and even God. It needs stupendous capacities to know and then to still keep yourselves in right frames of thinking\existence etc!!!
    because the boundaries are gigantically mindboggling!!
    I suspect there are things which can run faster than light, light can be taken as a perceptible matter, you cannot measure other speed on the scales of physical scale ie. physics. eg.- You cannot eat everything- you cannot eat honesty, similarly one cannot smell the dark etc.
    when we leave a certain plane we encounter multiple references and coordinates and we are puzzled, we hardly hv any ability to deal with more than what we can handle.
    Theoretically human can become deity and then God. Only connecting line is- the knowledge= “gyan”.
    but more of it, all of it.
    And I’d say Ved are the highly condensed,abridged pack of wisdom that encompassed huge lengths and time, those who wrote couldnot write all of it, they abridged it, made it palatable to their then disciples but still in so many years the core content has remained although the we haven’t found the methods which would be then for very sure but vanished because of “loss in transit” may be.
    It doesn’t matter anyone believes it or not, or anyone wants to claim it or not any sane wise one would find it mindboggling – because of sheer truth not all of which we can ascertain though by current tools.
    Dr Shailesh G,

    • Dr Shailesh,
      Gurudev is my real name :)
      Great to hear that you are interested in Physics, and all that you have said is so very true. Especially when you say vedas are highly condensed, its so a right term to use, each single verse contains great amount of knowledge, and this knowledge is revealed depending on how good the reader is in understanding and decoding the context. Great to know about you sir. Yes physics todays speculates the existence of particles called tachyons which are said to travel faster than light and would never slow down below the speed of light! Also due to increasing speed of expanding universe and increasing amount of space being created between galaxies it is also possible that there are faraway galaxies which we can never see or come to know about simply because the space in between is expanding at a speed greater than the speed of light!

  84. Very insightful and interesting read. Thanks for sharing. It is really amazing that our Vedas are so rich in knowledge and yet we (our population in general) no longer seem to be following/reading them. I am glad that people like you are bringing forth this knowledge to the world.

  85. hey …guru… i am very young by ur age….but am equally intrested in vedas…and the power of ancient history…. i live in lithuania….in europe.
    I want to start from scratch … hindi is not very good…it takes much time to read…so can u tell me any site where i am read step by step vedas… and where should i start from….plzzz help me…..i have the thirst for knowledge ….though i have started reading ….but i an not find …very good …source of reading……


  86. Please comment about the calculation in ‘The Holy Science’ . I find the calculation in Sri Yukteswarji’s book to be much more convincing. He also tells us why the length of Kaliyuga is not 432,000 years and is actually 1200 years. He says the miscalculation was caused by a scholar in Kaliyuga. In that case, maybe the age of universe is 15 billion years according to Vedas.

  87. This is excellent. What Gurudev said is correct. When compared to vedas, the present science has developed only 20% of the vedas.  In Vedas the birth and death of universe exists but scientists or people don’t know the exact information about the birth and death of universe. Vedas really exists and it is true

  88. Dear Gurudev,
    Your post is excellent.  Regardless of whether it is “verifiable” or “retrofitting” as others may consider, it shows the tinge of unabashed pride in one’s identity, which is thoroughly lacking in today’s Indians.  I don’t think your credibility will go down because of those persons whose forefathers converted to non-Vedic religions just for pecuniary benefits or for a more colorful idendity.  To me, one who is unable to digest his identity but speaks as if he knows the most and as if he is the most broad-minded person in the world, is the worst kind of hippocrite and suffers from serious lack of self-esteem.   Ask them to check out
    Regardless of all these QA engineers who are bent on finding faults in your theory, you are one of a kind.  You are that rare person who takes pride in his identity and sets out working on his roots no matter what “rationalists” may say.
    Once again, kudos to your effect.  Some of our prideless Indian brethren may let the Vedic religion go down the drain and adopt the religions that borrowed from us, but the Vedic religion will live forever.  That is the true identity of India, the land that was home to great civilizations much before the so-called early civilizations.

    Cheers and kudos, once again.

    Best Regards,

    • Dear Sriram,

      Thank you very much for your appreciation. Yes I am very proud of my roots and for those rationalists who talk about scientific outlook my answer is that, just look back a bit at the history of modern science and you would see that once in every century or so what was thought to be scientific earlier was proved to be unscientific later. Start with aristotle’s universe and till we arrive at bigbang universe and quantum mechanics and string theory today, a lot of old science is unscientific today. Today Quantum mechanics says telepathy is possible and controlling of events remotely is also possible, general relativity says time travel is possible and tunneling through space is possible, and these rational people call the same instances unscientific when quoted from ancient texts.

      Modern science has evolved just over the past few centuries and if in such a short span of time if modern science could achieve so much, then a civilization which existed for a few thousand years definitely would have achieved much more. That is what is more rational to me and I feel that to a large extent modern science is a reinvention of the wheel.

      And it doesnt just stop there. All great modern scientists ranging from Einstein, Schrodinger, Heisenberg, Carl Sagan, Oppenheimer etc have read the vedic texts and appreciated them. This is not to say that we need a certificate from the west but to point out that our local rationalists cant even think like these scientists, have no updates on the recent developments in modern science and yet claim to be scientific :)



  89. Read the “Holy Science” by Sri Yukteshwar giri, the guru of Paramahamsa Yogananda. According to him 1 Mahayuga is 24000 years containing ascending and descending Satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali yugas. Also each Satya yuga is 4800 years, treta 3600 years, dwapara 24o0 years and kali 1250 years. According to him we are in ascending Dwapara year 309 to be precise. His reasoning is based on astronomical calculations and he had a different interpretation for Vishnu nabhi.  He also quotes sloka from manu Samhita that describes how the yugas are broken down. I feel his explanation was more rational and so I don’t quite agree with the info on this website. Sorry :-)

  90. I have been writer of Sri Rama Ramayana since 15 years ago and also research the Ramayana Sethu and Lanka . the Simhala (sri lanka) and Ravana lanka two islands different , the sri lanka was south-east side and Lanka was south side , sri lanka 7degrees and lanka upon 0 degree.

  91. Respected Gurudev !!
    I came across your your Web Site,inicdentally, trying to find the names of the previous kalpas.. !! I found the names and you too .. !!!

    • after half more time i think brahmaji will be destroyed. since his life span is 100 years. and note that u said universe to be destroyed, not universe because universe is created and destroyed by him in days and nights. he creates in day and destroyes in night the whole universe. and again in next day he creates universe. 155 trillions years is the actual age of him from the very first day of his life. ie 18000 days are passed. and yup after almost 18000 days he himself will be dissolved in VISHNU. and then one more brahma will be born having a life span of another 100 years.

  92. Hello Guru.
    I think it has been a great pleasure for me to reach this blog.
    I am a great buff of History(especially Indian). I am pursuing MBA from a reputed college in MUMBAI.
    I know my interests and my field of study doen’t match at all.
    Quite often my friends laugh at my strange obsession.
    But I am quite passionate about history. I have read much work on Ancient,Medieval and Modern History.
    About two years ago I came in contact with History mentioned in Vedas along with all the other Sciences.
    From then I have read much about the Vedic Knowledge from all available sources namely Internet,Libraries etc.
    I have read about the incredibly long time spans of yugas , about the great scientific achievements of our ancestor.From my studies I think that vedas and other sacred scriptures of Hinduism like Upanishads ,Ramayan,Mahabharat present not only the History of our Country but that of the World nay of the entire Universe………
    I used to think that not much youngsters of this country would be interested in such type of stuff,but seeing this blog ,I am quite delighted.
    I will appreciate if you could find me the answers of few questions after doing related research as I could not ascertain them.
    From my Knowledge we are at the moment in 7th Manvantra’s 28th MahaYuga’s Kali Yuga of this day of Brahma.
    1.Firstly about the Date of Mahabharata
    Is it 3139 B.C as thought by relation to beginning of Kali Yuga (3102 B.C.)?
    Or it is 5561 B.C as ascertained by Dr. P.V. Vartak in his book “”The Scientific Dating of Mahabharata””(though beginning of Kali Yuga is same at 3102 B.C)?

    2.Secondly about time frame of Lord Rama
    in which Mahayuga’s treta Yuga he existed?

    I will be quite greatful if you could answer me these questions.

  93. A person can believe the Vedas, or can actually read them after acquiring the required skills. For laymen like Brad and myself, believing in some scripture is no different from believing in the theory of relativity. I understand that it is simply easier for most of us to believe in modern science because fallibility of modern science implies a total waste of most of our lives and its actions. Imagine how a professor of history would react if he was to face the truth that all his studies were based on not knowledge, but faith!
    Many people are stumped by big names. For them, I must mention here that what I just said is basically what Derrida has said about the fundamental place of faith in any knowledge system. The funny thing is that the history professor who vehemently opposes what I just said, would not dare raise a finger against the same thought process if it is labeled “”Derrida”” from the beginning!

  94. Interesting read. Though I wonder why would anybody believe the vedas! :) I could ‘concoct’ stories like these with strange words that allude to the Hindu religion/culture and come up with some stupendous numbers- doesn’t mean you are going to believe me, are you?

    Here is a Wiki article –
    Interestingly, do click on ‘Origin belief’ that corroborates the story here.

  95. Hey Guru,
    You rock man. your knowledge is abundance abt every possible thing, would love to meet you. I stay in US, do let me know how i can meet you.

    Do let me know if you would like to visit here, i will arrange.
    It would be great to meet you in person and talk to you.

  96. FTL is not a theory is theoretical speculation.
    Nothing can go faster than light is a cardinal principle in physics. If any thing violates that principle , we have to re write the entire laws of physics.
    Bose-Einstein Condensation is a mile stone theory , that quantum phenomenon can be observable in the macro level is validated by the experiment. Eric Cornell and Carl Wieman won the Nobel prize for this great achievement in 1995..
    Sateyndra Nath Bose a brilliant mathematician from Calcutta from the past years , invented a new type of statistics, that he applied to the group of gas molecules and predicted , at the super cool temperatures these gas molecules will form an exotic matter. Some speculated the machines made from this exotic matter could lead to Time Travel .An active research going on in this area.
    A new ,soon to be operational, Hadron super Collider in Sweden expected to lead an unprecedented new discoveries and provide experimental verification for several theories in Physics.

  97. Its too early to speculate the final outcome of any theory, may be its regarding FTL, for the moment the fact is that quantum mechanics and relativity theory do not agree on vital issues. And another fact is that by each passing day speculation are on rise due to entry of singularity, dark matter, dark energy, role of observer (consciousness) etc. into physics. Euqally important the fact is that there is less scope left for experiments and its more a theoratical excercise. We all have to wait for long to see the issues are settled down in physics, if these will settle at all?

  98. information cannot travel faster than light

    Well… maybe yes… maybe no… ;)
    I guess we have to wait for the outcome of this experiment :D
    See this also.

    Boy I can’t wait to learn about the result of this… :D

  99. Yes Abhilash, relativity does not prohibit FTL, all it says is that information cannot travel faster than light.
    But then again we also have quantum non locality, which Einstein called ‘spooky action at a distance’!

    As for the universal expansion, its also possible that the physical constants like c,G etc are not really constants, but are variables whose value depends on the age of the universe! Initially the value of c might have been much larger, and as the value of c came down to present value, the earlier expanding universe which was well within the boundaries of the then value of c, today automatically got shifted to the other side of the light speed barrier!

  100. Physics (special theory of relativity) doesn’t say that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. What it says is that nothing can accelerate from lesser than speed of light to or faster than light speed. Particles that travel faster than light at all times are permitted by the special theory of relativity. Mordern science (at least some noted scholars) does accept that the unobservable universe (beyond the observable boundries) is expanding faster than light.

  101. I agree with you. Modern sceince is not able to digest the fact that unobservable universe can expanding beyond speed of light. Any favorable answer means entire physics is going to be re-written, since physics say that nothing can travel beyond the speed of light and this is the fact no faint hearted physist worth his salt can do. You see, whats the paradox, physists are happy to live with paradoxes rather than challenging it.

  102. Thanks Damini for going through the article and analyzing it in detail.
    Yes, its premature to consider the value of modern science to be accurate as far as age of universe goes, for there are still a lot of unanswered questions like darkmatter, dark energy, the trigger for bigbang, what lies beyond the observable universe, etc.

    Sure will contribute my best to the community mentioned.

  103. Congrats!!! You have written a wonderful article. Your friend Mr. Arjun from Torronto just told me about it, and
    I immediately went thru it. And I found it very interesting.
    I think you are right in predicting the age of universe according to vedas.
    Firstly, scientists are calculating the age of the universe on the basis the distance (in light years) of remotest galaxies they can find at two opposite directions, since the universe is expanding at the farthest ends at the speed of light. Science call it known universe. But they are silent about the unknown part of the universe, which is beyond the 10 billion light years away. And interestingly they arrived at the same conclusion that the unverse is exactly in its middle age.
    The second point which goes in your favor is that the age of fundamental particles goes much beyond the age of universe predicted by the science, that means either the universe is not so small or there are multiple-universes.
    Gurdev, you are requested to contribute to the ‘Science in Hinduism’ community on regular basis, so that others can also benefit from your thoughts.

  104. Nitin
    My personal experience is that today more westerners know more about ancient India and its rich vedic science, than Indians themselves.
    Most Indian youth are busy imitating the pubs, clubs and discothecs. Forget vedic history, most of them are not even aware of modern history of India and dont even have the basic general knowledge about the country’s recent past. This is a hard fact which I have personally experienced.
    If you start counting the number of people studying and doing research on sanskrit and vedic sciences, you will be surprised to see the east-west ratio :)
    It should be the efforts of humanity in its entirety to make use of the best of both modern and ancient knowledge to build a better world.

    As far intellectual discussions, its also a pathway of realizing the ultimate universe. Thirst for knowledge is clearly defined by Krishna as one of the paths which he calls Jnana Yoga. Intellectual discussions are a very much part of it and you can find it all across the vedas. Remember the story of Nachiketa?

    So its left to the individual to chose the path in which he wants to put his life to best use and to serve the society.
    One can follow Bhakti Yoga by being a spiritual person
    or one can follow Jnana Yoga by being a scientist or a researcher
    or one can even be a dedicated worker and serve the society via Karma Yoga

  105. Hi!

    Modern science has, as did ancient science, had their own frameworks which are a little difficult to find coherence amongst. However, it would take an unaware & egoistic westerner or a moron to think that science in ancient India was less developed than is in current world.

    Maybe not so much a “”waste of time”” in the more worldly ways but what I have increasingly realized over time is that it really doesn’t matter as much as we think it does. We already know enough to create a happy world, its time to act.

    The greatest gift of India to the world will be a practical framework (some call it religion, culture, god, etc.) for meaningful co-existence. I believe the missing practice is now here in the form of Vipassana and people should concentrate more on practice than intellectual discussions. These unending discussions have lead to this orthodox and under-developed society where people use logic of convenience to turn the course of society in their favor. Discussion will not yield much in itself as it has its own limits.

    Give Vipassana a try…


  106. Nitin
    Its not about “”Proving the vedas right”” or “”putting a claim on every invention in the present world””. Its purely mentioning what is there in the vedas already.

    If you read the article again, you can see that the calculations are completely DIFFERENT from what modern science says to be the age of universe. Its 155,522 billion years of vedic science v/s 15-20 billion years of modern science!!
    So where have I tried to “”put a claim”” here. I have clearly said that the vedic calculations DO NOT match with that of modern science here. So its not some circus where one is trying to “”prove”” vedas in terms of modern science. Its all about trying to unearth the vedic science so that we could understand it in modern terms.

    I dont understand why is it a “”waste of time”” to try and investigate into what all things our ancients knew. Its like
    saying investigating into the knowledge our ancestors had is a waste of time.

    If vedas mention about things that we already know in modern science, isnt it possible that they also contain answers to unanswered questions in modern science? So if investigating into the vedas can throw light on giving directions to modern science, why shouldnt we go for it?
    Please note that all major physicists in the world have read the vedas and have related vedic science to modern science. Obviously we cant call their studies a “”waste of time””. Can we? :)

  107. Hi Guys!

    I strongly believe that our ancestors knew infinitely more than modern science can ever explain for the simple reason that modern science is very young, only a few centuries old and it depends on material/physical probing and evidence. Proving the Vedas right and putting a claim on every invention in the present world is a great waste of time. The purpose of the whole wealth of knowledge is betterment of humanity. If this is not the end, no purpose is served.

    I have been a Vipassana meditator for about 5 years. The teachings of the Enlightened One are “”exactly”” the same as that of Bhagwat Gita. For that matter, it is the essence of any religious or spiritual practice. Only the practical aspects were lost which are now available. Goto read about it, do a 10 day course and find out for yourself. You will understand all the religions in the world better in a practical way that will enrich your life. It will make you present minded and uproot your deep routed conditioning and complexes.

    There is no science greater than the science of happiness. Doesn’t matter what “”yug”” you live in, the laws of karma apply. We should live a life consistent with these laws and we shall live in peace.

    If you need any help, mail me at


  108. Ram
    Adding personal links to wikipedia is not suggested. Even then I see many readers having added links to my articles in Wikipedia. If somebody else feels its worth it and adds it there I cant say anything about it, but if I add on my own then it becomes a personal propaganda, since I will anyway be biased towards my views. I dont want to misuse a public project to promote my views :)

  109. John
    When we look at other scientific aspects described in these ancient scriptures, and the huge lineage of modern scientists who have been reading and quoting vedic texts quite often, From Einstein, to oppenheimer to almost all quantum physicists, it doesnt look like a coincidence :)

    As I keep saying, post Christian era if humanity could achieve so much in terms of science and technology in just a few centuries (in fact most of today’s science is in the past 3-4 centuries!), isnt it quite possible that these ppl who lived for millenia in the pre Christian era, could have even bigger achievements in their list!

    Infact, one of the biggest mysteries is that our present human brain evolved and has remained the same for the past 1,50,000 years. Isnt it strange if we believe that this same brain was idle for 150000 years and suddenly started thinking science and inventing technology only in the past millenium or so?!

  110. Is this a coincidence that the evolution of life on this planet began when another day of Bhrama was beginning? If this was not a coincidence, I would find it quite fascinating that texts written thousands of years ago could pin-point this without any known carbon-dating methods. Wow. And thanks for going through the numbers, Gurudev.

  111. Because Vedic astronomy names planets which includes sun, it was considered wrong. The conclusion was that vedic astronomy considered earth as centre of solar system and not sun. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Anybody with knowledge on astrology knows that the calculations on positions predict real positions. The reason is that the calculations consider sun as centre of solar system (“”Heliocentric””) and calculate the coordinates of other planets with earth as origin. This is nothing but “”translation of coordinates”” that we studied in high school coordinate geometry. The motion of planets appears spiral and not elliptical when the coordinates are translated to earth (this spiral motion of planets was apparently clearly explained in some hymns but I do not know which ones). This sounds complex but achieved by astrological calculations, which are, relatively simple. The simplest test is to calculate the planetary coordinates on a eclipse day and voila! the sun and moon positions will be found in line! This would not have been possible if the astrology wrongly assumed earth as centre.
    This goes to prove that indian astrology which existed long before modern astronomy actually is correct to a large extent.

  112. Yes Srinivas
    We have not even studied the tip of the iceberg of the ancient Indian knowledge, thanks to the secular governments and society which calls itself scientific without knowing what real science is and without knowing where modern science is standing today..
    Yes, great floods seem more near to the description of pralaya!
    Yes, textbooks of history and science need to be changed by giving due credit to the original inventors/discoverers, else it will be the greatest disservice done to these ancient scientists, not only by Indians, but by all humans..

    Interesting info about astrology, can you please elaborate on this heliocentric part of it?

  113. Gurudev,
    What I was searching for, I found at one place very neatly.
    Few thoughts:
    1.Vedas give a lot of info in a figurative way. The “”possible”” interpretations of a particular ruk (hymn) can properly be done by somebody with Sanskrit and other subject (say Astrophysics, geology, etc) domain knowledge. It is perhaps easier to find an astrophysicst than a scholar to interpret Vedas. I am donor to a Sanskrit school and I know. Of course this interpretation is true with a several such sources including Bible. The difference is, billions are spent on research by western countries. Just a mute point.
    2. Astrophysics is not the only treasure of Vedas. As you pointed out there are several. From the cyclical event point of view, Tectonic plate movement is another subject which is now accepted as cyclical. Would be interesting to know if there are any references in Vedas about this. The tectonic plate movements could create a deluge during the cycles and life on earth could practically end. This is much closer to the figurative description of “”Pralayam”” than the big crunch?
    3. I have some knowledge about Astrology and make astrological charts. It is important to know that the calculations are indeed heliocentric and not geocentric! It is only that the positions of the planets are referenced with earth as origin. Now which astrophysics book credits indian astronomers? We only read about aristotle, aristarchus, ptolemy….

  114. Awsome Job. I always thought that Universer, mother earth is close to end. Thank God. Not in my life time…..


    Good Job.

    Keep it up and keep us posted.

  115. Thanks Gurudev for starting the thread and Anish for initiating the thought.

    Just an extension to OOP in Universe namespace.
    Yes, each object is just instance of Brahma, if that object-(say man) starts thinking instance itself is Brahma it wastes its life time. If that object with conscious effort, starts to recognize that it is just an instance of class Brahma and all those transactions during its life time which got stored permanantly – the action (Karma) has to bear the fruit in current or future initiations-rebirths. Those karmas(positive &/or negetive) are the parameters of future instance constructors.
    If at the end of an instance there is no data exists to record back to database/hard disk, that object ceases to take rebirths. The main source of object is returned back to initiator/invoking method-memory is released- the prana vayu driving force of object becomes one with Universal Matter.

  116. Dear Anish
    To my understanding so for with the help of a scientific explanation of space, time and its expression,
    Paramatma is Super Class
    Vishnu is space is derived from Parmatma but again it is abstract class (Avyaktha – cannot be expressed)
    Shiva is time is also a derived class from Paramatma again it is avyaktha- cannot be expressed
    Brahma is a container class with exposes properties of space and time and can be created as object.

    Other wise all the object instances of derived class Brahma are from super class Vishnu with maitenance methods anc Brahma as constructor and Shiva as destructor.
    So “”Aham Brahmasmi “” holds good to any object in this Universe.

  117. Kasi
    Yes, what you said is true.
    But I have kept it as it is in the last para, because its a quote by Carl Sagan, so I thought its not appropriate for me to ‘edit’ his actual quote :)

    Thank you very much for that information and those informative links!

    neatly summarized :)

  118. Hi People,

    just a little observation here. The word ‘Veda’ means ‘To Know’. In the Kali Yuga, there is an actual being known as Kali – whose origins and antics are already documented in The Scripture. This being shall, by means that are beyond the understanding of most people, lead Manushya (The Being that Uses the Mind) to ignorance and superstition. I might point out here that the words ‘Faith’ and ‘Belief’ are very contrary to the word ‘Knowledge’. Just like a new Lord Brahma, there will be another Kali for the next Kali Yuga.
    The Veda does NOT propose any assumptions. It charts the path to knowledge for the Seeker of Knowledge – known as a Jignasu.
    And The Supreme Being who sleeps and awakens for creation and dissolution cycles makes the First Manifestation as SadaaShivam. Lord Vishnu in his VishwaRoopa, and Lord Brahma in the form of the Preserver of the Veda, respectively arise from either side of The SadaaShivam.
    And only then, from the Navel of Lord Vishnu, does Lord Brahma appear in a Lotus in his form as creator. While this process goes on on one side, The SadaaShivam becomes The ArdhaNareeshwaran, and then proceeds to become Lord Shiva, The Destroyer.

    A bit of clarification on the titles these entities have. The Trilogy, as it is known is created for purposes of governance.

    The Being is Singular and All Encompassing – or Advaitham.

    Lord Brahma – is both the creator of the worlds, and the preserver of celestial knowledge. He hands over the Veda in the form of Manusmrithi to The Manu in each Manvanthara. Hence he is titled The Creator.

    Lord Vishnu – is in charge of protecting Righteousness (the words ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are inadequate, besides being misleading), and hence he is The Protector (of Righeousness)

    Lord Shiva – the reclusive hermit whose actions are beyond the comprehension of most Human Beings, and even the Celestial Beings, vents his ‘anger’ on Unrighteousness, and destroys unrighteousness as required. Hence he titled The Destroyer (of Unrighteousness).

    While many will view the creation of several Entities for specific purposes as being redundant, their existence merely makes it easy for Human Beings and other Beings to utilize these entities for the betterment of all.

    If there are any Object Oriented programmers or Mathematicians amongst you readers, then each of these entities, say Lord Muruga, or Lord Indra, or Lord Surya, is like a general class that can be used as an object once the parameters and additional functions are (read Human Intent) are included. The Being is the Super-Class.
    And each being, be it human, or otherwise, is an instance, albeit a highly customized one, of this Super-Class.

    Let me cheer to the Divinity to all of us – Nama: The: – pronounced Namahsthey – and meaning – I bow to Thee – both the pronouns referring to the Super-Class from which we are designed.

  119. About Start of Kaliyuga,

    It was indologist/britishers who allegedly made Kaliyuga/ Aryan Invasion starts on 1200 BC. It is very disturbing that Veda themselves are the true chornology with accurate astronomical celectial position information. Britishers/ those who rewrote indian history, sidelined or abused these vedas a “”myths””.

    Coming back to Kaliyuga start date: As Mr. Siddharth mentions about positioning of celestial bodies marks the offset of one yuga and onset of subsequent yuga. According to many sources, the exact positioning happend in year 3012 BC. We can also observe the Harappa civilization existed during this time frame only. Ref: Asain Prophecy – First Para on Hindu Prophecy in specific
    More info Duration of Time as a Function of Consciousness & The Four Cycles

    Coming to scientific evidence of flying machines and sophisticated warfares can be found in Mahabharata. Context : Krishna’s war with Salwa in short . A detailed infomation about Vimana’s- Flying machines description in Vedas

    Wish if I had more time to update actual chronology as mentioned in the book “”The Origin of Human – Children of Immortal bliss by Mr. Lakshmikantam. “” . The book deal with thorough study of human race with concurrent dynasties/civilization with that of Bharatha Varsha . The Greater Bharata. Which also explains that Arabean sea did not exists either and our Bharat’s territory was much bigger than the current landscape.

  120. Hey Gurudev,

    I am back again,

    Well, I didn’t read the replies to the original. But, I needed a small correction to your initial post (if that’s possible).

    I am concerned about the word “”Hinduism”” in the last para of the post.

    Hinduism is not a religion. It is a set of rules. It was coined just few countable years back. Since, we people lived in and around the River Sindhu, we were referred to as Hindus. Ok, a more appropriate word there would be “”Sanatana Dharma””. Please give a look into it.

    In general discussion, using Hinduism in such a context wuld be fine. But, when it comes to in-depth discussions like this in your post, I would encourage the usage of “”Sanatan Dharma””. Let the newcomers too get interested in this and let them learn by themselves what they are!

    Just a thought. Don’t mind.


  121. Akshay
    Evidence requires research. unfortunately that is the sad state today.
    See the amount of research going on at the egyptian pyramids for instance.
    Where is such research going on in India today? Except for thinkers putting across their thoughts and studying texts/history.

    The research I am talking about is archaeological excavations. To go back in history by thousands of years one needs to go down and excavate historical/ archaelogical sites. ASI is just a nonsense.

    Forget excavations, just see the way these people are maintaing existing cultural sites.. I was shocked to see the plight of some ancient temples at places near Bangalore that come under ASI.. broken staues lying around.. local kids playing on it.. this is how we preserve things..

    and where is research/excavation? Ramsetu is not even under the jurisdiction of ASI, and ASI tells the supreme court that there is no historical proof of Ramsetu construction?! How can it say this without doing any research on the site?

    ASI has not gone beyond 5 meters deep at the ayodhya site, while archaelogical science requires here that an excavation be done at atleast 60 meters deep!! Given this situation where will you get the proofs from?

    About the purpose of creation as you asked.. creation of universes by the eternal multiverse is considered equivalent to our breathing.. we exist because we breath.. multiverse exists because universes are created and destroyed within it..
    multiverse itself is timeless, formless, called as Neti Neti meaning not this, not this.. in other words you cant confine the definition of this formless multiverse..

    We ask what is achieve by birth death etc because we consider ourselves to be separate from the rest of the universe. The truth is that we are very much part of this universe, and the goal is this realization. Which is why vedas say that for a person who has realized that he is a part of the universal soul, there is no need to perform his last rites after his death!!

    Asking why do we exist is like our body cells asking why they live and die.. well they live and die and in the process ensure that the higher human body continues to live.. The question of a human body’s cell is answered when it realizes that it is not the cell itself, but actually a part of the higher human body :)

  122. Interesting thoughts Siddharth! Thanks for that.

    But the so called “”fancy of scholars”” about the daiva years is actually from the vedic sources itself and not a later addition!!

    Also, what is to be noted is that even by the most recent accounts Indus valley civilization dates to centuries before 700BC, so how can Kaliyuga start in 700 BC, while the Mahabharatha war ended much before that?

    Yudhishtira didnt go to Himalayas with ALL his wise men! Only Pandavas, Draupadi and a dog (Dharma) went to the himalayas!

    Also, if Sun had a companion star then wouldnt the planetary motions be unexplainable without considering that star’s gravity in the equation? For instance Neptune was first discovered in the equations, when astronomers saw that the path of the Uranus could not be explained by known planets and Sun alone!!

  123. An alternative view of the yuga cycle and timescale was taught by the 19th/20th-century Indian yogi Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri, guru of Paramahansa Yogananda.

    In his book, The Holy Science, Sri Yukteswar explains that the descending phase of Satya Yuga lasts 4800 years, Treta Yuga 3600 years, Dwapara Yuga 2400 years, and Kali Yuga 1200 years. The ascending phase of Kali Yuga then begins, also lasting 1200 years; and so on. The ascending phase of Kali Yuga began in September of 499 AD. Since September 1699, we have been in the ascending phase of Dwapara Yuga, according to Sri Yukteswar.

    In The Holy Science, Sri Yukteswar writes that the traditional or long count view is based on a misunderstanding. He says that at the end of the last descending Dvapara Yuga (about 700 BC), “”Maharaja Yudhisthira, noticing the appearance of the dark Kali Yuga, made over his throne to his grandson [and]…together with all of his wise men…retired to the Himalaya Mountains…Thus there was none in the court…who could understand the principle of correctly accounting the ages of the several Yugas.””

    According to Sri Yukteswar, nobody wanted to announce the bad news of the beginning of the ascending Kali Yuga, so they just kept adding years to the Kali date (at that time 2400 Kali). As the Kali began to ascend again, scholars of the time recognized that there was a mistake in the date (then being called 3600+ Kali, although their texts said Kali had only 1200 years). “”By way of reconciliation, they fancied that 1200 years, the real age of Kali, were not the ordinary years of our earth, but were so many daiva (or deva) years (“”years of the gods””), consisting of 12 daiva months of 30 daiva days each, with each daiva day being equal to one ordinary solar year of our earth. Hence according to these men 1200 years of Kali Yuga must be equal to 432,000 years of our earth.””

    Sri Yukteswar explains that just as the cycle of day and night is caused by a celestial motion (the earth spinning on its axis in relation to the sun), and just as the cycle of the seasons are caused by a celestial motion (the earth with tilted axis orbiting the sun) so too is the yuga cycle (seen as the precession of the equinox), caused by a celestial motion. He explains this celestial motion is the movement of the whole solar system around another star. As our sun moves through this orbit it takes the solar system (and earth) closer to and then further from a point in space known as the “”grand centre”” also called ‘Vishnunabhi’, which is the seat of the creative power, ‘Brahma’, [which]…regulates…the mental virtue of the internal world.”” He implies that it is the proximity of the earth and sun to this grand centre that determines which season of man or yuga it is.

    While astronomers recognize that most stars orbit one or more companion stars, as of this date, very few astronomers believe our sun has a companion star or that the precession of the equinox could be the observable of such a motion.

    source: wiki article on yuga, link posted earlier along with another link to sri yukteshwara-related portal explaining this theory through a timeline.

  124. Gurudev,

    Have scientists, archaeologists ever been able to find any evidence of anything like war, or flying machines, or Type II worlds, as described in the Vedas? Why is it that there is no conclusive tangible evidence to support these descriptions?

    From all that you have read of the Vedas, can you tell me whether the Vedas ever describe what exactly is the point of existence? What is achieved by these cycles of the multiverse during which almost everybody dies, is reborn, dies, etc etc..

  125. Einstein once said
    The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible :)

    The four yugas are distributed in a ratio of 4:3:2:1
    Well, time is the ONLY yardstick to measure the age of the universe!
    Yes, you are right, everything is relative, which is why we use units of measurement, which is nothing but relative measurement.
    Even time is relative, which is why for instance we use the unit “”year””, which is defined as the time taken (currently) for one revolution of earth around the sun.

    Modern science speculates that the age of the universe might be, say about 15 billion years old. This only means that if we use our current “”year”” as a unit, then in terms of this time length, universe was born about 15 billion units ago!

    The very fact that we are measuring “”age”” means we have to use “”time””. The only issue would have been if time flowed earlier with different speeds, or if the speed of light/value of other physical constants had been different in the early universe! But that is something which is not yet proved/disproved conclusively. So we have more time ;)

    About people living continuously for thousands of years.. Well, suppose there are two butterflies who are scientists , butterflies live for about 5 days… which they call as a “”butterfly year””.. and when one of them discovers about how long humans live in terms of their “”butterfly years””, the other will be heard saying “”How on earth can these humans live for thousands of years!!! Its simply unimaginable living so long”” :)

  126. painstakingly collected facts! well done….I appreciate you for your efforts.

    But I still have the conviction that time cannot be used as a yardstick to measure the age of universe. Everthing is relative. In all the four yugas the time scale seems to be different. I could derive a conclusion that the time was calculated with respect to our era -the kali yuga. Is it not?
    You cannot think of people living continuously for thousands of years. I don’t even want to put my intellect into it, as I know all these things are beyond our intellect.

  127. hi gurudev,

    why is it that vedas,ramayana,mahabarata only contains indian or asian region description only…were there no people/species in the western areas at that time ???

    also, as per the desc. and our thinking we try to map them with aliens who visited earth fought wars …used mass destructive weapons..used hight tech vheichles or vimanas…etc…but no evidences of these things found till date…???….i mean to say whether they had some kind of technology….or it was indeed big birds or horses/elephants chariots…etc..???…i am unable to think how the western side evolved about…as they are entirely different in looks, nature, thinking, socials, language etc….

  128. Sunetra

    Gururaj has wonderfully put across about GOD

    About good and bad etc, we should first stop thinking about these things as being imposed ones. Thinking of not wanting to do bad just because God will punish us, or wanting to do good things just because we will get Punya, I think is nonsense. Because in such a case, our good deeds are not coming out of us being good, but are coming only out of fear!!

    Every person who has atleast a bit of sense knows within himself/herself as to whether what he/she is doing is correct. As long as one can answer oneself, I dont think we need an external judge.
    As per me, Hurting/harming others UNNECESSARILY is bad.
    What is necessary/unnecessary depends on a person’s feelings, emotions, wisdom, etc. Whats more important is that you being CONVINCED that you are not doing bad. We can cheat others, but not ourselves :)

    Which is why vedas say “”Aham Brahmasmi”” which means “”I am the God””, or the “”God is within me”” or “”I am the universe””. Universe is just a mere external reflection of our internal thoughts! The Mahabharatha war on that note is fought inside our minds!

  129. God defines the boundary of wild sactury. We are like wild animals and free to move in his set boundary. We can create our own destiny by our action. This bhoogola/bhuloka is karma bhoomi. Everyone has to work/act – decide their destiny.
    If one gets realization about where one is heading to and find difficulties, one can call God/pray Him for direction/help.

  130. sunetra,

    it is a common misconception that we are mere mere puppets and that everything is predetermined and done by god. Krishna clearly says in Mahabaratha that he did not want the war. so who wanted it? Every action and its consequence is wanted by us and and us alone and GOD just enables it.

    You can view GOD as current and us as the electrical appliances.
    Each and every function is done by the appliance but none of them would work without the current.

  131. Gurudev- In that case who is this GOD that we talk about all the time? Any thoughts?

    Why should we care about right and wrong, heaven and hell, life and death…If our destiny is predetermined, what role do we play besides being a puppet of some one called GOD?

  132. GOD going through trouble?
    Not really.
    Brahma is not some person. Its the personification of the universe and the process of creation.
    Vishnu is the personification of the eternal multiverse that lies beyond our local universe i.e Brahma.

  133. anonymous
    our current universe is represented by brahma’s entire life span, i.e his 100 years.
    His one day refers only to the duration of life forms.

    1 kaliyuga is defined as 1/10 of a maha yuga, and a mahayuga corresponds to 4,320,000 solar years.

    These original time measurements could be found in Vishnu Purana, Surya Siddantha etc. I think its also mentioned in Mahabharatha

  134. gurudev,

    i am a bit confused here….

    as you have stated as per vedas our universe lives for 100 years..
    then you have stated as per vedas
    currently we are in 1st day of 51st year of brahma and as Vedas say that during the day Brahma is busy in creation of life and during the night all life he created is absorbed back into him…..
    this means our universe is only for that 1 day or only leaving beings ???

    looks contradictory or i am getting confused with terms

    can you pls explain….


  135. Excellent work GD!!
    very impressive!

    Wish vedas are added into our education system, if not all but what has remained.. Its amazing to see so many people interested in it at the time when its significance and importance is not being realized!

  136. I am not sure how correct or incorrect the vedas are. But given that people from the vedic age were able to predict the age of universe with such a huge number is simply amazing. For the sake of consensus, let us not assume that vedas are not human made etc.. but rather a civilzation like others that existed say about 3-5 thousand years ago. Even then people talking of a number that big (millions) is amazing while other civilization thought that universe or life (not sure which one) was created only few thousand years back.. For that reason alone I think vedas need preserved or researched b4 rubbishing them.

  137. Interesting observations. May be the following would help:

    The letters GOD:

    G = Generator – Brahma
    O = Operator – Vishnu
    D = Destroyer – Shiva

    And interestingly it is the Operator or the Sustainer who gave birth to the Lord responsible for creation :-) i.e. Vishnu gives birth to Brahma. Lord Vishnu has Mahamaya (Lakshmi) seated next to him. So this proves that as per our Vedic religion Energy (Lakshmi), and Consciousness (Vishnu – who is just there/Sleeping like) are eternal. It is Consciousness that gives birth to creation. (Well have you ever seen a deadman getting a degree certificate from any university :-))

    The following creation hymn may interest you:

  138. Our Brahma is 50 yrs young or 50 yrs old. Surprisingly our Sun’s age is also half of his life span. Trimurthy’s – Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva are representation of Space, Creation-Intellectual Expression of Space & Time OR Growth , Time respectively.
    All three are designated by ParaBramha- Ultimate/Supreme(parama) Source. Some says he is MahaVishnu some other MahaDeva. The source which makes universe so dynamic is is yet again creation of MahaVishnu- Maya some says Sri Durga. According to shiviites it is Mahadevi/Sri Durga wife of Shiva.

  139. Brahma is not the same always. Every 100 years of Brahma its a new universe, meaning a new Brahma! Only Vishnu represents the eternal multiverse beyond our universe.

    Yes after 100 years of current brahma (meaning current universe), the current Brahma will die, and then a new Brahma (a new universe) will be born out of Vishnu!

  140. this appears like a repetative process??? what next after 100 yrs of a universe ???? anything mentioned in vedas????
    if this the thing brahma, vishnu and shiva keep on doing…they must be bored by now :)

  141. Mr. Gurudev,
    Your article is very impressive, and it only makes me realize that modern science and technology has a lot to do before we can get to the level of the vedas. It’s a pity that all the science and technology that existed during the past yugas has disappeared. We know that there was a vimana used by ravana to fly to lanka, and yet the modern world believes the wright brothers are the inventors! I would not even want to think of stuff like the weapons used in the mahabharata such as the bhramastra! Sadly we have lost our knowledge, our connection with dharma and with our creator; instead we persue material wealth and confort, no wonder we are in the kali yuga!
    Once again, great work and thanks for making me realize what the yugas were….

  142. Veronica
    Yes Brahma will go back to the navel of Vishnu which means even you will go back as a part of that brahma.. not that you will be destroyed.. soul is indestrutible say the vedas.. it was never born in the first place, so how can it die? ask the vedas..

  143. Veronica
    Thanks for your comments.. you can read more at and at

    Yes you are absolutely right about Sanskrit and vedas..

    About the kali age, well, its a cycle , so its not a road from good to bad.. instead its alternating between good, bad, good, bad…. so please dont feel depressed :)
    There is a saying in the vedic texts.. Every bright day is followed by a dark night, and after every dark night, the bright day returns.

  144. I have a question. when Brahma dies will he go back into the navel of lord Vishnu? I don’t want to spend my whole life working off karma just to end up dying.

  145. Hi I found your article of the age of the universe and the age of Brahma just wonderfully simple. Ist it has helped me a lot I understand that we are in Kali age year 5108 10 th day of Simham month. To tell the truth I am a bit depressed because I was hoping that mankind was moving towards an enlightened time.
    I am 54 years negro/ Indian mixed woman and would very much like to learn Sanskrit for it?s maybe the only real ancient language left which is clank based. There may have been a time when the Vedic teaching universal was or all teaching had the same roots and maybe the tower of Babel that is mentioned in the bible when the languages all changes had something to do with the changes that took place. In any case the Vedic teaching is the only pure teaching that has remained up to this day. I am grateful for the internet because I am learning more each day. Instead of bickering about an article we should be trying to grasp the principle that all is one and one is all. I am looking forward to more articles from you.

  146. Thanks for that Rakesh.. please spread the link and related info with your friends, so that all Indian youth are aware of what India really is and what it can become :)

  147. U r right Guru…

    I just discovered ur website a few days ago n almost gone thru all ur postings…some of it I told my fellow work mates…they were suprised !!
    Thanks for good work

  148. Sure Rakesh,
    will check out if any info is available on that..

    The history of Chauhan vs Ghori.. the way Ghori cheated Chauhan and the way Chauhan finally got his revenge is simply amazing..

    Especially these lines uttered by Chauhan’s friend Chandra Vardai before a blind Prithviraj Chauhan fired arrows at Ghori to fatally wound him are simply wonderful

    “”Char bans, chaubis gaj, angul asta pramaan,
    Ete pai Sultan hai, Ab mat chuko Chauhan””

  149. Thanks Gurudev for insight into vedas…my research started with TV serial Prithviraj Chauhan…it was when I was searching for info on Prithviraj Chauhan that I came across many infor on vedas, 4 yugas…mahabharat war…its all linked..even I doubt there is true story of Prithviraj Chauhan…..can u find anything abt Prithviraj Chauhan in Vedas….I guess Prithviraj Chauhan has knowlwdge of vedas n was in depth preparing the use of veda weapon…??

  150. Kaushik / Gurudev,

    Thanks for those corrections and comments. Is there any online resources, which can provide the transcription of those available vedas? (also upnishadas and any other ancient texts)

    I should have gotten those While I was in India – stupid me :(

  151. @Paresh,
    a few corrections here,
    1. vedas were never a texts of knowledge until they were recently scriptured a few hundereds of years ago.
    2. “”..but we have most of the vedas…””, the very sadening truth is that the four Vedas were said to have 1131 branches earlier. But now only 13 branches are traceable (viz., 1% only).Out of these 13 branches also, only 7 are being chanted at different parts of the country. The remaining are traceable in script form only. and vedas are said to have of little importance if you really dont know how they are to be pronounced.

  152. Just my opinion, but here it goes:

    Vedas might be the ancient most texts of knowledge but there were other civilizations as well which had good knowledge.

    The pyramid carvings are said to have future events described, and as those future events happened, the carvings were scratched by priests. The pyramids and phynx (not correct word) are very old and pyramids construction required great deal of knowledge (of scientific principles). Some studies have very believable scientific conclusion (I have watched / read the studies) that they were inter planetary vehicles launch pads – also machinery was used to build those.

    Most of Egypt historical monument carvings are full of knowledge.

    Same goes for Mayans, incans and other civilizations.

    The biggest advantage us Indians (well I am American but culturally Indian) have is that our civilization survived along with majority of the knowledge of ancient Indians. (I know we lost a lot when nalanda and taxashila were destroyed, but we have most of the vedas, puranas, suktas, samhitas, upnishadas, sutras etc..) Also there was knowledge transfer generations through generations, as we still have many Sanskrit masters. Same is not true for other civilizations, even though there have been a lot of research on Egyptology lately for example.

    I am not stating above to discredit vedas, but to emphasize that other civilizations might be at similar levels to that of Indians. In fact it gives more importance to vedas, as the only readily available ancient knowledge transferable to any modern language without much trouble.

    The yuga calculations are at odds with what Yug Shakti gayatri parivar has tried to prove scientifically. In fact what Gayatri parivar, Om Shanti organization based on Mt. Abu, and the modern scientist cum spiritual leader late Melchizedek have researched are much smaller yug periods (~5K years) with scientific explanations (basically the number of years the earth faces more towards the center of milkiway are satyuga years etc.). These smaller periods may be further subdivisions among yugas.

  153. Vasu

    Again you are getting it wrong.. Oppenheimer was not talking about the violence or war in Mahabharatha.. He was talking about the science of a nuclear weapon
    He was saying that ancient India already had these nuclear weapons.. he was a reader of the Bhagavadgita and when he conducted the first explosion in the deserts to test the device, that was the first time modern world was seeing an atomic explosion.. and oppenheimer who saw it was shocked because he had read paragraphs in Gita describing exactly what he saw!!
    The mushroom clouds.. the blast wave or the shock wave.. the cutting down of sun’s rays.. the explanation that soldiers could not escape from the fire even when they jumped into water (meaning it was burns by radiation), etc…
    In one of the interviews later a student asked him, as to how does he feel after the first atomic explosion on earth.. and he said, First yes, but only in modern times.. he meant there might have been earlier pre-historic atomic explosions in Mahabharatha war..

    Now this has absolutely nothing to do with hatred or violence or war as you are thinking.. There was no hatred that was put into his mind by any religious text.. It was like Oppenheimer saw what he had read earlier, and was surprised by the accuracy of the description, because till then he had thought that the atomic explosion was the first of its kind…

    I have written number of articles about the need to save nature.. against prevention of the use of nuclear weapons.. etc

    Even if you read Mahabharatha epic.. you can see that every last ditch effort was made by Krishna to prevent a war.. where he keeps reminding all about the great losses of a war..

    you read the vedic scriptures and they clearly talk about the means to solve a conflicting problem..
    sama , dana bhedha.. only the last resort should be danda..

    As I have been again and again.. there is science which exists in nature.. the laws of nature.. irrespective of whether God exists or not.. Science does indeed exist..

    Technology is applied science and is purely human dependent.. While nuclear energy is science.. atom bombs and nuclear reactors are technology…
    whether we create the former or the latter is left to humans.. there is no point in blaming religions for this.. religions as far as our logical thinking goes, is created by humans and has nothing to do with any God..
    So there is no point in blaming religion or God for the misuse of technology by humans.. it is the humans themselves who are to be blamed for it…

    Having said that still I dont think I did anything wrong by writing this article about the vedic age of the universe.. There was no religion, war, violence, God in this.. It is purely some calculations that have been discussed about..

    Please let me know if you still disagree and I am happy to continue the discussion..

  154. Gurudev,
    I am not using it as a hatred post. I am just debating here expressing my views. If your blog is closed for like minded people only, tell me i won’t comment. I believe the truth emerges by debate only.

    “”Oppenheimer who said that Mahabharatha contained the description of a nuclear bomb was not some religious fundamentalist.. he was the father of modern atomic bomb, a scientist, who executed the atomic bomb project of US which made US win the world war II so easily..””.

    That’s what my point is. These are the kind of ideas people get by going through the religious texts. If you feel great about US winning world war II by dropping N-Bombs on two cities killing millions of innocent people, I think i am in wrong blog unnecessarily debating. I think N-Bombs are a biggest threat to all species especially to humans on this planet. I believe it’s one big mistake humans ever made which is threatening the race itself. If the creator of that bomb is inspired by the wars and violence from mahabharata, I think we should be ashamed of it not proud. May be it’s the “”leela”” of vishnu who made his first move to destroy this world by inflicting an idea to develop N-Bomb into human brains.
    BTW, thanks Gurudev for your book suggestions i will try to read them. My intention here is not to offend any one. I am just expressing my views.

  155. Vasu

    The theory of world being created in 7 days has been dumped by the scientific community long back! Dinosaurs never co existed with humans.. no scientific proof is available on that.. on the contrary it has been proved by fossil records that dinosaurs vanished 65 millions years ago while the first humans came into picture only 10-15 million years ago..

    Even the end of the world dates that you mentioned that have been said in some religious texts, have been proved wrong by the very fact that we passed those dates without any issues and they simply now propose a new date.. that is not science. I have not written any such nonsense saying world will end in 2000, then postponed it to 2006.. 2010.. etc

    You are completely misinformed/prejudiced about the vedas.. it has nothing to do with religion.. its culture.. please read the articles in

    Vedas do not define things like blasphemy, religious institutions etc.. you can even be an atheist and believe in vedas.. vedas talk about knowledge.. how to live like true responsible humans, with a responsibility towards nature and other life forms.. Atharva veda talks about engineering stuff.. geometry.. vedic mathematics.. what has mathematics to do with religion ?

    Unlike the so called religions.. there is no religious conversion, missionaries etc in the hinduism which has its sources in the vedas.. bcos its not religious. there is no ‘spreading of the message of God’.. its cultural.. a way of life.. with scientific touch to the way you lead your life..

    See Rigveda clearly explains even the Speed of Light

    As for the age of the universe, science itself not still very clear about it!! There are still investigations about the actual value of the cosmological constant!!
    Like how Newton calculated the value of gravitational constant.. if the above article gives a clue to researchers to find the actual age of the universe. why not?? Why be so closed in mind and allergic to any information? This is not some hatred post..

    There were some numbers mentioned in the vedas for the speed of light.. some researchers calculated based on those numbers using the vedic units and saw that it gave a correct value of speed of light as agreed by science today..
    Similarly, I saw some numbers given for the age of the universe in the vedas and calculated based on those numbers, got some value and posted it here… so what’s the issue in that?

    By the way its up to you to believe or not believe in things.. science doesnt run on belief or faith, unlike religion.. and vedas are scientific texts not religious texts..
    It is sad that while the people in the west are doing research on the scientific values of the vedic content.. we Indians are becoming pseudo-secularist prejudiced people..

    Please read books like the Tao of Physics, Dancing Wu Li Master etc and you will see what great physicists, quantum mechanists etc have to say about the vedic and buddhist wisdoms and scriptures.. Oppenheimer who said that Mahabharatha contained the description of a nuclear bomb was not some religious fundamentalist.. he was the father of modern atomic bomb, a scientist, who executed the atomic bomb project of US which made US win the world war II so easily..
    See for Oppenheimer video..

  156. Vasu
    Knowledge is not something where you start first thinking about the benefits in terms of profit and loss :)
    Knowledge is for those who have a quest to know..
    Archimedes was solving a mathematical problem even when a war was going on, even when a soldier was standing right next to him with a sword!!

    Knowing how sun produces heat and light will not solve the poverty and stop wars either ! Nor will inventing television or telephone… but we need science and technology to make life on earth better.. to prevent people from dying because of illness.. to alert about tsunamis.. to reduce earth quake casualty numbers…

    So I dont think it makes any sense to connect extremely unconnected issues like age of universe and poverty or war.. Neither has God to do anything with knowing the Age of Universe.. Universe has an age need not necessarily mean that there is a God who created it! The knowledge about the age of the universe might help us to calculate more accurately the probability of finding other life forms else where in this universe! A more realistic Drake equation… and these other civilization might be a galactic civilization that has overcome poverty and war.. who knows? Any and every Knowledge always helps…

    Humans have intelligent brains.. we can invent and discover things.. Whether we use an atom to create a nuclear bomb in a destructive manner or to create a nuclear reactor in a constructive manner is what that matters.. and this has nothing to do with science.. its the human nature that matters..

    Even in extremely uncivilized tribal areas where there is no science or technology, there still will be wars, fights and deaths. the only difference being these tribes fight with sticks, stones, bows and arrows while modern nations have nuclear arsenal…

    I agree on the last note that we need to ensure that the quality of life on this planet becomes even better.. that we preserve nature.. let other species live.. stop fighting amongst ourselves.. and make earth, a heaven on earth..

  157. In what way humans will be benefited by knowing the age of of the universe as the the average age of human beings is not even 100 years which is so minuscule comparing to the ages of these yugas, universe or multiverse whatever. Can human beings stop the death of the earth or universe or the cycle of these ages or can we live happily without resource wars, religious blood baths, natural calamities, poverty and all by knowing the age of the universe from the vedas? If God is there and if he has created the universe and human beings, all he wants probably isn’t the welfare of human beings and environment without even bothering about whether human beings are really remembering Him or appreciating His work and all? I think it’s high time for human beings to think in those lines and try to find ways to live peacefully on this beautiful planet called Earth.

  158. I just wanted to contribute to the objection raised by Aa No Bhadrah regarding the being able to question the credibility of Vedic Kowledge.

    I would like to say to all that Vedic Kowledge CANNOT be questioned. The reason for that is very simple. You see, Vedic knowledge is not “”scientific”” knoiwledge, as in it is not knowledge aquired through inference drwan from observation of any external fact. Rather, Vedic knowledge is knowledge aquired “”internally””, i.e. in meditative trance and in states of being in direct communion with God himself. It is in this way that great meditators or “”rishi””s in the vedic age aquired profound knowledges about the beginning and the end of the Universe and learnt about other mysteries of creation, rather than through any external means.
    Therefore this knowledge cannot be questioned.
    I have read somewhere that the Vedas were created through the mouth of the Brahma himself. So this is not about the results of some experiements at Harvard..this is about the “”creator”” of the Universe himself and noone can talk about it ( unless he is telling stories) without knowing firmly what he/she is talking about.
    To GD, about the discrepancy in the Vedic age and the modern scientific age I just wanted to make an observation that the Vedic age would be the age of the Universe combining all the seven lokahs( plus the seven hells) together and not the age of the physical Universe alone (unless all the Mythological Lokahs are all situatedwithin this universe). This just might be the reason for the seen discripancy.

  159. Amazing work GD!

    I was just wondering if u could tell me the exact references to the verses in Vedas which mention the age of the Universe etc. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  160. @Krishna

    I am not sure whether you have read one of my earlier comments. The copyright is for the article, not for the information in it. It is just to make sure that people don’t copy paste my articles in other sites and claim that they wrote it.

    Consider a physics professor who writes a physics book on quantum mechanics. The copyright of the book belongs to the physics professor, because he wrote it. Now does that in any way mean that the physics professor has copyrighted quantum mechanics? :)

    Knowledge can never be copyrighted!

  161. Thanks for sharing this knowledge, however, copyrighting this subject is absurd (please don’t get me wrong), because if you can claim copyrights to this, then there shouldn’t be any problem getting patents for turmeric by the west!

  162. This is amazing calculation. I like to go into the subtler level of experiences. I now want to transcend the material existence. Please any good pointers ?

  163. @Aa No Bhadrah

    Now I totally agree with you :)

    I didn’t actually mean that the scientific accuracy of vedas is not questionable.. It is not some holy book where religious faith asks you not to question it…

    What I meant was the fact that the “”vedas contain scientific knowledge and research study”” is unquestionable. This was more of a reply to what Max Muller initially had said that, vedas were childish texts!

    And yes, all the current known scientific facts and what is said in vedas match perfectly, at least the ones that I know are in total agreement with modern science! The age of the universe is something which modern science is still debating about, where as vedas give an accurate description about its calculations! Let us see how the truth unravels itself, or has it already! ;)

  164. @ Gurudev
    Thank you for your reply. But, I think I was not very successful in communicating my argument the last time. I hope you give me another opportunity to rephrase my argument.

    For the argument I am making, it does not matter whether vedas achieved or did not achieve something. Even if it were a type VII civilization, to argue that they never could be wrong is an unconscious arrogance which is the enemy of pursuit of knowledge. If we ever want to pursue knowledge, we should be careful never to assert that

    “”There is absolutely no way the age of universe estimated by them would be wrong.””

    as you just did. Remember the famous saying “”Vidya dadati vinayam””..

    And it is not valid to argue that just because XYZ was older than ABC, XYZ should necessarily be better. How old was the famous Ashtavakra of Mahabharathan mythology when he defeated Vandin ? Hindu Mythology is filled with stories of enlightened youth who were wiser than their elders and the elders acknowledging it as such , of ageless Gods themselves being wrong- since, when did age become a criterion of wisdom ?

    Didn’t Buddha say the following to the enquiring Kalamas?

    “”ma anussavena, ma paramparaya, ma itikiraya, ma pitakasampadanena, ma takkahetu, ma nayahetu, ma akaraparivitakkena ma ditthinijjhanakkhantiya, ma bhabbarupataya, ma samano no garuti”” (Roughly translated as “” Do not go upon what has been acquired by repeated hearing ; nor upon tradition; nor upon rumor ; nor upon what is in a scripture ; nor upon surmise; nor upon an axiom; nor upon specious reasoning; nor upon a bias towards a notion that has been pondered over; nor upon another’s seeming ability;
    nor upon the consideration, “”The monk is our teacher.””””

    It is indeed my humble opinion that these words encapsulate what it means to pursue knowledge…

    I hope this clarifies my previous comment and why I think I was not good at expressing my opinion the last time. But, if you still think it is a right thing to assert infallibility of Vedas, If you think the words of Buddha that I quoted above are not the right way to approach knowledge, let us graciously agree to disagree.

  165. @Ashwin

    Yes you are absolutely right. In this era of internet though we can preserve all the vedic knowledge by making it online and there by also enlighten those who dont know much about the vedas.

  166. yes, our Vedas are way more advanced than modern day science can possibly conceive. It is an immensely heart-wrenching fact to reconcile with that our lack of unity.has led to countless invasions and occupations through which we have lost a majority of the lessons of the vedas. thats why we have to sit and listen while the white man exclaims some scientific discovery, while we know that from the vedic point of view, it is but an echo.

    ashwin gowtam

  167. @harish
    Thank you very much for your appreciation Harish. I really do not know much about the vedas, I have been continuously learning things including vedas and writing down my thoughts in simple terms to share whatever I know. Thats all :)

    My purpose will be met if atleast some of the visitors find this information useful in one or the other way. India has offered a lot to the world in the past, and will continue to offer much more in the future too. I am just trying to be in line with this tradition by writing this blog.

  168. Its 3:15 AM when i am writing this.

    Your blog is very informative and wonderful. I have no words to express my feeling about your knowledge. Although I am looking for spiritual answers, your knowledge about veda is just superb. (I know u will say, “”I do not know too much about the vedas””) But considering others who know the vedas, u r having a very open minded perspective about various topics.

  169. @Aa No Bhadrah
    I understand your concerns. What you said is right. If I were a person who is relying only on research done and mysteries solved by others, and just reading articles of others, I would have definitely had that as an option too.

    People today have simply no idea about how advanced the vedic and pre-vedic civilizations were!! Our science is still much primitive in that sense!! We are still a Type 0 Civilization who rely on fossil fuels of dead animals and plants!! Vedic texts talk about Type II civilizations!! There is absolutely no way the age of universe estimated by them would be wrong. At least, it will be more near to truth than our current science. Note that the age of the universe mentioned in the vedas is not that of our current big bang universe, instead it is the age of the current multiverse, with our big bang universes being one of the bubbleverses in it!!

    Note that 90% of our modern science and technology is only 500 years old, people of vedic age lived 10000 years ago!! And dont know from how long back!!! The timescale itself is enough to dwarf our science and technology. We cant even do proper carbon dating today! All screwed up polluting technologies we have :)

  170. Interesting post – It is indeed quite difficult to find online the details of Cosmological theories in ancient India. So, I should greatly appreciate the effort you have put into writing this post.

    Having said that, I have some criticisms to offer on your comments above that I hope would be taken in good taste.

    Regarding your reply to Rob , it is a fallacy to assert that vedas were
    right about A,B,C and so they should be right about some completely unrelated subjects D,E and F. Especially in science, everyone is fallible – Newton was wrong about speed of light in dense medium, Einstein was wrong about quantum mechanics and so on. To take the third option “”Vedas could have been wrong”” out of consideration is to descend into unscientific, dangerous and dogmatic belief. So, it is a valid criticism that you should have mentioned that option in your article.

  171. thanks very much for your website. i am interested in the ancient Indian texts, and the mysteries & wisdom contained there in. your website makes it just a bit simpler to get easy acces to some astonishing facts.
    great work

  172. @Natarajan
    Yes Sir, even your calculations are correct.
    I have calculated it in terms of Yugas hence it will be 15×4 = 60 Yugas = 6 Mahayugas (because 1 Mahayuga=10 Yugas)
    You have calculated it in terms of Kritayugas hence it will be 15×4/10=6 Mahayugas (because 1 kritayuga=4 yugas = 4/10 Mahayuga)
    It is really great that you are interested in the scientific aspects of our culture and read about the same. I am honoured with the blessings of elders like you.
    Thank you very much.

  173. @arachnid

    Because I wrote the article!!!!

    There are innumerable PhD thesis that have been done based on the vedic sciences and the authors hold the rights to the research they did!

    Copyright is for the article I wrote. Every author has a right to claim the copyrights for his/her article/novel/story.

  174. Sorry a correction. If possible please correct in the above the following.
    15 twilights equal to 15 x 4/10 Maha Yugas instead of 15 x 4/5 of Maha Yugas. A kirta yuga equals to 4/10 of the Maha Yuga and not 4/5 of Maha Yuga so 15 x 4/10 equals 6 Maha Yuga.

    V. Natarajan

  175. I really appreciate the simple language used for every one to understand the extaordinary figures of the life of the universe.

    One point I would like to say is that you have mentioned that there is a gap between two manvanataras. This is actually like the twilight we have every day. For the 14 manvantaras there are 14 twilights and at the end you have a sandhya (like the evening before sun set) which makes total 15. Each twilight timing is equal to 1 krita yuga which is 4/5 of the maha yuga. 15 twilights will make 15 x 4/5 maha yuga equals to 6 maha yuga. This added to 994 maha yugas (14 manvantaras x 71 Maha Yugas = 994) makes a total of 1000 Maha Yugas which is a Kalpa called a day of Brahma.

    I understang that we are in the 51st birth day of Brahma.

    I am aged 65 and have retired from Raymond Ltd after a stint of 30 years with them and I spend reading these kind of informative and interesting information.

    With best wishes for the interest shown and the job done to keep alive our ancient tradition and works.

    V. Natarajan

  176. I agree with Rajesh, even science has no answers for evolution or how the a life a created, its still like a magic to scientist.
    so have an open mind Rob.

  177. This all really sounds pretty interesting!
    Science & technology are required to be seen with un-prejudiced eyes.
    Respecting vedas cause it is part of indian culture or rejecting it cause it looks like somekind of pseudo religio-philosphical text is not correct.
    They need to be respected because the kind of predictions or facts stated in them are are proven or can’t be because their explanation is too cryptic for current state of the human mind.

    Anyway, there are still lots of things in the world that be belive are facts like wright brothers invented first airplane(try google for a frenchman who is said to create the first plane) or moon landing(yeah i know, it sounds stupid but NASA doesn’t have answer to all the questions yet) & so on …
    So it’s best to keep a open mind :)

  178. You have carried out a very good research.You still go on with the work.We,the Indians have to tell the world that,we are very much advanced in Science & Mathematics long back itself. Cary on.All the very best to you from my side.

  179. @Rob
    Yeah I would have probably said that vedas might be wrong as u said, provided vedas had ONLY talked about the age of the universe!
    But then thay talk about a thousand other different scientific facts which modern science totally agrees to. Read the books like ‘Dancing Wi Li Master’, ‘Tao of Physics’ etc and you will know more.

    It was Oppenheimer, Father of modern atomic bomb who saw the description of nuclear weapons in these ancient texts.

    It was quantum physicsists like Schrodinger, Bohr, Heisenberg who saw quantum mechanical descriptions in the Vedas..

    It is in these vedas (to be more precisde in the Atharvaveda) that place value based arithmetic has been described which is the foundation of modern science. As Einstein said ‘We should be be grateful to the Indians for teaching us how to count without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made’

    It is in these vedas that Ayurveda the world’s first medical system has been described which is a total herbal based medical system and even today is known to cure ailments without any side effects. While western medicinde (say for ex diclofenac, anti histhamines etc) try to target the disease, ayurveda fights the disease by strengthening the immune system which in turn fights agaisnt the disease.

    THe Yogic exercises which have been described in the vedas are practised world wide today and is known to cure a lot of hormore related and muscular and bone related issues.

    I can go on and on with this list…

    When so many things are scientifically correct, it makes little sense to doubt the vedic calculations of the age of the universe.
    Please note that most of the current scientific discoveries have been made in the last 500 years or so… Vedas reigned over 6000 years ago even by the minimal estimate (See NASA geological proof on Saraswati river and its extinction which has been described in the vedas).

    Can you imagine the kind technology that might have been invented and the kind of scientific discoveries that would have been made by humans in the period of so many thousand years ?

  180. “”So either modern science still has a long way to go in estimating the age of our universe
    the universe mentioned in vedas is the mother of all universes (a multiverse probably) including our own universe !!!””

    That’s what you call a false dichotomy. Another possibility is simply that the Vedas themselves may be wrong on this.

  181. well, a nice write up. i guess you had to invest lot of time into it, unless its a ctrl-c + ctrl-v process. you can also find more on this in a topic called Linga Puranam, try googling it, may be the first or second result.

  182. @Maddy
    Well becos the west has been stealing ancient Indian knowledge and patenting them. Looks so silly to me. Stealing age old practices instead of inventing new things.
    For instance, Ayurvedic texts that date back to BCE have mentioned about the antiseptic nature of turmeric and its usage, and its a common household knowledge in entire India. University of Mississipi Medical Centre, Jackson, USA had filed for a patent of this property of turmeric in 1995.
    Later US Patent Office revoked the turmeric patent on the basis of a challenge filed by the New Delhi-based Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in India for healing wounds and rashes, and so CSIR challenged the patent on the ground that it lacked novelty. The US Patent Office upheld the objection and cancelled the patent.
    Patents on Neem, Amla, Jar Amla, Anar, Salai, Dudhi, Gulmendhi, Basumati, Bagbherenda, Karela, Rangoon-ki-bel, Erand, Vilayetishisham, Chamkura all need to be revoked similarly.
    In India, we simply dont respect these patents by US companies/universities, it looks complete nonsense and silly that research in US has come down to this level of claiming ancient practices/knowledge of the east as new invention of the west and then trying to patent them as a proprietary of the west.
    Say for instance, What if ancient Indians had patented the invention of Zero ?
    Every computer manufacturer in the world today should have paid royalty to India for each computer they manufacture.

  183. when contributing to English, put them all “”copyrights””, “”legal issues””, “”licenses”” and stuff. no worries at all.


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